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The Scent of Corruption (Fighting Sail, #7) chapter 1 The Scent of Corruption (Fighting Sail, #7) , meaning The Scent of Corruption (Fighting Sail, #7) , genre The Scent of Corruption (Fighting Sail, #7) , book cover The Scent of Corruption (Fighting Sail, #7) , flies The Scent of Corruption (Fighting Sail, #7) , The Scent of Corruption (Fighting Sail, #7) d4c44927fdad9 Summer, The Uneasy Peace With France Is Over, And Britain Has Once Been Plunged Into The Turmoil Of War After A Spell On The Beach, Sir Richard Banks Is Appointed To HMS Prometheus, A Seventy Four Gun Line Of Battleship Which An Eager Admiralty Loses No Time In Ordering To Sea The Ship Is Fresh From A Major Re Fit, But Banks Has Spent The Last Year With His Wife And Young Family Will He Prove Himself Worthy Of Such A Powerful Vessel, And Can He Rely On His Officers To Support Him With Excitement Both Aboard Ship And Ashore, Gripping Sea Battles, A Daring Rescue And Intense Personal Intrigue, The Scent Of Corruption Is A Non Stop Nautical Thriller In The Best Traditions Of The GenreNumber Seven In The Fighting Sail Series

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    Another good read from Alaric BondI am so very pleased I discovered Mr Bond s Fighting Sail series Suspenseful and intriguing plot lines full of empathetic characters Vivid and exciting descriptions of naval combat I can t put these books down.

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    Alaric Bond continues his Fighting Sail series with this excellent novel He has provided excellent descriptions of naval battles at sea, of privateer actions as well as a number of personal character stories that add to the interest of the book.Captain Sir Richard Banks has taken command of HMS Prometheus, a seventy four ship of theline fresh out of refit He has brought along several of his old crew, including First LieutenantCaulfield, Lt King, Lt Lewis, Surgeon Manning and a number of the lower deck hands that servedon his previous ship.HMS Prometheus is ordered to the Mediterranean to join Admiral Nelson and his fleet off the French port of Toulon It is indicative of the fact action paced nature of this novel, that the ship does not get further than Gibraltar by the end of the book Initially assigned escort duty for a fleet of East Indiamen, Prometheus detaches from the convoy to investigate a ship that has foundered on the rocks off the French coast Although the passengers and crew are rescued, Banks and his creware unable to salvage any of the cargo, and thus continues on toward Gibraltar and the rendezvouswith Nelson Many events occur, however, before and after reaching Gibraltar a hard fought naval battle, fighting aboard ship, and yet a second and much hotly fought battle As is the case with Bond s excellent novels, the focus is not only on the officers of the ship, but also on the crewwith particular emphasis on the stories of certain members All combines to make this an exceptionally well written novel of historical naval fiction.

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