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Highland Sparks (Clan Grant, #5) summary Highland Sparks (Clan Grant, #5) , series Highland Sparks (Clan Grant, #5) , book Highland Sparks (Clan Grant, #5) , pdf Highland Sparks (Clan Grant, #5) , Highland Sparks (Clan Grant, #5) d87d1863e7 Gwyneth Of The Cunninghams Has One Goal To Kill Duff Erskine, The Corrupt Merchant Who Murdered Her Father And Brother The Last Thing She Needs Is A Distraction, But Fate Deals Her One In The Form Of Logan Ramsay, A Maddeningly Handsome Highlander Who Waylays Her Mission Logan And His Brother In Law Seek Her Help In Rescuing Two Bairns And Spiriting Them Away To The Highlands When Gwyneth Agrees To Help, She Little Expects Logan To Assist Her With Her Own Mission Logan Ramsay Never Thought A Lass Would Steal His Heart But Gwyneth Of The Cunninghams Poses An Intriguing Challenge From The Moment He Meets Her As Fierce A Warrior As Any Man Of His Acquaintance, The Lithe, Dark Haired Beauty Dresses Only In Tunics And Leggings And Spends Her Days Practicing Archery She S One Of A Kind Determined To Make Her His Own, Logan Will Do Anything To Help Her Overcome The Wounds Of Her Past Even If It Means Allowing Her To Endanger Herself In A Final Confrontation With Her Nemesis The Sparks Between Gwyneth And Logan Are Immediate And Blinding, But If They Survive Their Mission To Take Down Erskine, They Face Another Challenge Will They Find It In Their Wild Hearts To Relinquish Their Independence And Build A Life Together

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    This book is probably my favorite in the series by far Sometimes in such fast paced stories it can be hard to jump from one character you just seemed to fall in love with, to a new character you just met, but here you ve already met Gwyneth and Logan if you ve read Journey to the Highlands.This book almost seems like three stories in one First Gwyneth and Logan meet and this shouldn t be a spoiler if you ve read the previous book rescue Caralyn s girls and take them up to Grant keep, then they have another adventure trying to avenge the death of Gwyneth s family and finally they make it back to the Ramsay clan for action that I don t want to spoil.At first I found Logan too pushy, especially considering what Gwyneth went through in the the first few pages of the book I think Keira Montclair was trying to show Gwyneth developing from her prickly independent self into someone who could admit she was in love, but a couple times I found Gwyneth immature Other than that I loved the characters and fairly quickly after their group broke off from Robbie s group you begin to see their dynamic change as they start to work together It s fun to see character mesh and work well together, so that their relationship is solid than just the romance part which is fun Speaking of it was nice to see some variety in the sex scenes to be honest Up till this point I felt like all the Grant and Ramsay boys shared notes in bed This is a shorter novel, but I felt like there were a couple opportunities missed to flesh out some details, but over all I loved it recommend it If you found this review helpful please check out my blog

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    Logan and Gwyneth s storyWhen I first began this ebook, I read the introduction by Keira explaining why part of Logan s story was the same as in Quade s story I love that she thought of including that part of Quade s story rather than trying to give the reader the same information using a different scenario It made perfect sense, and in my opinion, enhanced the continuity I would recommend not only this wonderful book, but the entire series You really begin to understand each character, their depth really inspires believability and connection between the reader and the characters I don t want to spoil the story for future readers, but I will say that I just couldn t put the book down Actually, I was addicted by the first book in the series, and each of the following books have been equally as intriguing and well written If you love the beauty of Scotland, Romance but not overly explicit love scenes, strong willed , often stubborn characters, but human enough to have flaws that need to be dealt with or overcome, you should really enjoy reading about Clan Grant and their extended family I love when an author allows other characters of interest have their own story Reading Logan and Gwyneth s story has been a delight Can t wait to read book six

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    Highland Sparkswhat an appropriate name for this story.Highland Sparks is this author s best in my eyes to date I have followed this series since its inception Every time I think this is the best yet, Ms Montclair out does herself I am an honest reviewer so if I give a story a 5 star it is because, in my opinion, it is well deserved As it is with Logan and Gwyneth s story.Logan Ramsay and Gwyneth of the Cunninghams were fantastic characters For me there were never any lulls in the story Their story grasped my attention from the very beginning and never let me go I truly love when a story can do that to me.Their banter was terrific and so entertaining I laughed out loud numerous times throughout The passionate love scenes were perfect for my taste too The storyline drew me in page after page I loved the fact that the other characters from the previous books were incorporated into it too.A terrific read I received this as a gift I will say, if you love Highlanders, then pick this up You will enjoy it The whole series is wonderful I am anxious for the next story in this series.

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    Awesome Read This was my favorite highlander series Love the romance, adventure, and story lines Each book just continued from the one before Couldn t wait to read each one to see what happened to the next family member I loved all the endings as well I highly recommend this series if you love handsome, strong, honorable, Highlanders who will do anything for the love of their life.

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    I have truly enjoyed this series from the first book to this book they all tell a different story and different things happen this is a series I would recommend to anyone who enjoys historical romances but beware some of these books are not for the weak so if you are weak don t read don t take that as I am trying to offend someone it s just some of the books deal with rape and extreme abuse.

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    Awesome readAn awesome read Although, fifth in the series, can be read as a stand A well blended mixture of passion, danger and romance An enjoyable and Satisfying read Personal buy

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    Great Scottish Highlands novelLove this story and the people in it The heroine is a lass who defies convention by wearing leggings and tunic instead of skirts She is an expert archer but struggles with some female conventions Loved the love story.

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    NiceThis was a good one I love the strength of Gwyneth but her stubbornness some times made me want to slap her But she turned out to be amazing Logan loyal as ever,his patient for her was amazing Beautiful book.

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    She did it again Don t miss this one It s a great one just like the others The Ramsey s and the Grants are joined perfectly.

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    Another awesome novelThe only thing I dislike about these novels is once you start reading, you can t put them down I ve read 5 so far and can t wait to start the next one.

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