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    I m pretty sure this short story by E.M Forster is complex enough that it could bear a number of interpretations One of them would have a religious connotation, that the road is life, the hedge the barrier between life and death, and the moat people a kind of transition space between this life and the next I think, however, that Forster is concerned with this life than the next and that the story is probably about the failure of man to stop and appreciate the beauty of life in his constant pursuit of the material What seems to matter to our narrator are the things he carries, the things he has accumulated He leaves his brother behind him, and his reason for being left behind is telling of who our narrator is At first I thought I was going to be like my brother, whom I had had to leave by the roadside a year or two round the corner He had wasted his breath on singing, and his strength on helping others And I had already dropped several things indeed, the road behind was strewn with the things we all had dropped, and the white dust was settling down on them, so that already they looked no better than stones It is no mistake that the road is circuitous These people are traveling in circles and getting nowhere They have lost their true purpose in trying to navigate the road itself and fail to see that losing one another might be important than losing the things they are carrying with them What they have really lost is the valuable intangibles to the merely material For we of the road do not admit in conversation that there is another side at all Why Because to admit it exists is to recognize that the progress on the road is worthless, is going nowhere.I think this is the kind of story that requires re reading to fully appreciate At first reading it might seem simple, on a second look, it is anything but.

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    A traveler on a road visits the Otherworld, but loses his chance to escape the rat race.

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    E.M Forster does allegory and symbolism masterfully in this short story My overall interpretation is that men work hard to follow their dreams that will lead them to great success and achievement, and the success and achievement of men is where men have triumphed in advancing the civilization with sciences and technology And then there s the theme that humanity is lost with the pursue of men s advancement, as common courtesy human decency is amiss Religion teaches men to be good to each other and help one another, and you will be welcomed into paradise where you can do what you love for eternity, even if it leads nowhere As the Mc decides we wants out of the other world he forgets his manners and rushes to take a drink from an old man s hands to cure his thirst He awakes to see that the old man was his brother, the always caring and helpful brother, who is now helping in his poor condition Right before his brother says to him, This is where your road ends, and through this gate humanity all that is left of it will come in to us Despite his misgivings, despite his willingness to continue down the hard road of life, when he passes he will be accepted, all the good that is left of him will be welcomed Themes and symbolism Life is hard, men carry a lot of baggage Even though some woes can be left behind, the one he carries is heavy and brings one down The promise of a heaven sounds like a cult to him realized that the place was but a prison, for all its beauty and extent He doesn t want to live in a place with no purpose, where no one acknowledges your achievements He felt his worries wash away like a baptism, coming through the other side from a pool of water.

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    I absolutely adore every single one of Forster s novels and will read them over and over They are fairly romantic, so I ve never understood just what the appeal was I generally avoid romance unless reading at someone else s suggestion.His short storiesnot so much I didn t even feel like finishing I finished only because I was reading on my Nook and could see how few pages were actually left, but even with that, I kept checking NOT a good sign I have been known to read 1000 pages in 2 days and then take a week to finish the last 30 because I don t want to let go of a story When I am counting down the pages so I can get the heck OUT of a story, I feel I m wasting my time.Forster paints such lovely pictures when he has the room to do so When he is constricted his writing is lackluster and boring I feel the was trying too hard to be cryptic Like he wanted me to read between the lines, but had forgotten to write there sigh

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    I definitely prefer Forster s novels to his shorter pieces, which lack depth and with the exception of the Machine Stops, do not have fresh and original plots Its all very earnest writing class Both the Other Side of the Hedge and the Celestial Omnibus seemed to have been written by someone greatly influenced by all things metaphysical, such as was beloved by the Victorians They are enjoyable novellas and short stories but not the sort that would be considered classics without the author having written some much major works.

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    Had I never read Forster before this story, I never would again Let history swallow this one and leave us with A Room with a View.

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    The Other Side of the Hedge lies a dreadful stasis or an eternal paradise Stepping off the highway of the world, letting go the science and the spirit of emulation , the narrator found a disquieting world of road lead to nowhere and there are no others , although there are nature and friendly inhabitants and visitors The idea of Forwardness and Progess as the destine of human race is reconsidered in this essential final place What is the meaning of hurrying and striving if we all are going to be lowered gently into sleep in this final place The Celestial Omnibus is driven by Sir Thomas Browne, introducing a young boy to the world of Shelley and Dante The sardonic adults laugh at his journey, while the false and mocking President of the Literary Society suffered due celestial punishment.

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