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Spiritual Perversion quotes Spiritual Perversion, litcharts Spiritual Perversion, symbolism Spiritual Perversion, summary shmoop Spiritual Perversion, Spiritual Perversion 7a91ca7b Spiritual Perversion Brings The Reader Right Into The Experience Of Cult Membership Steve Sanchez Provides Insight To Why He Was Vulnerable To A Cult Through Raw And Honest Emotions The Methods Of Mind Control Are Tracked In Detail Sanchez Describes How He Recovers Psychologically, Financially, And Spiritually, As Well As How He Rescues His Daughter From The Cult Who Brainwashed Her Against Him

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    Spiritual Perversion is the biographical account of Steve Sanchez s experiences during his 15 years with the Spiritual Rights Foundation SRF At 21 years of age, Steve was a talented artist taking on a number of dead end jobs to support his young wife and daughter However, Steve yearned for Steve was well versed in Jungian theory and the works of D.H Lawrence, Jack Schafer, and C.S Lewis After studying the works and the theories of these individuals, Steve had come to the conclusion that his lack of success reflected a lack of spiritual clarity In an attempt to get in touch with this lacking aspect, Steve went for a psychic reading at SRF This reading would indeed change Steve s life but definitely not the way he had first imagined Gradually Steve would be drawn into a world of deception, greed, and abuse that threatened to take away everything that Steve loved dearly Spiritual Perversion is a candid look into the life of a cult and how one man was drawn into its depths The author shares with us not only his experiences but also gives us an extremely personal and honest view of why he was drawn to SRF and why he stayed with the cult for so many years Truthfully, a good deal about this book is very disturbing The most disturbing aspect about the book, however, is that the strategies this group used to drawn its members gradually deeper into the system are based upon personality traits, worries, insecurities, and the desire to be validated that we all possess Thus, the reader can t help but think how easily it would be for him or her to fall into the same situation.

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