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    DNF at 25% I have theories about what happens throughout the rest of the book Read my theories at the end, those who have read this series, and tell me if I m wrong.I fully expected to enjoy this book, or at least find plenty of entertainment value, given that it was written by Julie Kagawa.I was wrong.Last week I read the fantastically craptastic Firelight which was essentially Twilight with dragons So my standards weren t high to begin with This book was only marginally better, and only so due to Kagawa s writing.Kagawa is a writer whose works I enjoy Fuck, I liked the much reviled and oftentimes stupid Meghan in the Iron Fey series, I overlooked the tragic love triangle, because those books were fun Not so with this one.I could tell from the first few chapters that this wouldn t be a book I enjoyed, and the fact is reinforced throughout the story Dragons are cool Dragons are deadly They breathe fire, they kill people, they re awesome I wanted a main character like that Instead, I got a main character who s a dragon but really just wanted to fit in with the humans There is literally no distinguishing her from every other rebellious teenager ever besides for the fact that she can turn into a dragon She s rebellious She wants freedom She wants to go to the beach and chill and have friends, yo So badass Not I was tired of rules and isolation, of watching the world go by without me I was tired of Talon and their endless string of policies, laws and restrictions No of that The summer was mine, and I had big plans, things I wanted to do, before it ended and we d be forced back into the system This summer, I was going to live. There is nothing original about the main character that would make her different from every other Mary Sue in existence For example, she is one of a super super rare couple of dragon twins, and besides, she s designed to be physically stunning When choosing the form that would be ours for the rest of our life, everyone in Talon was groomed to the highest standards of human beauty. Fuck that shit I don t want a stunning human girl, I want a bad ass fire breathing, ass kicking, princess eating dragon.And then, for fuck s sakes, there s the whole OH MY GOD THIS CRAZY MYSTERIOUS AND HANDSOME BOY HAS NEVER LOOKED AT ANYONE BEFORE BUT THAT S BECAUSE HE S ONLY BEEN WAITING FOR YOU Gorgeous Biker Boy, Lexi replied as the strange dragon continued to stare at me, almost challenging No one knows who he is He showed up a few weeks ago, and has been coming around all the popular hangouts He never talks to anyone, just checks the place out, like he s looking for somebody, and leaves Her knee bumped mine under the table, making me jump, and she grinned wickedly But it seems like he s found what he was looking for Gorgeous Biker Boy, Lexi replied as the strange dragon continued to stare at me, almost challenging No one knows who he is He showed up a few weeks ago, and has been coming around all the popular hangouts He never talks to anyone, just checks the place out, like he s looking for somebody, and leaves Her knee bumped mine under the table, making me jump, and she grinned wickedly But it seems like he s found what he was looking for And then there s the insta love Come on, now But I remembered the strange dragon s eyes, the look on his face as he d stared at me, the way my blood had warmed at the sight of him I remembered the heat of his gaze, the instant awakening of something fierce and primal inside me when our eyes met.The rogue dragon was trouble Plain and simple.And I was intrigued. All of that idiocy is uncovered within the first few chapters And I have a clear idea of how things are going to go.From her rebellious and not so charming free spiritedness, I m going to guess that Ember constantly does stupid shit to put herself in danger Like changing into human and back into dragon form because it s so important that the dragons keep their existence a secret The art of Shifting changing into human form was so widespread it was common dragon knowledge now All our kind knew how to do it And those that couldn t were either taught very quickly, or they were hunted down by the Order of St George, the terrible cult of dragonslayers whose only purpose was our destruction Shifting into human form was our best defense against genocidal dragon killers and a world of unsuspecting mortals one did not just wander about in full reptile form unless one had a death wish. I m going to guess that she flouts the rules every chance she gets I m going to guess that there s a love triangle, involving that gorgeous forbidden dragon from the quote above, and someone else That other someone will either be her long lost friend or an enemy whose purpose is to kill her, la Firelight Am I wrong

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    Could this really be the same author who wrote The Iron King Never have I heard of dragons being boring Until this.Where is the incredible world building The originality in characters The exciting romance I would like to know Have you read the blurb The blurb which promises us so much yet the story does not deliver And it is disappointing To tell you everything, the only reason I have not DNFed this is because I just DNFed These Broken Stars yesterday and would have felt cheap to do so with this one as well So I struggled to read it but did skim here and there And, at the end, felt like I ve lost six hours for nothing.What I really didn t like is seeing how this had nothing outstanding There s everything you might think there would be, no surprises There are dragons and, of course, dragon slayers There s this main character around whom the plot turns She is important and special and everyone is after her There would be barely any story without her There are those superficial secondary characters that only think of boys Which brings me to.The love triangle The awful, unnecessary and annoying love triangle Why do authors think we, teenagers, love those so much Because we don t I may not always mind them and it can happen that I enjoy them when they re not predictable and boring but, really, everything is better off without them So the romance was definitely a weakness to the story, while it should have been the contrary.Ember was the banal kind of heroine you can find in every other YA book I think, with her being a dragon, the author wanted to make her seem original and spectacular but, really, she s just plain unimpressive The main problem though is that she s supposed to be a dragon first and a human second And she was not I can barely believe, even now, that she s in reality a dragon I really liked her twin brother though There wasn t that much of him but, when he was present, I enjoyed reading about him.The writing was quite good Julie Kagawa knows how to write a story But, this time, what she wrote about was not appealing The dialogs felt real, but they were usually not bringing or developing an interesting subject to know about It mostly was normal conversation or the type that felt obligatory in the chapter or context.So, I m giving this two stars but, unfortunately, I feel a little generous about it Basically, it is well written, has a crappy romance, uninteresting characters except for Dante Ember s brother, a plot that is predictable and lacks of surprises and dragons that will leave you emotionless.Not recommended, except if you re a die hard fan of Julie Kagawa and love everything she writes.

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    April 2013 Lets be honest, I d read this woman s grocery list if she published it.

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    Challenge 7 A book with non human character popsugar 2015 reading challenge Two stars only because 1 star is for DNF s Today On our segment of REALLY 1 Dialogue so cheesy you could grate it 2 Heroine too trusting of the wrong people in very bad situations 3 Frustrating amounts of NO ACTION 4 Love triangle introduced in the last 20% of the book 5.One guy has rape y vibes and one guy wants to shoot her in her head 6 Cliff hanger ending with no resolution as a marketing ploy to get you to buy the next book Thank you this has been your segment of REALLY

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    I just can t finish it I tried, really I did I m a big fan of Kagawa s work and I ve enjoyed both her Fae books and her vampire trilogy it was only natural that I was dying to get my hands on her brand new series about dragons who take human form.But there was a missing spark for me that I managed to find in her other two series Plus, throw in a bunch of regular YA paranormal cliches like a love triangle and this book, despite the original sounding premise, was nothing special You can tell almost immediately who the love interest is going to be, just from the description of his badass smirk.And it wasn t even the cliches and transparent plot line Kagawa s other books aren t exactly dazzling with originality, but they are compulsively readable and addictive They move along at a pace that demands to be read They introduce us to characters that interest, intrigue and piss us off.It s possible that I took too long to read Talon I ve had less time lately and maybe the constant putting it down and picking it up made it difficult for me to become fully invested in the story, but I m not going to waste any of my precious reading time on a book that isn t doing it for me As always, if positive reviews roll in, I might try again.Blog Leafmarks Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr

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    What I expected What I got I love Julie Kagawa I ve read her Iron Fey series and I liked it So I had great expectations upon this book I mean it s about dragons But I m actually disappointed.Ember and her twin Dante are exceptional Dragons usually lay only one egg a time, so they don t have siblings They live in a Talon organization that helps them to survive in a world, where dragons are killed by St George military forces, created to drive dragons to extinct Ember and Dante are supposed to learn how to assimilate with humans during their summer in California, while training to become actual members of Talon and start to work for the organization But Ember doesn t want to work she wants to have fun with her friends, go surfing and do pretty much nothing Then she meets a rogue dragon that puts under question all she knew before, and falls in love with a boy, which is strictly forbidden and unnatural for a dragon And yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have a love triangle Ember is soooo annoying She s whiny, childish and irresponsible I felt like I was reading about a 10 year old All she does is rambles about how bad is Talon, because they make her listen to the rules and train her to become a real dragon, while she wants to go for a walk with her friends For example, she instantly thinks her trainer is a Bitch, because she teaches her how to fight St George when our girl dreams about boys, and never pats her shoulder when she does something good which isn t often She isn t your loving mother, moron, she trains you how to survive in a world where dragons are killed Which was why I had so been looking forward to the summer, one final hurrah before I had to become a responsible member of the organization Before I became a full member of Talon for life, which was a very, very long time for us Three months, that was all I wanted Was that too much to ask Um, let me get this straight She trains in the morning That she can do whatever she wants She has a lot of time for surfing, shopping and for going out with her friends But she never Stops Whining Moreover, it gets her a lot of time for doing stupid things Her brother asked her repeatedly not to bend the rules, because if Talon finds out, they ll be sent back This is their only chance to prove themselves Pfff, like this girl cares She s attracted by everything that is forbidden hang out with a rogue Check Turn into a dragon Check Get attached to humans Check The story was also predictable from the very start We knew that Garret is from the St George, and maybe that s the reason why every time Ember met with him it looked obvious to me But seriously this guy has never heard about arcade, he has no friends, everything is new to him, as it s for Ember But that doesn t ring a bell, for he seems perfectly normal to her Garret also shows her that he is good at combat and that he s a perfect shooter But the girl doesn t even ask where he learned it For a dragon who all her life was taught that St George is after them, she s incredibly oblivious All she cares about is for her feelings for him Also, this book is cheesy and full of clich s Like the part where Ember and her friends met some strangers and decided to ride with them to a cave As Ember thought, these guys were looking for fun Then girls are saved from those rapists by a knight in shining armor, and guess what It taught them nothing, they sat in the car with another stranger and immediately invited him to a party in the house of one of the girls What the hell You don t even know him I remember watching some documental film about dinosaurs, and there was a scene where one tyrannosaur killed another, so that he could leave its prey for himself You get it, Ember The girl also does this strange thing when she talks about herself as a dragon and herself as a human, like they are two different persons For instance, she human liked Garret, while she dragon bristled at the thought of him Sounds like she has a split personality.There were three POVs, Ember s, Garret s and Riley s the rogue dragon And while I was annoyed by Ember, boys were actually good, if you don t count their endless praises for her when she doesn t deserve it The writing was good, I liked the battle scenes, it was epic Also I loved the description of Kagawa s dragons, it was pretty realistic I mean Something dark, scaly, and massive erupted from the hacienda, sending tile and wood flying as it launched itself into the air My heart jumped as I watched the monster soar above the canopy It was huge, a full grown adult, the height of a bull elephant and three times as long Curved horns spiraled up from its narrow skull, and a mane of spines ran down its neck to a long, thrashing tail The sun glinted off midnight scales, and leathery wings cast a long shadow over the ground as the dragon hovered in the air, glaring down at the battle below, then dove to attack. The plot wasn t very interesting, because, as I said, it was predictable The characters made me feel like banging my head against the wall, though I really liked Riley Unfortunately, I expected much 2,5 3 stars.

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    well that was painfully average I love Julie Kagawa Truly, I do Her Iron Fey series was once my favorite YA series She s awesome This book not so much.This book is an average YA novel, at best It has average, unimpressive characters An average plot Average writing And of course, average inta love with an average love triangle.This is the kind of book I feel that I ve read before if only because of how uninspiring it was There was nothing too original or intriguing about it There was nothing memorable.Overall, it was just meh.So, is it wrong that a small, strangely masochistic part of me kinda wants to continue this bland series I suppose we ll see what happens I might get desperate one of these days and pick up the sequel Knowing me, the chances of that are actually quite high.Follow Me Here Too My Blog Twitter Bloglovin Instagram Tumblr

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    Hear goes another review So I will start by letting you know I read this whole beast of a book in 5, 30 min reading sprints Yes it was that good I loved the fact it was a fantasy based in modern time all about kick ass dragons that roam around as humans Almost like the fantastical version of Hannah Montana I can not wait for the second book I currently have a headache from reading so much but just believe that this book is amazing you all must read it Ben ox

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    Please don t be a Firelight Please don t be a Firelight Please don t be a Firelight Please don t be a Firelight Please don t be a Firelight Please don t be a Firelight Please don t be a Firelight Please don t be a Firelight Please don t be a Firelight Please don t be a Firelight Please don t be a Firelight Please don t be a Firelight Please don t be a Firelight Please don t be a Firelight Please don t be a Firelight.Oh God Oh God Oh God Oh God Oh God.

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    2.5 stars, as much as it pains me to do this.Julie, oh Julie Why you gotta do me like that u_uPrior to reading this book, I was like Because it s Julie I adore her to pieces The Iron Fey series to date is one of my favorite series of all time, and so is Blood of Eden She put out constant masterpieces that, naturally, I put her on a pedestal.After reading this book, I m starting to think that was not a very wise idea_.This book suffered a massive case of blandness It was extremely formulaic and seemed like it didn t even try to get much originality in I mean, granted, Julie s series were never really that original either, but at least things actually happened in those books, and the characters were wonderful Talon, however, just dragged and dragged, and the characters felt lifeless to me Not to mention the plethora of cliches and age old YA tropes.And yet, I pressed on, because I kept telling myself, This is Julie effing Kagawa A new series Squeeee, much So I kept reading, hoping it d improve down the road I was all, Come on, Julie, where s all that awesomeness you have in you Don t tell me you ve used it all up already But the further I read, the she was all,There were sparks so to speak of Julie s magic in there, though It s not as if I completely hated the book or anything, because there were tiny bits I liked But they were just that tiny bits Sparks Most of the time it didn t even feel like this was her book, because I know for a fact that she can do so much better.But the big question is, do I still have hope for this series WellFuck, I have no clue On the one hand, yeah, it may end up being great But on the other hand I really don t care for these characters _ I mean what do you do with that, y know When you read the first book in a series and barely give a crap about the characters, how would you continue on with the sequels sigh I don t know, you guys I m just overwhelmed with crushing disappointment right now I don t really wanna think about it yet I m just trying to convince myself that sometimes, people who are amazing at what they do, still stumble That s exactly what happened here, but I still have a special place in my heart for Ms Kagawa and have hope that she ll pull through.This book is a big no no, and yet there is still a 2% chance that I may end up continuing the series, regardless of my lack of care for the characters It s just It s Julie, goddammit _

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