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An Old Fashioned Murder (Moonshine Mystery, #3) summary An Old Fashioned Murder (Moonshine Mystery, #3) , series An Old Fashioned Murder (Moonshine Mystery, #3) , book An Old Fashioned Murder (Moonshine Mystery, #3) , pdf An Old Fashioned Murder (Moonshine Mystery, #3) , An Old Fashioned Murder (Moonshine Mystery, #3) 08705e70ff Secrets, Lies, And A Splash Of Moonshine A Classic Country House Whodunit With A Modern TwistAfter Losing Her Husband And Her Home, Small Town Girl Daisy McGovern Moves In With Her Invalid Mother At An Old Inn In Sleepy Southwestern Virginia When The Inn S Eccentric Proprietor, Aunt Emily, Decides To Throw A Weekend Party For A Small Group Of Friends And Neighbors, Everybody Is Excited Until A Winter Storm Approaches And One Of The Guests Is Crushed By An Antique Bookcase During The NightAt First, The Death Appears To Be An Accident But As The Storm Worsens And The Sheriff Is Unable To Reach Them, Suspicion Slowly Grows Was It Murder After The Inn Loses Power And A Second Death Occurs, It S Clear To Daisy That One Among Them Is A Killer But Who The Young, New, Secretive Maid The Antique Peddling Pair Of Spinster Sisters Her Not So Welcome In Laws The Peculiar House Hunting Couple The Supposedly Stranded Motorist With No Way To Leave And No Way To Get Help, Daisy S Only Contacts To The Outside World Are Her Best Friend Beulah And The Always Charming And Equally Troublesome Moonshiner, Rick Balsam Trapped With A Clever And Seemingly Undetectable Murderer, She Must Unravel The Truth Before The Party Ends With Her Funeral

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    Eccentric characters in a back woods Virginia setting Fun.

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    Secrets, lies, and a splash of moonshine a classic country house whodunit with a modern twist.After losing her husband and her home, small town girl Daisy McGovern moves in with her invalid mother at an old inn in sleepy southwestern Virginia When the inn s eccentric proprietor, Aunt Emily, decides to throw a weekend party for a small group of friends and neighbors, everybody is excited until a winter storm approaches and one of the guests is crushed by an antique bookcase during the night.At first, the death appears to be an accident But as the storm worsens and the sheriff is unable to reach them, suspicion slowly grows Was it murder After the inn loses power and a second death occurs, it s clear to Daisy that one among them is a killer But who The young, new, secretive maid The antique peddling pair of spinster sisters Her not so welcome in laws The peculiar house hunting couple The supposedly stranded motorist With no way to leave and no way to get help, Daisy s only contacts to the outside world are her best friend Beulah and the always charming and equally troublesome moonshiner, Rick Balsam Trapped with a clever and seemingly undetectable murderer, she must unravel the truth before the party ends with her funeral Didn t finish.

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    Perhaps 3.5 stars A new take on a classic plot a group of people gathered together become stranded, then one of them is murdered, but outside help is unavailable In this case the location is an isolated hotel in rural Virginia, in a freak snow storm Daisy and her mother live there, along with the owner, Daisy s honorary Aunt Emily After repairs to the inn, Emily is holding a grand reopening, but surprises abound from the beginning, what with uninvited guests, a scared servant, and an unexpected gift But Daisy is determined to do everything she can to get to the bottom of the mystery, and keep her family safe Recommended.

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    I do not know if there will be any additional books in this series This book was a whole lot better than the first books in the series I would like to see about Rick if there are any future series I do wonder why the author gave Daisy a character she could love view spoiler and then kill character off hide spoiler

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    Everyone is trapped by a blizzard, when a secretary falls on one of the guests They were at the house was celebrating the bead and breakfast being reopened With all the creaks and groans of the old house mixed with the sounds of the blizzard Daisy is not sure of what she really heard With a maid who seems to skulk around and bickering and nervous guests, Daisy tries to find out how the secretary was able to topple over.

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    Cute read Definitely need to read the others from miller

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    Love all her books

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    best book in the series so far The storyline and plot are an improvement from the previous books in the series.

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    4.5 stars.An Old Fashioned Murder is the third outing in Carol Miller s Moonshine Mystery series starring baker turned amateur sleuth Daisy McGovern In this latest release, a surprise blizzard strands Daisy and a motley assortment of guests at the Tosh Inn where tensions mount as she and bat conservationist love interest Drew Alcott investigate the death of one of the visitors.Daisy is happy to assist her honorary Aunt Emily host the grand reopening of the Tosh Inn following repairs on the beautiful Victorian mansion The guest list is small but includes Edna and May Fowler, owners of the antique store that Emily frequents, close friend Henry Brent an entertaining 94 year old , inn guests Sarah and Kenneth Lunt, Daisy s beau Drew and two unwelcome party crashers, Parker and Lillian Barker Also present is the inn s newly hired employee Georgia Ross, a newcomer to town with a bit of a mysterious past The party is off to a bit of tense beginning since Lillian is Daisy s aunt by marriage and despite the fact that Daisy has not seen nor heard from her husband Matt since he vanished five years earlier, Lillian is not at all happy that her niece in law is dating Drew Equally troubling is Kenneth s unexpected offer to purchase the inn even though it is not currently for sale In the early morning hours, the shocking discovery of a dead body casts a pall over the celebration and leaves everyone looking at one another with suspicion since a second death soon makes it apparent there is a killer in their midst.Daisy, Drew and Emily are eager to uncover the killer s identity but with few clues to go on, they find it impossible to narrow down their suspect list With most of the guests behaving a little suspiciously, they try to focus on possible reasons for the murder, and while they come up with several plausible theories, they cannot find proof to back up their suppositions Snippets of overheard conversations seem to offer a valid motive for the first death, but Daisy s investigation quickly hits a dead end Furtive behavior by one the residents rouses Daisy s suspicions but new information soon ends that line of inquiry A second death puts pressure on Daisy to solve the crimes but will she unmask the killer before another person is murdered With plenty of red herrings and a vast pool of credible suspects, An Old Fashioned Murder is a brilliantly written whodunit that is virtually impossible to solve Carol Miller keeps the Moonshine Mystery series fresh by the introduction of new characters and the clever use of a party, a blizzard and the Tosh Inn as a backdrop for the murders Although Daisy s nemesis Rick Balsam remains on the periphery for much of the story, he is once again an invaluable source of information for Daisy during the investigation An absolutely stunning plot twist will leave readers impatiently awaiting the release of the next book in the series.

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    I received this book free from the publisher through NetGalley I thank them for their generousity In exchange, I was simply asked to write an honest review, and post it The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising I told you not to do anything, he rebuked her gruffly I told you to wait Well, you should know by now that I rarely do what anyone tells me, and it annoys everybody Daisy McGovern lived at the Tosh Inn with her ailing mother and other people that the owner Aunt Emily had collected over the years Daisy knew without Emily s kindness she and her mother would be without a home, and Daisy worked hard to help Emily keep the antebellum Inn running smoothly as well as her own bakery,Sweetie Pies After her husband Matt took off for parts unknown, Daisy has kept to herself, although recently she had begun to see Drew Alcott knowing that until Matt surfaced, she was still technically married.The story opens with the reopening party for the Tosh after a flood that almost closed the place for good All the people involved, all friends of Emily and her inn, have gathered for a weekend celebration along with a few paying guests The usual group, the usual dicussions However, one murder with no obvious perpetrator in the middle of a freak snowstorm during a power outage leads to questions that develop another murder and Daisy s grasping at straws searching for suspects Carol Miller s characters are disarmingly southern in style, attitude and history.and secrets This story is littered with them, almost too much You can get lost in the clues in this roundabout story, it s cluttered with them They can be distracting unless you pay attention in the snowstorm that hides the real perps.

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