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Ultimate Witness txt Ultimate Witness , text ebook Ultimate Witness , adobe reader Ultimate Witness , chapter 2 Ultimate Witness , Ultimate Witness 15c91a The Plato Colony Is The First Permanently Manned Moonbase, But It Could Be The Last Budgetary Restrictions Mean The Base Is To Be Abandoned In Seven Days, But While The Colonists Prepare To Evacuate, Chief Administrator Macallister Wade Faces Other, Troubling Problems A Mysterious Anomaly Has Appeared Outside The Base And An Unknown Assailant Is Attacking The Colonists As Only Seven People Live On The Moon, Macallister Reckons He Should Be Able To Find The Culprit, But With The Anomaly Getting Closer Every Day And With The Attacks Growing In Severity, He Suffers Premonitions Of An Impending Disaster With Time Running Out To Save Everyone Can Macallister Work Out Who, Or What, Is To Blame

About the Author: Harlan Finchley

Harlan is the author of 12 books covering fantasy, science fiction, horror and westerns All the books are available on Kindle.These books include the 3 part fantasy series Tales from Arcadia, along with the 5 part weird western series The Legend of Boot Hill.His most recent title is the time travel tale The Bureau of Lost Dreams, which was published in July His next publication is the third book

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