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    PrefaceIntroductionChronology Plays Danton s Death Leonce and Lena Woyzeck Fiction Lenz Non Fiction The Hessian Messenger On Cranial Nerves Selected Letters Notes and Background to TextsSelect Bibliography

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    LENZOn 20th January Lenz crossed the mountains Snow on the peaks and upper slopes, down into the valleys grey stone, green patches, rocks and pine trees It was cold and wet, the water trickled down the rocks and leapt across the pathHe felt no tiredness, just occasional regret that he couldn t walk on his head A surge swept through his breast at first when the rock seemed to leap away, the grey wood shuddered beneath him, and the mist devoured the shape of things then half revealed their giant limbs the surge swept through him, he sought for something, as though for lost dreams, but he found nothing Everything was so small to him, so near, so wet, he would have liked to tuck the earth behind the stove, he couldn t understand that he needed so much time to clamber down a slope, to reach a distant point he thought he should be able to measure out everything with a few strides.Towards evening he reached the crest of the mountains, the snowfields that led down again to the westward plain, he sat a while at the top It had turned calmer towards evening the clouds lay solid and motionless in the sky, nothing so far as the eye could see but mountain peaks from which broad slopes descended, and everything so quiet, grey, increasingly faint he felt a terrible loneliness, he was all alone, completely alone, he wanted to talk to himself, but he couldn t, he scarcely dared breathe, his footfall rang like thunder beneath him, he had to sit down a nameless fear took hold of him in this nothing, he was in empty space, he leapt to his feet and flew down the slope Darkness had fallen, heaven and earth had melted into one You need to love mankind to be able to reach the essential being of each individual, you must consider no one too lowly, no one too ugly, only then can you understand them the most ordinary of faces makes a deeper impression than any contrived sensation of beauty, and you can let the characters own being emerge quite naturally without bringing in anything copied from outside where no life, no pulse, no muscles surge and throb Kaufmann objected that he would find no models in reality for the Apollo Belvedere19 or Raphael s Madonnas.20 What does that matter, Lenz retorted, I have to confess that things like that leave me utterly cold If I work at it within myself, I can doubtless generate feeling of some kind, but it takes a real effort The writers and artists I like above all are those that most strongly convey the reality of nature, with the result that their work engages my feelings Everything else troubles me I prefer the Dutch painters to the Italians, they are the only ones, too, that you can truly grasp

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    one coarse hide rubs against another and other astonishingly modern cynical desperate gems from the 1830s

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    Wozzeck is definitely the best of these three plays, but the other two are worth reading if you liked that.One of my favourite things about B chner is that no matter the social standing of a character he always puts extremely eloquent poetic musings on life and death in their mouths You are quite quickly forced to give up any question of whether this is realistic or not, and are given the chance of hearing what these characters would say had they the means to express it.It does also mean that it makes for pretty heavy reading, and this along with the fact it is a 50 s translation of early 19th century text was at times enough to leave me feeling a bit lost.I really enjoyed Geoffrey Dunlop s introduction, I so much prefer translators introductions to critics any day B chner s story is fascinating and the historical background that Dunlop gives is lovingly handled if at times a bit overly wordy.The Breadth B chner covers with these three plays is impressive, Leonce Lena is a comedy in an almost Shakespearean vein, Danton s death is political in that it reflects B chner s cynical outlook on the politics of his time and the french revolution but at heart is of a social commentary, and then Wozzeck portraits the stifling hardship of the working classes But all through these he manages to perfectly fit in his poetic musings on life and death Throughout all of these stories there is a very definite sympathy with working classes.The thing that is really going to get you with B chner is the sheer quality of prose his stories seem at times a little fragmented but the phrases, reflections and analogies are often astounding It seems to me in one way a huge loss that B chner wrote all of his plays in such a rush and under such stressful circumstances Leonce Lena could perhaps be made clearer in order to become the light comedy it should be Danton s death could be a much cohesive well rounded story, but perhaps they would not have had nearly the energy had they been crafted over a longer duration.Tempted to give this 5 hmmmmmmmm

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    I started this collection of B chner s work for his play Woyzeck, and read everything except Danton s Death which I m saving for later Considering that B chner died when he was 23, this collection of three plays, a novella, a revolutionary political treatise, a scientific lecture, and a bunch of letters is rather impressive What is even impressive is how modern B chner seems considering that he was writing 180 years ago This collection has crisp translations and interesting introductory material.

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    a good translation

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    The last, and shortest in the collection, The Hessian Courier was an angry little gem Written in the 1830s, it shows that nothing much ever really changes.

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    Woyzeck What a lyrically haunting play It is little than fragments of story, song and poetry with an unresolved or unclear ending When I say fragments , I mean that each scene is brief, but almost complete in itself The story plot itself is not necessarily fragmented The arc of it is rather clear and unremarkable at least by today s standards A woman cheats on a troubled man, who kills her when he finds out But it is told in short, poignant scenes some no than a single line of dialogue Like Danton s Death, the language reveals Buchner s admiration for Shakespeare It is lyrical, imaginative, heightened, and unnatural The characters are reflective and philosophical Folk songs abound Along with the short, tightly focused scenes, this dialogue creates a sense that each scene is like a song, lending it an operatic feel.Yet the play is frustratingly incomplete That s either its greatest flaw or greatest strength In this translation by Richard Mueller, Woyzeck is captured alive The translator believes Buchner would have had a trial scene if he had lived No drafts exist that I m aware of The translation by Victor Price, on the other hand, has Woyzeck drown himself when he goes back in the lake to throw away the knife To him, the play is nearly complete That s quite a variation in interpretation I don t think Buchner would have added a trial scene Or, if there were a trial, it would have been offstage I don t see how you could stage something like a trial and maintain the same tone and style Additionally, it would have been too pat of an ending There s a sense of shame and degradation throughout the play that seems to argue against a final reckoning or resolution But who knows Buchner claimed the play was almost done before he became ill and died At this point we can only presume what he meant and what he ultimately wanted We can, however, make it mean what we want Yet there is a greatness in this play, a haunting sense of evil, disintegration and humiliation It s unlike any play I ve read I strongly recommend it.

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    The best translation out there of the first modern tragedian Includes all Buchner s works, one of which is a heartbreaking translation of the short story essay Lenz, the reading of which is key to understanding Buchner s aesthetic Mueller captures the frantic, desperate poetry of Woyzeck unlike any other translation I ve read Top notch.

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    Read Danton s Death, Woyzeck, Lenz and the letters.I like his writing but I think that his age shows Woyzeck is very good four stars for it but the other works, I wouldn t think especially remarkable But of course, my knowledge of theatre, and german lit is incredibly, unbelievably limited.

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