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    I downloaded Elf Struck as a free book from This novella was pretty much an excuse to do 4 sex scenes 3 separate sets of partners in less than 100 pages A weak plot holds it together, but there s no real reason for the book except the sex I hoped for .

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    This was basically erotica with mystical characters, with little plot development or character development.Follows Reagan from the age of 18 through to the age of 48.At 18 she s curious about the mysticism of Irish lore and decides this will be her major in college She s approached by a young handsome man and they spend every evening together and gives her virginity to him He reveals he is Sidhe and wants her to stay with him forever, but she knows she s 18 and American and can t stay He basically ruins her for all others.Flash forward 10 years, she s back in Ireland to do field research, married but unhappy, as is her husband He asks for a divorce and she s sad yet ambivalent Her tears call two Selkies to her as they are to soothe the tears of sad married women she can t choose so has them bothyeah you knew where that was going.Flash forward another 10 years and she s doing post doc work in Ireland with a team She goes out one night and encounters a Pooka large black horse man aka hung like a horse and there s anal sex with a horse man.Flash forward 10 years She s returned to Ireland at 48 for an unknown reason, but something s wrong with her and she calls the Sidhe to her and eventually sees Finn who s angry bitter but can t deny his soulmate and they make love but it s painful and bloody because she s got cervical cancer Say what He can cure her if she agrees to enter the fairy mound and never return to the real world So she does.

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Finn (Elf Struck Book 1) download Finn (Elf Struck Book 1) , read online Finn (Elf Struck Book 1) , kindle ebook Finn (Elf Struck Book 1) , Finn (Elf Struck Book 1) 44e898f265f5 Recent High School Graduate Reagan Wants To Experience Life Before Heading Off To College, So She Accepts Her Friend S Invitation To Spend The Summer In Ireland But Reagan Is About To Find Than She Bargained For, Because The Ancient Race Of Fairies, The Sidhe, Are Alive And Well One Otherworldly Man Wants To Teach Reagan Things She Never Knew Were Possible, And Change Her Life Forever This Is A Work Of New Adult Erotica Including Graphic M F First Time Sex