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    Previous rating 10 stars New rating 18.2455869 stars And the moral of this reread is there is nothing quite like getting your poor little nerves beautifully and most ruthlessly wracked and your black, withered heart deliciously and most ferociously crushed over and over and over and over again by Evil Pippa DaCosta is Evil , if you ask me And the other moral of this reread is there is a slight chance that this might possibly be the best series Evil Pippa DaCosta is Evil has written to this day Maybe Perhaps Original review Actual rating 10 stars Disclaimer this is Pippa DaCosta This is The 1000 Revolution Synapses dead Grey cells fried Don t expect any of this to make sense.Introducing Q Who is Pippa DaCosta A Who is Pippa DaCosta WHO IS PIPPA DACOSTA You have got to be kidding me Breathe Sarah, Breathe Be lenient Be patient Explain You can do this. breathes deeply Who is Pippa DaCosta, you ask insert homicidal maniac smile here Oh, no one important, really Just the only author this side of the nine systems desperately clueless person raises hand Me yes, what is it Desperately clueless person what are the nine systems Me Desperately clueless person I m so sorry I m clueless This is who I am I can t help it Me well you know what, you clueless person Just go read this series instead of asking ridiculous questions AND interrupting a most fascinating review THEN you ll know what the nine systems are Damn These desperately clueless people are going to kill me one of these days Sorry for this unexpected disturbance, dear not so clueless people. Now Where were we Oh yes, Pippa Dacosta no one important She s just the only author this side of the nine systems who is able to keep me away from an Ilona Andrews book You know, that very same Ilona Andrews I sold my soul to some time ago See my point here No Too bad Yes Very good Moving on.Q what is The 1000 Revolution A nothing much, really Just one of those boring, unoriginal sci fi series with stereotypical characters Definitely not the kind of series I d fangirl about I never fangirl anyway Okay, maybe I do A teensy little bit Silently And very discreetly view spoiler hide spoiler

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    Gah.SO CLOSE, SO FREAKING CLOSE Why Pippa Why How could you end this book right there Seriously this is outside my normal HEA comfort zone and so I have no idea what is going to happen next I know what I want, I know who I want to get it on but with Pippa there are no guarantees and I m hoping that when I finish this series I m not just a puddle of goo on the floor.Caleb is his constant broken mess and I totally love it Dude has 99 problems and a Synth is One Seems like everyone wants a piece of him and the Nine are demanding he gives up 1001 to them He has so many balls up in the air it is a wonder Ringling Brothers hasn t tried to recruit him Still he is my favorite self loather out there and I love that One calls him on all of his bullshit.1001 is the shit I totally love her and she gets a little interesting every book Plus I m loving the flirtatious dynamic between her and Caleb I d say I ship them but I ve learned my lesson the hard way NEVER SHIP in a Pippa book Still they are great on page together And there s no synthetic owners manual His lips twitched, smile threatening to break into a grin A joke He wasn t funny Do you come with an owners manual, Captain Because I d like to study your troubleshooting section Would you like to strip me down to my nuts and bolts, and figure out what makes me tick I knew what made you tick from the moment we first met That s why I punched you between the legs Are there twists YesDid I like all the twists My summer heart couldn t take a few of them.Will I come back for Well, of course I can t get this out of my head.I m so nervous to see what happens next Caleb and 1001 have some unfinished business and I need to see how this ends Good luck to my summer heart.

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    I was this close to melting in a puddle of tears.

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    I started The 1000 Revolution about two years ago and when I finished the previous book I got scared scared about the future of the series that ending and that if I don t stop now I ll finish all of Pippa s books I was new to her writing back then and I ll have nothing new from her to read So I left Trapped for a time when I will need something special to get me out of a funk But now with the approach of a new book in the series I need to finish them before the new release.What really made an impression on me was how fast the details swam back into my mind once I started reading Lately that s been difficult even for books I read in the last few months So this came as a nice surprise I was sure I will need to reread the first two books but decided to try and see what happens The story had made such an impression that years later the details are vivid in my memory It s a twisted tale full of backstabbing and betrayal Like most of Pippa s books it delves into a part of the human psyche we usually shun in the light of day and pretend it exists only in the villians But the truth is we all have those deep dark places in our minds and the adventures of Captain Shepperd, 1001 and the rest of the crew speak to us with the voice that inhabits that place in our psyche It speaks to our fears and those buried deep desires To the violence and greed we try so hard to suppress Another thing I like about this series and this book in particular is the slow evolution of thought regarding 1001 It s most evident in Caleb but you can see it in Fran and Caleb s brother as well 1001 is unique in so many ways What I like most is the way she defies expectation and programming and it reminds me of the nature vs nurture debate The truth is somewhere in between and 1001 illustrates that in an unique and beautiful way In her flaws I see hope for the imperfect beings in a superficially perfect universe Hope for the outcasts and rebels Hope for the small people that never impact the world in a big way but can change the lives of those around them Because if a synthetic can change the opinion of a man such as Caleb Shepperd then maybe there s hope for the world yet.

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    I don t read sci fi Ever If I have read sci fi before, it was probably because of the romance But it s official This is now my favorite sci fi series ever Maybe I m getting ahead of myself because I haven t read any sci fi books before none as far as I could remember but whatever I FREAKING LOVE EVERY SECOND OF THIS BOOK Pippa DaCosta has upped her game here in Trapped I ve had this arc for months now but decided not to read it immediately because I knew I WOULDN T BE ABLE TO HANDLE MONTHS OF WAITING FOR THE NEXT INSTALLMENT AGAIN And why am I typing in all caps IT S THE EXCITEMENT AND ADRENALINE THIS BOOK HAS GIVEN ME So why read this Caleb 3, one of my favorite antiheroes ever You will hate him, his guts and the decisions he s made but in the end, you will feel for him and eventually love him As for me, I LOVED HIM FROM THE START The series is divided into Caleb and 1001 s POV and both are equally entertaining the fast paced plot and vivid action scenes Seriously not one moment was dull in this book The five star rating could attest to that and me yelling every five seconds because every moment kept on surprising me 1001 and the TENSION between her and Caleb She is a machine and it may seem weird at first and yet they shared this awkward kiss and didn t my heart just melt at that Me squealing at the top of my lungs after that ending Also, nothing should make me cry about this book because everything and everyone is so badass But this one scene did Chapter 11 Seriously, why only a few people know about these books is beyond me More pleeeeaase.

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    1st read November 20152nd read July 2019I find it really, really difficult to write reviews for the books in this series because they re so amazingly good that I struggle to find the words to talk about them I know there is no way to do Girl From Above Trapped justice but I ll do my best to give you full sentences rather than just a whole page of Read it Read it Read it Read it Every time I think things can t get worse for 1001 Pippa DaCosta proves me wrong, considering that nobody is supposed to know she even exists she s actually become the most wanted synth in the system She s travelling with Caleb but they re out of luck and running low on credits Caleb comes up with the idea to scam the casinos on planet Lyra hoping that with 1001 s memory they ll be able to earn than enough to make their escape Unfortunately he didn t consider the possibility of running into old enemies and now he s in serious trouble It looks like his only option is to betray 1001 and sell her off to the highest bidder Caleb has made a lot of bad decisions in his life but can he bring himself to give 1001 to her enemies for a second time I want to talk about how much I love these characters, none of them are good guys you d see Caleb s picture next to the word anti hero if you look it up in a dictionary but they re all fascinating and so multidimensional You may not always agree with the decisions that they make but you ll be able to understand why they made them and if you re anything like me you ll find yourself rooting for them almost against your own common sense Throughout the series we ve seen a lot of changes in Caleb, 1001 brings out the best side of him but even that may not be enough to save her.For her part 1001 is becoming human in her reactions to things but at the same time she is still very other and her system is getting close to shut down thanks to the multitude of faults in her processor It was really interesting to see her start to differentiate between the memories that belonged to Haley and the ones that are part of her new programming, she is starting to mesh the two sides together and become something that is completely unique.I m not going to talk about the plot but if you ve ever read anything by Pippa DaCosta you should know to expect the unexpected If you re a fan of this series you ll also know to expect betrayal and deceit, lots of action, shocking twists and probably a little heartache I honestly have no idea what to expect from the next, and final, instalment but I absolutely can t wait to get my hands on a copy of Girl From Above Trust This has become a favourite series and I m desperate to see all my favourite characters get exactly what they deserve

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    I ve never met anyone who plays the nine systems quite like you, kid I can t decide if you re an idiot, surviving by blind luck alone, or if everything you do is deliberate, making you some kind of criminal genius I may not have believed in lady luck, but I believed in her fucking sister, irony That bitch was bent on nailing me to a wall.

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    I love this series It gets better with every book Caleb had some tough choices to make Who was he going to trust Everyone wanted 1001 Was he going to ruin her life a second time I can t describe the plot without giving too much away, but all of the characters were going through a phase of self discovery This was an important part of their lives because it would decide the fate of themselves and those around them.Caleb surprised me He is officially one of my top book boyfriends He s got faults, lots of them, but it makes him all the desirable There is a genuinely good side to him It s just hard for that side of him to come to the surface Sometimes he s an emotional wreck He constantly waivers between doing what s right and doing what s right for him Caleb is the perfect blend of asshole and good guy 1001 s life was a mess As she became human, it waged war with her conflicting protocols She hadn t been designed to handle what she was experiencing and it was causing issues She couldn t fix herself and had to rely on James to do it Could he be trusted Where did his loyalties lie I was on an emotional roller coaster while reading this There was no way to know what anybody was going to do Some things that happened were truly shocking Pippa DaCosta is the best at writing grey characters Her stories are entertaining because you never know who is going to stab whom in the back.

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    Post read review WELLLLL, that s the end of my pairing in this book I have 0 idea where this series is going now, but tbh, that s 100% a good thing Liked it a lot better than I remember liking the first two Definitely not what the author would have you think, too, which was nice.Pre read review Honestly, I wasn t in love with the first books, but they were entertaining and I was hooked I am not entirely sure where it will be heading, but all I know is that a James 1001 tbh and b 1001 needs to not feel for Caleb.

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    She s just code Well, is she 1001 is different, but can we truly manufacture souls like we can manufacture lifelike, synthetic bodies that mimic human behavior Caleb and the girl who used to be Hailey Hung are about to find out Execute master reboot File Found Pippa Dacosta once again proves her power over her pen or should I say keybord these days in the third installment of Girl from Above Trapped Expect political intrigue, deceit, an artificial intelligence that ponders her own significance and a delicious mix of budding romance, adventure and friendship in this extraordinary novel that I inhaled in a few days.Caleb and 1001 are on the run from Well, pretty much everybody, really From the powerful Candes family for the death of their sister From the Fenrir Nine, because Caleb has refused to turn over 1001 to them Meanwhile, Chitec will stop at nothing to secure her secrets The same secrets that riddle 1001 s or One, as Caleb has started calling her mind Slowly, just as One is starting to really experience what it means to live, to like to love, her synthetic mind is slowly failing, and is now threatening her very existence Worst of all someone she believed to be her ally, might not have One s best interests at heart after all Is Hailey Hung s tragic life story about to repeat itself DESIGNATION NOT FOUND Expect heartwrenching twists and turns in the third installment of Girl from Above as the Chitec organization begins to tighten the noose, not only around the renegades aboard Starscream, but the people in the nine systems as well Before the books comes to an end they will have known bitter betrayal, someone will have paid the ultimate prize, while others are fighting not only for their continued existence, but their very soul She s real and you re manufactured Her life will always be worth than yours Stars are wishes and wishes are dreams I have dreams too Do they mean nothing I ve always been fond of this little quote by Nicolas Cage The best characters are the ones that somehow manage to be both attractive and repulsive at the same time If you do that, you re at the center of the universe if you can find characters who are ambiguous and can raise questions than answers I suspect that s why I m so fond of all of Pippa s books There are no clear cut heroes in Girl From Above They ve all made horrible mistakes, but I hope and believe that they are moving towards the better versions of themselves in the final installment of the series, which unfortunately isn t due until next year.And why do I say unfortunately Well there is the small matter of the cliffhanger of galactic proportions where the fate of the nine systems as well as one synthetic soul hang in the balance So bewarned, people, you will be left wanting MORE Overall rating 4,5 stars My only complaint is that I wish each installment had been longer Because who wants to be ripped away from their favorite characters prematurely Guess I m a greedy b but I blame it on my Akil worship, he does set the bar pretty high in that particular department Oh, one last thing before I sign off Having read thoroughly enjoyed the story, I m not surprised Pippa has been nominated for Favorite Sci fi Author of 2015 I think we all should show her appreciation by voting for her here I was given an eArc in exchange for an honest review

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