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    I never really write reviews as I m always worried my words won t do the book justice, especially a book of this calibre However I really want to write about this book as I feel everyone in the world needs to read this ASAP It is a beautiful, well written and well researched novel As a historian, I am always so wary of inaccuracies in a historical fiction novel but I am so pleased to say I didn t find any in this book Irish history is so important to me and the author wrote about the famine in such a respectful and informative manner As for the LGBT aspect of this novel, gay history is an area of history yet to be fully explored and novels like this one are doing the good work in trying to change that Keep up the good work Hilary

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    Golddigger is a lesbian historical romance set against the dual landscapes of famine Ireland and the Californian gold rush It weaves a highly emotional story of love, loss and one woman s quest to find her place in the world The story begins with Frances Frank Moriarty preparing for another day working as a shoeshine boy Following the outbreak of famine that destroys her community, she leaves an entire life behind in Ireland a family and the woman she loves, Kitty Gorman.On the day she receives a letter from home bearing news of deaths caused by the famine, she reads a newspaper article which inspires her to pursue her fortune in the gold fields of California When her friend Gerry mocks her dream, she says with a characteristic strength There s gold there for the taking I m as entitled to it as any man At the heart of this book is a love story this is a magnificent re imagining of lesbian love, a love that endures due to determination, a love that will break your heart as get caught up in the passion of their story Speaking of her feelings for Kitty, Frances says This is what people call love, the love between a man and woman I have never felt it before, wondered if I ever would I don t seem to care that it is for a woman The strength of Golddigger is that it is much than a love story although, it is at its core a beautifully rendered tale of love, loss and hope be prepared to shed a tear Golddigger is also a living history McCollum brings to life two historical moments in fact, she moves effortlessly between them with beautiful acuity, a testament not only to her passion for historical fiction, but her real, human understanding of the imperative for physical and emotional survival.

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    Very engaging and seemingly well researched story about a young Irish woman who emigrates to NYC, passing as a man to make her way safely alone Gold is discovered in CA so she decides to head west The story is told in two separate time frames, alternating chapters her last few years in Ireland and then her first few in America Her years in Ireland during the famine, spending time with her secret girlfriend dreaming of a life together, then her time in America, essentially alone except for one loyal friend I enjoyed this very much and look forward to from this author.

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    Golddigger does not read like a first novel It also does not read like a boilerplate romance Hilary McCollum shows a pro s deft touch with story building, using dual timelines to build a mystery of lost love, survival, and found love In 1845 Ireland, the year before the devastating starvation and death from the potato famine, Frances Moriarty falls in love with Kitty Gorman and, at first, all is grand Village families are close knit and protective of each other, even as it becomes apparent that no amount of good will can overcome failed crops, starvation, and disease When it is clear to Frances and Kitty that they and their families have a better chance of survival apart, the two young women decide to flee famine and disease together and build a new life in America The day before they are to leave, a chance encounter with a fevered neighbor sets tragedy in motion.McCollum brings the reader into the families she creates, makes us care about them, lets us rejoice with them, and finally helps us grieve for them She tells a story of a grand love amidst the losses including the human created tragedies laying out the horror, injustice, and futility without proselytizing The historical details are accurate and fascinating from an immigrant s experiences right off the boat, to a New York City shoe shine stand, onto a riverboat, along the Oregon trail, in the gold fields of California, McCollum weaves a story that builds to a climax that is both heart breaking and hopeful This is a novel with lesbian characters but, despite its historical accuracy regarding social strictures and the secrecy and furtiveness that enforces, Golddigger becomes much than just a lesbian historical romance McCollum tells a story of family, hope, courage, survival and redemption that transcends a narrow genre a universal story whose strong central characters happen to be lesbians Note possible spoiler There is one off note when a peripheral character suddenly turns up gay in the last chapter I m all for building the team, but it feels forced, awkward, and pointless It is the only stumble in an otherwise compelling, cover to cover page turner.

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    I consumed Hilary McCollum s beautiful historical novel, Golddigger, in one sitting It is so exquisite I couldn t leave it be There is such powerful storytelling in Frankie s spellbinding narrative, told over two time period arcs in alternate chapters, one focusing on her life and love in Ireland in the time of the Irish Famine and the other following Frankie s journey from New York in her guise as a shoeshine boy, to California, where she s searching for gold and, well, you ll have to wait and see A lesbian love affair set against the traumatic backdrop of the Irish famine, Catholic and cultural tradition and expectation, and the Californian gold rush It s one to push to the top of your TBR.

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    Fantastic, powerfully written book It s hard for me to find good historical fiction with lesbians as the main character and lesbian romance as a main part of the plot This book delivers in every way The writing is excellent, some passages so clear and succinct, rousing images and feelings to the mind The detail to history makes it feel like a living thing, like we really are in 1860s Ireland and America, seeing the slave trade in the South and journeying in a wagon to California The character, Frances or Frankie Moriarty, is both extraordinary and ordinary at once, a woman who must take on a man s role and appearance to survive alone, but never stops being and identifying as a woman And the love story Damn, the love story Don t expect long drawn out love scene but do expect love, and passion, and joy, and sadness, the kind of love that can t be denied even if it must be kept secret I cried at the end of this book But I want to read it again, another time, just to relive the moments and savor those beautiful words If you like lesbian historical romance, this is definitely the book for you.

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    I am a sucker for historical lesbian fiction and Hilary McCollum did not disappoint I enjoyed both parts of the story, home life in Ireland prior to and during the potato famine and the struggle for a new life in the America I would have liked story line about the trip across America and want became of the family Frank left behind.Overall a very good read that could have been a great read if it was allowed to be longer I will be looking for by this author.

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    This book is a real page turner, it weaves together the Californian gold rush present and the past in a way that makes it hard to put the book down Yet the author manages so well to build sympathy for the main character and bring to life the hardships of the Irish famine, that at points it is almost too painful to continue reading Love and farewells are depicted with great poignancy in a story of courage and hope I am eagerly looking forward to Hilary McCollom s next book.

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