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    I recently subscribed to Audible India and this was the first book I chose to listen after a bit of contemplation Have always enjoyed Arthur Hailey medical fiction from childhood, and most books that I read of him we re before I finished medical studies Now nearly 2 decades later, with s professional background I am impressed at his astuteness in formulating this fiction which almost resembles facts.Strong medicine deals with the pharmaceuticals pharma industry, a powerful giant with deep reaching effects It delineates the Nexus between pharma, medical professional, various regulatory agencies, government and politics I got to travel back in time and witnessed the thalidomide tragedy, though in second person account, I saw how montaine too became an equally demonic drug I met corrupt as well as decent scientists..It was an invigorating journey of knowledge spanning nearly 3 decades via the life of Celia deGray, a medical representative , known as detail man in USA , who ascends up the stairs of pharmacy industry via diligence, intelligence and hard work, and towards the end how she too is almost toppled over due to certain inherent risks involved with her position I saw good men being corrupted, bad men trying to hide behind masks of politeness and servitude and got a very close peek at FDA, which I have always wondered about.Arthur Hailey , being an internist himself has done a wonderful job with this one.One star removed because it was too dramatic and too patriarchal at places, though I should perhaps give the leverage of time for the gender issues here.

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    My grandfather s favourite writer is Arthur Hailey He introduced my mum to his books, and in turn, she to me He s not the most popular writer around, I see that, but I feel like his books have a lot substance than a lot of books of a similar genre think the likes of Robin Cook This is for various reasons for starters, he is a splendid writer he knows how to spin a tale He also does his research well all his facts are verifiable and true, at least as far as my research skills go Strong Medicine, though, remains my favourite book by him Perhaps because this was the first of his books that I read, but mostly because I really like Celia Jordan, the protagonist, a pharmaceutical sales rep Well, she starts off as a sales rep, at least She s assertive, smart, caring, as well as being a good wife and a mother She fucks up multiple times, during the course of the book, including, at one point, cheating on her husband, but as I ve previously mentioned, I like flawed characters And Celia Jordan is flawed, also She s egotistical, stubborn, and at times, so caught up with going forward, with plummeting into the future, that she forgets to stay grounded Her husband, Andrew is a doctor, and their conflicting professions many times cause fights between the couple but that s just it, there s an element of realism to their marriage that I find refreshing There are other characters, whose names I don t remember, like a geneticist determined to find some cure for Alzheimer s, his smart and beautifulwife, and the entire upper management of Felding Roth, a hotshot pharma company that Celia works for Strong Medicine, through the course of the story, shows the growth of Celia Jordan as a businesswoman, a wife, a mother, and a friend Because the book covers a significant period of time, in its attempt to show Celia s growth, it also covers a great number of historical events in its story By history, I mostly mean events that were significant in the pharmaceutical and medical world the most important one being the tragedy that transpired after the introduction of the drug Thalidomide in the markets in the 1950s 60s Strong Medicine is a commentary on the rise and fall of the pharmaceutical industry masquerading as fiction, and it makes for an interesting read It is definitely not Hailey s best work if you re looking for the best work, you should read his Airport However, I highly recommend this book.

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    I read this only because one of my yoga teachers had cited from this novel that if you fall sick and take medicine you will get well in a week and if you don t, you will get well in 7 days Not my usual reading preference I read this to understand what it had to say about the pharmaceutical industry Some interesting insights But this book was written in the 1980s and a lot of what it said about the big pharmas are things we are aware of now But to give it credit, as a novel and eventually a movie, it educated the masses about the less favourable aspects of the industry and FDA There isn t much art to this novel Nothing striked me vividly or emotionally The writing is too long winded for my liking and the characters and language sometimes make me cringe as they are so cliche The characters are so 2 D There is just nothing that captures my imagination as a novel.

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    It is amazing how Hailey can write unputdownable books despite being formulaic and using black or white characters Inspired by his wife, this one is comfortably in the better half of Hailey s novels An entertaining, thorough look at the pharmaceutical industry 2 out of the 3 most popular reviews on goodreads for this one are 1 5 Thankfully friends on goodreads had given a sensible and favourable review which gave me the heart to pick it up.Although one of the major characters is a doctor in this one, want to follow up with his book on hospitals The Final Diagnosis.

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    The story begins in the late fifties with Celia de Grey, a pharmaceutical detail man which means she sells prescription drugs to doctors In a dramatic manner she brings Andrew Jordan MD an experimental drug not on the market for use on his dying young patient and they save her life Celia informs Andrew she is going to marry him and one month later she does They honeymoon for three weeks in the Bahamas, where she is a liberated sex kitten, and on the return flight home she informs him of her twenty five year plan Have first child immediately, take one year off work then return to the company, a few years later have second child, continue working, hire perfect British nanny, buy perfect house in perfect neighborhood for bargain price, remodel for less than expected costs that may be the most unrealistic thing of all skyrocket through the pharmaceutical company by acurately predicting the next president of the company and hitching her star to his, eventually become president of pharmaceutical company and revolutionize the industry All goes according to plan.Celia isn t the only one who is perfect, everyone else is too Her boss s only daughter, beautiful, rich and doted upon is not spoiled, but happily married at age 20 to an ideal young man these lucky parents had no sleepless nights Celia s own children are super talented, directed, healthy, docile, straight A students in their private boarding schools.I m than half way through the book hoping for the big crisis to hit, based on his other books his style is to build up an overwhelming and realistic disaster through small seemingly harmless events that by themselves are benign, but together and at the right time can be astonishing in impact I m eagerly anticpating these characters demise as I HATE them Celia even buys several copies of Feminine Mystique and sends it to several of her co workers If drivel like that was sent to my desk she d be circling the want ads before the work day was over.

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    As with any other book by Hailey, you re left with the feeling that your knowledge of a particular institution or organization has been substantially increased The story maintains a solid pace and that too comes as no surprise.However, there is an element of artificiality in the way the characters have been presented They are too perfectly chiseled and their imperfections if any seem to be contrived Consequently, every action of theirs can be predicted with ease, this causes the book to lose a bit of its edge.To sum up a page turner and worth a read But, you wont find yourself recollecting much from this book, apart from the general storyline.

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    Liked this book very much for several reasons It is a story of how a woman makes her way through the pharmaceutical firm from being a sales rep to the top most executive It is a thrilling chilling peek into the ways of working in the drug industry, the war between ethics and profits while lots of lives are at stake The board room politics and gender discrimination have been well portrayed Enjoyed reading it very much.

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    Arthur Hailey weaves a wonderful story of a detail women named Celia, who with her husband Andrew, becomes the President of a huge Pharmaceutical company named Felding Roth.The journey has some ups and downs and Celia does everything to ride them successfully, conquering the hearts of everyone around her.Arthur Hailey is a brilliant author and Strong Medicine is the proof.

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    very complicated and fast paced story based on the pharmaceutical industry, both successes and failures

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    First of all, this book took forever because of the way it was written The writing is passive and to many years are covered There is a lot in the story that is Filler such as the children s schooling and the tender husband and wife scenes But, the ending I Hate endings like what I just read This book was not good enough in my mind to make me want to read another one by this author.

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