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Leading Libraries chapter 1 Leading Libraries , meaning Leading Libraries , genre Leading Libraries , book cover Leading Libraries , flies Leading Libraries , Leading Libraries 07780312df833 Quality Leadership Is Integral To The Very Future Of Our Profession And It Doesn T Only Come From The Top Down Effective Leadership Is Customer Focused And Collaborative, Fostering A Service Culture That Invites The Involvement Of Individuals In Every Part And At Every Level Of The Organization, As The Authors Persuasively Demonstrate In This Practical New Book Drawing From Case Studies As Well As The Literature Of Business And Social Sciences, The Authors Provide Guidance On How To Apply The Values Of Service Leadership To Both Public And Academic Libraries Through The Use Of Examples, Exercises, And Tools For Development, This Book Walks Readers Through The Steps Needed To Create A Sustainable, Service Oriented Model By Explaining How A Service Culture Reaches Beyond The Individual Leader With Positional Authority And Extends To All Individuals Showing Ways To Build Rapport And Trust Within An Organization, And How To Balance Encouragement With Accountability Detailing Strategic Thinking And Planning Methods That Will Lead To Improvements In Customer Service, Human Resources, Organizational Development, And Training Helping Library Leaders Create A Sustainable Service Culture Through Codifying Their Organization S Values, With Advice On Policies And Procedures Such As Recruitment, Performance Evaluation, Compensation, And Succession Planning Discussing The Environment Of Change In Libraries, Showing How A Library S Organizational Culture Is At The Center Of Being Responsive And Staying Relevant This Valuable Resource Gathers The Principles And Best Practices Of Leadership, And Points The Way Towards Creating A Service Culture That Makes Every Staff Member A Library Leader

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    I m conflicted about this book The information in it is great and would be helpful for library science students in a management course The writing, however, is less than stellar the book is riddled with grammatical and punctuation errors, and much of it seems repetitive One example is the many sentences that started with However It s a pet peeve of mine, drilled into my head when I was briefly, although with great influence, apparently an English major in college you never start a sentence with However I know that s a lie it still bothers me if it s overdone Once or twice a chapter, I can handle In this book, it seems to happen every other sentence in several paragraphs and, very memorably, twice in a row in one paragraph That s right two sentences, one right after another, that start with However It justhurts Maybe that doesn t bother you What about sentence fragments They re in there Misplaced commas Got em It s also got rebel rousers, whichI honestly don t know what to say about that Statements immediately followed by quotes that say exactly the same thing Oh, yeah Is it worth digging through to pull out the information Yes I won t be buying the book anytime soon, though I checked it out from the library first naturally and I ll check it out again if I want to review any given section I would recommend it to anyone entering a library management position at any level , but I would recommend checking it out rather than purchasing it.

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    This was a nice read for anyone who fancies themselves a leader It captures a lot of advice on how to become a leader by serving both your patrons and your own coworkers, bosses and staff It s a quick read, and worth the time.

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    Tons of great information about service leadership and libraries

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    It was required reading that turned out to be informative and well written.

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    Although I found sections of this book useful mainly the last chapter , I felt it was written for the library school student than a working professional The authors did a massive amount of research on current leadership theories and then chose to focus on service aka servant leadership as the best approach for libraries The steps detailed about active listening in Chapter 4 give a person some concrete actions to develop this skill Strategic planning, innovation, learning organization, accountability, metrics all the current buzzwords make their appearance in this short work Case histories mainly set in academic libraries round out most of their chapters.

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