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Travellers Blues pdf Travellers Blues , ebook Travellers Blues , epub Travellers Blues , doc Travellers Blues , e-pub Travellers Blues , Travellers Blues ca6944e4ad4 Blake Doran Is An Engineer On The Valentine, A Deep Space Carrier Plying The Long Haul Routes Across The Confederation When Blake S Lover, Tash McCourt, Walks Out Of An Airlock And Into The Void, Everyone Has An Opinion About Why She Would Take Her Own Life But Blake Doesn T Want Opinions, He Wants The Truth

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    Traveller s blues by Chamberlain is a futuristic novella with the main protagonist being Blake He witnesses the apparent suicide of his girlfriend, Tash, for no apparent reason The reader eventually meets the crew plus their characterisation, including Derek who is spaced out and no good to the team of 5 Blake has an idea about what is wrong and the story ends with him doing a good deed This is a good short read with lots of imagery.

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    Not bad for what I think is the author s first Kindle story The ending was a bit weak I wanted a stronger reason for why Tash died, and how exactly she was made to do what she did Some of the descriptions need to be stronger I have just started listening to the author s podcast which I enjoy.

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    A well knit taleA very well constructed story with a fun conclusion The pacing flowed well and the characterization was done fluidly without listing what they were like.

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