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Over Time: The Jazz photographs of Milt Hinton summary Over Time: The Jazz photographs of Milt Hinton, series Over Time: The Jazz photographs of Milt Hinton, book Over Time: The Jazz photographs of Milt Hinton, pdf Over Time: The Jazz photographs of Milt Hinton, Over Time: The Jazz photographs of Milt Hinton ae43a4df73 Milt Hinton, The Dean Of Jazz Bassists , Has Worked With Many Jazz Legends In His Than Sixty Year Career All The While, He S Been Snapping Photos Of His Friends And Colleagues OverTime Presents A Sampling Of The Than , Negatives In Hinton S Archive Accompanied By His Warm Anecdotal Remembrances

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    If there is a line between Milt Hinton the bassist and Milt Hinton the photographer, it s indistinguishable The musician strives to play the not seldom heard, the photographer the subject at an angle never seen Branford MarsalisMilt Hinton was born in Mississippi in 1910 and grew up in Chicago, part of the great migration north According to Scott Yannow Hinton has probably appeared on records than any other musician in the world and he remains a vital figure in jazz Yannow wrote that just before Hinton died at age 90 We are fortunate for his music and for the camera that he seems to have carried with him wherever he went for so many decades Over Time is a compilation of the photographs that are arranged mostly by jazz artist along with Hinton s thoughts about that player and Hinton s relationship with him Hinton also writes about his photography over six decades and shares his thoughts about jazz and the times during which he played Some of the most poignant words and images relate to the segregation that was faced by jazz musicians as they played around the USA Also importantly displayed is Hinton s love and respect for the music His respect for musicians seems to have this foundation Those who constantly worked on their craft, trying to perfect their technique and release their imagination receive his greatest accolades.When Hinton began his professional career it was the Jazz Age There was a very tenuous distinction between pop and jazz because people went to hear the Big Bands and dance the Lindy Hop and the foxtrot All that deconstructed over a period of thirty years until Rock and Roll began to dominate Jazz changed from Swing to Bob to Cool and beyond and Hinton experienced it all Jazz was now something to listen to in clubs or a coffee house The performers had been moved from center stage to the margins The photographs also tell this story to any who are still interested.

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    One of my favorite jazz books out of hundreds Vivid, human reminiscences and some quite marvelous photographs of the giants of American music This guy lived a lot of the history and saw a lot and captured some beautiful, sometimes heart rending candid images of musicians that the pro photographers just couldn t get I am proud to have an autographed first edition.Makes an excellent companion to Bill Crow s Jazz Anecdotes.

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    One of the greatest bassists and a very fine photographer His photographs preserved a great many moments in jazz and American history.I was just looking at several of his images of Billie Holiday They re haunting He captured her beauty, sensitivity, and fragility.My copy is inscribed by both Milt Judge Hinton and by his wife, Mona Hinton I treasure it.

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