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Til Death (Til Death, #1-2) files Til Death (Til Death, #1-2) , read online Til Death (Til Death, #1-2) , free Til Death (Til Death, #1-2) , free Til Death (Til Death, #1-2) , Til Death (Til Death, #1-2) 3d80f7804 The USA Today Bestselling Series Is Now Together In One Complete Set You Met Them You Fell In Love With Them You Fought Alongside Them You Hated Them You Cried For Them Now Their Story Is In One Place, For A Limited Time Only When Billionaire Playboy Marcus Tandem S Grandfather Died, He Left Only One Condition In His Will If Marcus Wants To Keep The Business, He Must Be Married Determined Not To Lose Everything He S Worked For, Marcus Is Left With Only One Optionfind A Wife Enter Katia, Beautiful, Sassy And Totally Naive She Falls For The Charming Man, Believing She Has Found The One He Sweeps Her Off Her Feet, Letting Her Believe The Lie But The Moment The Ring Is On Her Finger, A Monster Is Born Determined To Stick By His Side, Katia Fights For The Marriage She Believes In She S In Love With Him Then She Finds His Grandfather S Will And Hell Is Unleashed Their Romance Is A Whirlwind, But It S Most Certainly Worth Taking The Ride With Them Contains HEA, Explicit Sex Scenes And Is Recommended For Readers Over

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    2.5 stars A tad dramatic Lol.

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    Overall this boxed set Til Death was just ok I was really interested in Marcus after meeting him in the Jokers Wrath series as of a friend of Mack Who btw showed his yummy self in this series too Anyway so Marcus has this grand plan to get himself a wife as a stipulation in his grandfathers will Enter na ve Katia who ignored all the signs that something about their relationship just seemed one sided Of course it was all because Marcus is gorgeous and a God in bed So drama happens and Part 2 starts Now this part I totally disliked I don t like when important secrets are keep from one of the parties I also hated Katia in Part 2, she was so different and not in a good way Marcus was wrong for what he did but what she planned as revenge was so over the top wrong she ruined part 2 for me The ending was wrapped up in a sweet lets start over bow that I would have enjoyed if I wasn t so over the book at that point.

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    Well, some people say, Starting over is hard to do That definitely applies to this book My gosh, getting over finding out your husband used you to keep his company is a pretty BIG setback But then she goes and adds her own huge roadblocks for him to have to get past This was a good story about redemption and forgiveness.

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    Part 1 is 5 stars, part 2 is a 4 so to compromise it s 5.Part 1I freaking loved this part it was so so good It was hot, sexy and a little darkish.Part 2That s what I mostly felt.I still liked it, don t get me wrong.It was sometimes just so messed up Still loved it I would recommend this one it was a fun read

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    hot intense readFilled with drama, angst,lies,deception,revenge,lust and scorching hot.A gripping read that has you turning the pages wanting to know with ever drama that unfolds, allowing you to feel the hurts and anguish of these characters is a brilliant read.

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    I really liked these stories and I m glad this is a set so I could go right into the last story What a mess this couple was I did have an ugly cry moment near the end to the point that my husband was rolling his eyes at me.

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    I didn t particularly like this book at first I hated him, I was frustrated with her, I was pissed at them bothAnd then they broke my heart It HURT to keep reading It was impossible not to.By the end, I was delighted and thankful.Their story intoxicated me from beginning to end.

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    3.5 stars part 1 4 stars part 2 3 stars If you are a fan of high angst romances with characters who are at times not very likeable and whose sanity is questionable then this is the book for you I did like it and I am glad I read it but I was mentally exhausted when it was over I listened to it in a day because I literally could not stop until I found out how this mess ended I liked part 1 and felt really bad for Katya I expected Marcus to wake up and realize he was in love with his wife and I don t think it is a spoiler to say that did happen at the end of 1 so of course I started liking him It in no way excused what he did and I knew he had a lot of groveling to do but part 2 was a rollercoaster that I didn t anticipate I couldn t imagine how this could work out in the end but Jewel did a great job of wrapping it up and making you feel like things could work out I love her writing style and I get engrossed in her stories but I think I prefer her romantic suspense books The crazy is channeled into the bad guy and that works better in my opinion.

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    I re read it last week,I don t know why but when I see it on my bookshelf I couldn t resist.And i love this series from Bella,definitely one of my favorites from her.

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    Death isn t an optionThis was an intense story about a girl who was trapped by love Marcus, is a blank slate and has only dealt with negative emotions he hasn t dealt with love or any positive emotions This story is how Katia brought light into Marcus life I enjoyed it and thought it was a great story.

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