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The Wedding Rescue, Book 3 (The Wedding Rescue, #3) pdf The Wedding Rescue, Book 3 (The Wedding Rescue, #3) , ebook The Wedding Rescue, Book 3 (The Wedding Rescue, #3) , epub The Wedding Rescue, Book 3 (The Wedding Rescue, #3) , doc The Wedding Rescue, Book 3 (The Wedding Rescue, #3) , e-pub The Wedding Rescue, Book 3 (The Wedding Rescue, #3) , The Wedding Rescue, Book 3 (The Wedding Rescue, #3) cbdd0594e7d Introducing Book Three Of The Wedding Rescue, The Hot And Sexy New Series By Alexa WilderShe Thinks She S Not His Type He S Determined To Prove Her WrongLeigha Carmichael Is Used To The Quiet Life A Junior Accountant By Day, She Knows Girls Like Her Don T Have Exciting Lives She S Smart, Shy And Her Curvy Body Doesn T Fit In Among The Beauty Queens Of Las Vegas Still Reeling From Her Ex Boyfriend S Betrayal, Leigha S Sworn Off All Men Except She Has A Huge Problem, And Only The Right Man Can Solve ItThe Moment He Sees Her Across A Crowded Bar, Dylan Kane Knows He Wants Her And Dylan Kane Always Gets What He Wants Especially When The Object Of His Desire Is Sitting In His Own Casino She S Nothing Like The Skinny, Overly Made Up Women He S Used To From Her Clear Gray Eyes To Her Luscious Curves, Leigha Is The Real Thing Exactly The Change Of Pace He S Been Looking For And Even Better, She Needs Something From Him With The Bargain He Has In Mind, They Ll Both Get Exactly What They WantIn The Few Days She S His, Dylan Plans To Take Control Of Every Delectable Inch Of Leigha S Body But When The Weekend Is Over, Will He Be Able To Let Her Go

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    Book Three starts off with Leigha getting ready for her sister s rehearsal dinner Dylan surprises her with extravagant gifts making her wonder why he is doting on her so much since this is only supposed to be a weekend fling While turning heads at the rehearsal, her mother tells her that no man spends money like Dylan has and looks at Leigha the way he does if he is only in it for a weekend With all of their flirting during dinner, she is surprised to have to deal with her soon to be brother in laws outlandish advances on her The way it gets resolved his freaking awesome and then we get to learn about Dylan as his friends arrive But of course with the good there has to be some bad and that is where the ex boyfriend starts coming in to play I m not giving anything else away.you ll just have to read the book I received an ARC for an honest review

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    Received as an ARC for an honest review.Well hell Things are moving along nicely, and at a rapid speed for Dylan and Leigha The sexual explosion between the two is off the charts As they continue their agreement, things are going much deeper for both of them Leigha is gaining and self confidence when it comes to herself and her mean sisters The way she stands up to her future brother in law is awesome I was laughing so hard while thinking that Dylan was going to kill him But of course there is a glitch We start learning about the ex, who took everything from Leigha Now she is trying to help and shield Dylan from a video.Can t wait to read book 4 I m on the edge of my seat

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    Read this as a single book I know this is a loved genre by many with these mini books building into one overall story I m thinking this isn t for me Too short for me to enjoy the individual story but too much repetition to enjoy the overall arch That said this was well written and had a lot of action There was a little too much pretty woman and dumb actions by the heroine for my specific taste He was and he even thought this a little stalkerish as well Her family was over the top bad but that can be kind of fun too I would have enjoyed a real set down of her sisters rather than the fianc of the sister A fun read.

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    I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this book Although this is a series and ends in a cliffy it is so worth the wait It has just enough sessy time so you can visualize it The whole story does actually it s like I could see what I was reading I like that fact that it is a series It works for me, so I can enjoy each book and not be overwhelmed with pages and pages of scenes Although I did receive an ARC for book 3 I had already read books 1 2 on my own and rated them prior to this ARC then FB emailed author to see if I could be a part of her ARC team.

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    And we move on to the rehearsal dinner, where L and D play a little during the most boring and rude dinner ever L s hit on by the groom to be, and has been relegated to the dimly lit back corner.Then, she s accosted again by the groom to be who doesn t take no for an answer That was fun to read As was meeting Dylan s sexy best friends who I hope have their own books soon.After an amazingly passionate night, L wakes up in the middle of the night to find threatening texts and blackmail.

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    This series continues to please This episode showcases the further development of the relationship between Dylan and Leigha, taking them from being not only red hot with each other but tender as well As outside influences and internal strongholds present some challenges to the couple, they still build and grow That journey provides a lot of entertainment, and as with the prior parts of the story, this one is not to be missed

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    5 StarsThis is the 5th book in this series by this author and as the rest this author sucks you into the story and hold you there till the last word is read.The sex between this couple is like putting lemon in your ice tea The subtly of the lemon brings out the tea for which it becomes a tasty drink which you will continue to crave even after it is gone from the cup.Happy Reading

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    Book three does not disapoint The rehersal dinner is a smashing sucess Dylan continues to be the knight in shinning armour and attempts to let Leigha know that he wants than a weekend The mystery caller continues to send threats, but Leigha finds out who it is The cliffhanger of an ending has me very anxious to read part four.

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    This one I m not sure aboutThis one started off fabulously but ended in a cliffhanger that I m not sure about Either she s TDTL or the author is going to use this to bring the couple closer together I m not sure which one it will be or if I will like how it is done to continue reading I ll read the next one to see.

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    This installment was a smidgen better than the second one but Leigha had to go and ruin it Shakes head I am resigned to my fate I am going to finish this book because of some weird need to torture myself but I don t like it.

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