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Girl From Above (The 1000 Revolution, #2) explained Girl From Above (The 1000 Revolution, #2) , review Girl From Above (The 1000 Revolution, #2) , trailer Girl From Above (The 1000 Revolution, #2) , box office Girl From Above (The 1000 Revolution, #2) , analysis Girl From Above (The 1000 Revolution, #2) , Girl From Above (The 1000 Revolution, #2) b423 Book In The Revolution Series There S No Quicker Way To Get Yourself Killed Than Trusting Someone In The Black Caleb Caleb Shepperd Knows Fran Has Her Own Motives For Helping Him Escape Prison, But He S Not About To Let A Little Thing Like Past Betrayal Stand In The Way Of His Next Paycheck Until He S Forced To Meet With The Sexy And Psychotic Pirate, Adelina Cande They Ve Met Before When He Seduced Her, Cleared Out Her Credit Account, And Left Her For Dead In The Black Caleb Figures Adelina Holds A Grudge When She Plants A Bomb On His Ship And Demands He Steal A Fleet Freighter For Her, That Is, If He Ever Wants To Fly Again Get Him Drunk Enough And He Ll Try Anything Once, But This Time, He Has To Balance His Own Greed, With The Needs Of A Vengeful Pirate And The Scheming Of His Dubious Second In Command, Fran What Could Possibly Go Wrong In The Heart Of Chitec Headquarters, Enlists An Eager Young Technician To Aid In Her Escape But It S Not Freedom She Wants It S Revenge The Memories Of A Life That Don T Belong To Her Demand She Finishes What She Started She Believes She Killed Caleb, Now She S Targeting Chitec CEO Chen Hung, And Not Even The Hopeful Technician Can Dissuade Her Synthetics Don T Make Mistakes She Thought She Knew The Truth She Was Wrong The Fast Paced Sexy Sci Fi Series Continues In Girl From Above Escape Reviewers Call The Revolution Series An Exciting Mix Of Firefly, ExMachina, And Blade Runner WARNING Adult Content Only Genre Sexy, Dirty Science Fiction Space Opera Word Count Approx , Words Or Pages

  • Kindle Edition
  • 193 pages
  • Girl From Above (The 1000 Revolution, #2)
  • Pippa DaCosta
  • English
  • 20 January 2019

About the Author: Pippa DaCosta

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10 thoughts on “Girl From Above (The 1000 Revolution, #2)

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    Previous rating 10 ridiculously measly stars.New rating 12 stars Because DUH and stuff. And the moral of this reread is Yummiest High Security Harem worthy synthetic human being ever fault Failsafe disabled fault most deliciously fished up asshole of a smuggler this side of the Nine Systems and possibly beyond, methinks fault Failsafe Protocols fault fault, fault, fault most lusciously damaged and lusciously vindictive second in command ever fault Run, One Thousand And One Run fault crazy psycho bitches pirates Maybe you re the only one who isn t broken reincarnated women blowing bubbles in cargo holds a slightly over excited, hyperventilating seal is me June 2015 Actual rating 10 stars.B.L.O.O.D.Y H.E.L.L.I thought that book 1 was pretty FANTASTIC but this THIS What Know Don t Write I To Can t Don t How Feel.You people should really be grateful here Because yes, Pippa DaCosta did it again She successfully managed to shut me up once Meaning you won t get one of my never ending, silly, rambling reviews So enjoy it while it lasts and thank Pippa DaCosta Bye now.Haha I m so funny And you re so na ve.I said this would not be one of my never ending reviews, I never said it would be a short one Ha.Here we go You don t want to read this story No you don t If you like cheese that is And corny stuff And lovey dovey stuff This is not for the romantic at heart You want to read this story Yes you do If you like gloriously fucked up characters with no morals and forever dubious ulterior motives that is They lie They use each other They hurt each other They re looking for revenge They will do anything to get what they want They kill Oh yes, they kill blood and gore, yay What a perverted, psychotic, damaged bunch I love them all Caleb Shepperd Such a magnificent, twisted, unapologetic asshole I m SO in love Kidnapping you for my harem Poof Gone 1001 The killing machine The synthetic being that shouldn t be The impossible made possible Fake made real The ghost in her own machine. Bloody hell I love you Fran Best fuckin pilot this side of the nine systems. Bitch extraordinaire Drug addict Damn, you re so cool Adelina Trigger happy, mentally deranged space pirate Hell yeah Bren, James, Chen Hung Expect the unexpected That s all you ll get from me Because spoilers This is, after all, Pippa DaCosta What you think will happen, won t What you never thought would happen, will.Why do I love all these characters so much Because they are complex Because they cannot, under any circumstances, be trusted And because you never know what fucked up scheme they are going to come up with next Are there no limits to who ll you ll fuck to get your own way None Hahahahaha YES Oh, did you want to know what this story is about So sorry about that Not going to happen You ll have to read it to find out Muahahahaha how I love keeping you in the dark Actually, it may not look like it but this is actually me being very kind and considerate Yep Because if I told you about the story I d spoil your fun And I m not like that No I m not So you should really be thanking me here Yes you should insert collective thank you here Hey, no problem You re very welcome.Well you know what Today seems to be your lucky day I m in a pretty good mood so I ll add a quick Girl From Above crash course to this review This story is about synthetic killers Retribution Spaceships Memories Prison planets Sex for all kinds of fucked up reasons Revolution Pirates Being broken Swearing and cussing and cursing and swearing Souls Resetting protocols Drug lords Assets Blowing bubbles Sex workers Survival Long story short this is absolutely mind blowing The thrill lifted me higher and stripped me down to my most basic functions To run To survive To make them suffer I d do anything to live Chitec wouldn t have me I am 1001 and I will survive, at any cost Now I have to say that no matter how bloody amazing amazingly fantastic fantastically brilliant brilliantly awesome this story is, I have one very serious problem here The next instalment is due for release in October 2015 October 2015 Are your kidding me Have you no heart Pippa DaCosta There s no way I ll survive this long I need another fix Now Withdrawal symptoms are already kicking in Damn I m doomed.Okay, I am sadly aware that this is a very crappy review So you know what you should do Forget about all that nonsense I just wrote It doesn t do the story justice anyway What next Read this book You need it in your life Yes you do ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Prequel Girl From Above Falling short story Book 1 Girl From Above Betrayal Book 3 Girl From Above Trapped Book 4 Girl From Above Trust Book 5 Girl From Above Deliverance to be released 2019.

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    You re the fixer, but nobody is going to fix you You must realize that A smile skimmed my lips Nice You can put that on my gravestone Almost too amazing to be true.Sorry, but I need to jump on the next one I guess the reviews will come out all four together after I fin oh, who am I kidding, I know I will never be able to write something decent about this book Really, it is already astonishing that I managed with Betrayal. The only thing I have to say again is Fran you inserts colorful insult s of your choice stay away from Caleb I really don t want them together No nope never.

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    19 November 2015 0.99 on Kindle It s not often that a second book in a series or serial will get a higher grade than the first from me This one does And earns it Partly because it blew through all my expectations and gave me something that I wasn t expecting than once.Everything I said in the first one still holds Our protagonists are not heroes they re not good people, and yet.I still root for them I think that probably says about me than it does about them.There s a HUGE twist at one point in the book Something I did NOT see coming, and still really shocks me with its simplicity and I should have known moment Then there s the moment when I start to complain about something, thinking that one thing is going on, thinking that it should go a different way, and something even better than I imagined happening, happened Hell yes Loved it.There s a lot of sex, or near sex, in these books It s usually angry sex, without a lot of good emotions behind it But it s freaking hot as hell And, to quote my friend Navessa Also, I figure in a near lawless space setting, sex would be as common as violence, which seems to be the case in these books Now that I think about it, I tend to feel that way about any setting in which humanity breaks down It s a good point, and I definitely agree Violence and Sex are BIG in this series So is self recrimination, questionable actions, double crossing, and lawlessness For a society that s supposed to be perfect with Fleet and Chitecit s pretty fucking grim.And the ending I saw it coming, I knew it would happen from the moment the scene started, and still I read that last sentence and groaned that I have to wait until December for the next book and Spring 2016 for the concluding book I needs it, precious I needs it, NOW.

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    1st read August 20152nd read July 2019After thoroughly enjoying the first book in this series I couldn t wait to dive back into this world and spend time with Caleb and 1001 The story picks up not long after the last one ended, 1001 has been caught by Chitec and is about to be decommissioned, she believes that she murdered Caleb and although she was only carrying out orders she feels very conflicted about what happened When a lab technician agrees to help her escape 1001 knows this is her last chance to make her father suffer for what he did to her and she will do whatever it takes to get her revenge.Meanwhile Caleb has also been captured and he is struggling to survive on an inhospitable prison planet His second in command, Fran, may have come to his rescue but Caleb knows that she can t be trusted and the deal she made with a pirate family to save him has ended up dumping him out of the frying pan and into the fire.If you thought these characters made questionable choices in the first instalment you ve not seen anything yet, they all have their own agendas and loyalty is a word that most of them don t know the meaning of Any alliances they make are fleeting and only last until a better offer comes along so no matter what kind of friendships you think they have you can never be quite sure that their bonds will last It s just so much fun to read about characters who are so morally ambiguous, I may not always agree with their choices but Pippa DaCosta always does a good job of making their decisions believable.Caleb is a loveable rogue and I just can t resist him He s not a good guy, in fact he does some truly horrible things, but he does have his own code of honour and he never claims to be something he s not 1001 is probably my favourite though, she thinks of herself as completely inhuman but from her thoughts and actions it s obvious that deep down inside her human side is still very much in control She longs for revenge against the people who wronged her but she also craves friendship and wants something from life.I really don t want to say too much about this story apart from to warn you to expect the unexpected Nothing is what it seems and there are plenty of twists to keep you guessing I have absolutely no idea where the story will go from here but I do know that the next instalment will be jumping to the top of my to read pile the minute I can get my hands on it

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    The 1001 revolution reminds me of Firefly if it was just a bit edgier, angrier and had hate sex in it I knew revenge like the ghost of an old friend Caleb, Fran and 1001 are so much fun None of them are trustworthy and I m pretty sure each one has betrayed the other in some way at some time Hell I think that two of them almost got the other killed a few times now But it is great to watch how they are together and try to figure out who is going to backstab who next.In Escape Caleb has to get out of the eat or be eaten literally prison he is in Fran needs to find a way to escape Fleet and get back into the black or her addiction will become very known to and 1001 has to find a way to escape the company who created her before they decide to destroy her It is a fast paced ride where enemies can be friends, friends can be enemies and pretty much anyone can double cross you at any time There are some great twists and by the end I couldn t decide who what the most treacherous of the group Probably Caleb, possibly Fran or perhaps 1001 is going to out twist them all.

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    Psychotic pirates, emotional machines, and friends who really should be enemies It s not a good day to be Caleb Shepperd.

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    Welcome to the dark side, where there s contaminated drugs, whores a plenty, and toxic alcohol galore You ll hate it

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    I thought this would suffer the second book syndrome but noooooooo it s still as awesome as the first book and Caleb is still so clever as ever I feel like I should hate him because of all the bad things he s done, but I just can t make myself feel that towards him I WANT HIM And 1001, I LOVE YOU STOP FEELING ANYTHING FOR CALEB AND BE MINE PLEASE I DON T EVEN CARE THAT YOU RE A SYNTH BUT I WANT CALEB TOO PLEASE BE MINE YOU TWO I AM NOT EVEN MAKING ANY SENSE BUT CAN T YOU SEE IT S WHAT THIS BOOK HAS DONE TO ME An eARC of this book was kindly sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you so much You just became my favorite person right now 3

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    Meh Aaaaand I m done I can t with serials.

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    I hate serials but I love this series Treachery, agendas, backstabbing, lust sigh

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