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    All history is just one man trying to take something away from another man, and usually it doesn t really belong to either of them 3 1 2 stars Very nearly 4 but the strong start peters out a little, with the second half of the book losing momentum I got to a point where I was reading just to finish.The Gargoyle s prose bursts onto the pages in a blazing sea of fire The book opens with detailed description of the accident that disfigures the unnamed narrator, with a beautiful, horrific break down of the accident itself, and the subsequent medical procedures he must undergo to recover A former porn star and now beyond recognition, the narrator takes us on a journey into his own past, into his future and recovery, and into medieval Germany.For at least half of the book, I was completely hooked Some parts of the story are slow, and yet the prose is dynamic and exciting enough to carry you through It s extremely gritty, and the protagonist is exactly the kind I like cynical, sarcastic, and with a somewhat nihilistic view of the world His narrative charisma is so very compelling.While recovering in the hospital, the narrator becomes addicted to morphine and even addicted to misery, plotting his own suicide in graphic detail That is until Marianne Engel appears in his room Marianne is undoubtedly strange, and he suspects that she is either suffering from manic depression or schizophrenia Because the things she tells him cannot possibly be true.Among her tales of love stories, she also reveals that they have a past Once upon a time in fourteenth century Germany, they were lovers Ludicrous as this obviously is, the protagonist is drawn into her tales, finding new reason to live from her companionship, whilst also being concerned for her mental health.Both the present day recovery and the historical elements are fascinating The writing is lush and vivid, weaving a modern day tale of tragedy and romance with history and the suggestion of fantasy Unfortunately, the novel begins to slow down when we leave the hospital and the later chapters lacked some of the earlier magic.Despite this, I still have to recommend it For me, it s just a fine example of really great writing and genre crossovers being done well It s a love story that should suit romantics and non romantics alike with plenty of history, gore and social commentary, there s something for almost everyone in here.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Store

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    Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcenter.com I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted here illegally It s easy to take the low road whenever a subpar book with tremendous hype comes out, to comically trash that book not necessarily for its ludicrous elements but rather that a group of corporate executives decided to spend millions on it anyway But what if that author happens to be on your friend list at a popular social network for book nerds, so is guaranteed to eventually see your review And what if he was actually the one to invite you to be friends And what if it was months and months before his own book ever took off And what if he turns out to be a really nice guy, and an active member of the literary community, and goes out of his way to help out other authors and always spread the love What if, say, you re me, and you re about to review Andrew Davidson s The Gargoyle, aka The Little Book That Could, that came out of obscurity earlier this year to become the most heavily hyped new novel of the entire fall season Well, if you re me, you take a deep breath, point your car squarely towards the low road exit ramp, and declare This book was freaking terrible, and every executive at Doubleday responsible for overhyping it should be ashamed of themselves In fact, now that I m finished with it, I m starting to wonder if Andrew Davidson is even a real person at all if we haven t perhaps all been duped by the greatest literary hoax in history, and that the most hyped adult book of 2008 turns out to have been written by a 15 year old girl who s read Twilight one too many times And don t get me wrong, that s not bad if you re a 15 year old girl, and I don t begrudge 15 year old girls in any way at all for being fans of Twilight but when it s a book written by a grown up and meant for other grown ups, marketed as a grown up book within grown up publications, to have it turn out to be a gooey, badly written, chaste supernatural romantic thriller is a freaking crime, or at least should be.I mean, how else to explain so many of the elements found in this book, things that had me instantly rolling my eyes in slacker disgust the moment I came across them, but that I could nonetheless see a whole gaggle of high school girls wetting their panties over Sheesh, where do you even start with this thing Well, how about this, that it s an intense love story where no one has sex in fact, Davidson even drives this point home in about as obvious a manner as possible, by making our hero a victim of a fiery car crash whose d ck has literally been burned off Subtle, Davidson, subtle Or how about all the bizarre yet stereotypical details just arbitrarily thrown willy nilly into these characters backgrounds, without any follow through or realistic observations about such a detail, or any other evidence that the author in any way knows what the hell they re talking about with that detail, and that they just threw it in because it sounded cool I m thinking for example of our burned up hero again, who before his accident had spent his entire life as a sex addicted, drug addicted, childhood abuse victim gigolo and owner of his own pornography production company yet after his crash he doesn t exhibit even the first sign of emotional distance, mental withdrawal or psychological manipulation that almost automatically comes with such a background, instead ready to throw himself feet first into the most sickly sweet pink heart teenage girl romantic relationship one could ever possibly have, with the very first person he sees after coming out of his coma.And speaking of which, that s yet another sign that this book was possibly written secretly by a 15 year old girl because the middle age woman serving as our romantic interest acts exactly like a 15 year old girl the entire time, is clearly meant by the author to be admired for it instead of mocked and scorned, and in fact has a lifestyle that would be the wet dream of any goth wearing, Tori Amos obsessed suburban pubescent slam poet and underground comics artist She s a quirky sculptress who makes a million dollars a year She lives in an abandoned church and hangs out with rock stars She eats instant coffee like candy, and sleeps nude on her stone slabs the night before she carves them She has a special rapport with animals that no one else understands And to top it all off, she believes herself to actually be 700 years old, the burn victim actually her soul sworn lover from nearly a millennium ago, who she s been tracking throughout history while paying supernatural penance for a sin against him in her youth J SUS C RIST, GET THE F CK AWAY FROM ME, YOU STUPID F CKING 15 YEAR OLD GIRL And that of course leads us neatly to the next major problem with this book that much like fellow overhyped trainwreck The Historian, The Gargoyle is sold as a contemporary supernatural story but is neither contemporary nor supernatural, the modern day scenes existing only and solely as a framing device for this wacko love interest to tell these giant, rambling stories about their supposed original passionate romance back in the 1300s, with Davidson going out of his way to show that she might just be mentally ill and making the entire thing up And in fact, exactly like The Historian, large parts of the contemporary side of The Gargoyle can be skipped altogether without missing a single important plot development just start paying attention again whenever you come across the phrase, Should I tell you of my story now And speaking of which, this is yet another reason why I suspect that this novel was secretly written by a 15 year old girl, someone whose entire concept of relationships is strictly limited to bland surface level middle class suburban nuclear marriages because how else to explain the exact bland, middle class suburban existence this couple apparently lives right smack dab in the middle of the f cking Dark Ages They move to the big cityhe struggles to find work, while she makes him comfort meals each nightthey become friends with their elderly Jewish neighborsthey romantically talk about one day buying their own home Cheese And Freaking Rice, Davidson, this is not what couples did in the 1300s couples in the 1300s simply built their houses themselves, rutted around in their own filth after 17 hours a day of backbreaking labor, and desperately tried to squeeze out as many babies as possible before they all died of the g dd mn plague Whew Okay Deep breath, Jason Okay, I think I ve got my entire comical rant out of my system now, which means I can finally get to my most important point that when all is said and done, in reality The Gargoyle is no worse than any other first novel by any other beginning novelist, the kind you can just picture coming out with little fanfare, gathering a modest amount of passionate genre fans, and sparking just exactly enough sales to guarantee that author s next book contract, at which point they will undoubtedly be just a little better of a writer than they were before, then a little better again, then a little better again Ultimately I would ve liked this book a lot if it had arrived under those circumstances, and in fact I could ve just as easily described this book today as a typical yet decent beach read with a few above average elements No, when I go off on books like these when most people go off on books like these what I m really ranting about are the knuckleheads at Doubleday who thought that this middlebrow first novel should ve been insanely hyped in the first place, who thought that tens of millions of dollars should ve been spent on its promotion when there are clearly so many other better books out there that deserve that hype and money It s a naked sign of just how much contempt these publishing executives have for their audience, a very clear indication that they don t think they should publish anything too smart or at least hype it , because it ll obviously go right over the heads of the ignorant cash flush sheep they call their customers.It angers me when I see a publishing company treat me with this kind of naked contempt, and it makes me want to lash out at them It makes me want to write these kinds of devastatingly witty, borderline cruel reviews, just as a way of shouting at these executives, Stop sh tting down my throat and calling it chocolate cake STOP DOING THAT It s unfair to dump on Davidson, I know, merely for writing the exact book that he should be writing at this point in his career but when it s one lone critical voice against tens of millions of marketing dollars and an entire multinational hype machine, sometimes that voice simply needs to be extra loud and extra mean That s just sometimes how it is, and Davidson knew this the moment he signed that 1.5 million dollar Doubleday contract to begin with.Out of 10 6.7

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    Dd 11 03 2017 A one wonderful story, twisted of a plethora of entangled tales I love this book, it leaves an incredibly warm afterfeeling to the reader Get ready to get enamoured with this fantastic tale A tale that invokes such vivid imagery that it s almost painful to read An excruciating fairy tale exploring the gossamer of tears and bliss, of fears and hopes The lore and the subconcious are entangled to create a memorable exploration of a soul s journey through eternity Dd 23 09 2017 This story is memorable enough to linger in my memory for months afterwards Somehow, it is comforting, warming even, though lots of things discussed in there are horrible enough to be chilling I think it is the masterfully presented idea of eternal life, of souls meeting with each other time and again, is what makes this book such a comfort I love it, love it, LOVE IT Dd 13 03 2018 I happen to be a believer in all the key things to this both reincarnation and eternal love That s probably why this became my fav fav Unconventional and unforgettable Of course, I would have loved a happy end I always do , it would have been a balm on my tired nerves Still, the way the author chose to compose this plot was waaay superior to anything else Even if it was so sad, there is still hope for our heroes The next time they will do better The next time they will meet outright The next time they will be happier And again, and again.And even if the next time doesn t work, there always is another story, another life to be happy in DD xx I keep rereading this one non stop Mesmerizing and evocative I love how all the threads of this story weave into a superb novel One which is to be read as a very personal experience, transcending space and time Q The only way I was able to survive that shitty world was to imagine better ones, so I read everything I could get my hands on c Q When the mother became savage eyed and withdrawn, the young girl would come to cry fearfully in my tiny room, anticipating an impending sale Last I heard, her mother had cleaned up, lost addiction, and found God Last I heard, the girl now adult was a pregnant heroin addict c Q My miraculous survival will not change my opinion that Heaven is an idea constructed by man to help him cope with the fact that life on earth is both brutally short and, paradoxically, far too long c Q I can state this with authority nothing compares with deciding to die I had an excellent plan and it made me smile It made me drift lightly on my air flotation bed c Q In those days, you must understand, children were basically thought to be inadequate adults A child s nature was not something that could be developed, because character was set at birth childhood was a period of revelation, not development, so when my language abilities appeared they were thought to have always existed, placed there by God, waiting to be made known c Q I tried to imagine being so thoroughly devoted that I would die for someone else I, who found it difficult enough to imagine living for myself c Q It s a strange but consistent trait of people who consider themselves unattractive They look embarrassed if you suggest that they might be interested in someone because they feel unworthy of receiving attention, they also deny that they would dare to give it c Q If anything, I am an equal opportunity misanthropist c Q No wonder Marianne Engel lived next to a graveyard who but the dead could put up with her c Q I am than my scars c Q And just when you start thinking that you ve accepted who you are, that changes, too Because who you are is not permanent c Q Who would have guessed that the monster of fraud was a democracy c Q Love is as strong as death, as hard as hell c Q I am not a hero in soul and never will be, but I am better than I was Or so I tell myself and for now, that is enough c Q Do you know what the best part of that swim was No Knowing that you were on the shore waiting for me c Q Belief in a better future is an amazing gift c Q The Archangel turned towards us Francesco lowered his head and made the sign of the cross I kept my head up, my eyes focused Unlike Francesco, because I had never longed to see the divine, I was not burdened with the fear of what might happen if I did.Michael smiled.I realized then, for the first time, that I was not hallucinating I was indeed in Hell, and I was indeed in the presence of the Divine It was beyond all doubt I am far too human to imagine anything like that smile It was like a kiss upon all my worst secrets, absolving them straight away c Q I spent my entire life waiting for you, Marianne, and I didn t even know it until you arrived Being burned was the best thing that ever happened to me because it brought you I wanted to die but you filled me with so much love that it overflowed and I couldn t help but love you back It happened before I even knew it and now I can t imagine not loving you You have said that it takes so much for me to believe anything, but I do believe I believe in your love for me I believe in my love for you I believe that every remaining beat of my heart belongs to you, and I believe that when I finally leave this world, my last breath will carry your name I believe that my final word Marianne will be all I need to know that my life was good and full and worthy, and I believe that our love will last forever c Q You are mine, I am yours you may be sure of this You ve been locked inside my heart, the key has been thrown away within it, you must always stay c

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    Posted at Shelf Inflicted I m usually suspicious of over hyped books, but a friend at the library highly recommended it A short way into the story, the narrator s mom dies, his grandmother dies, he gets severely burned in a car accident, and his aunt and uncle die I felt beat over the head with all the suffering and seriously thought about giving up reading by page 50 Then Marianne Engel, a woman with a history of mental illness, shows up in the nameless narrator s hospital room telling a story about her previous life in medieval Germany That was the hook that drew me in.The story jumps back and forth between stories about Marianne s life as a nun and scribe, the narrator s past as a mercenary soldier, and the tragic lives and loves of other people from different places that Marianne has known The contemporary part of the story deals with Marianne s passion for creating gargoyles, the narrator s treatment and recovery from his burns, his drug addiction, former career in pornography, his growing friendship with his psychiatrist and physical therapist, and his love for Marianne The thing that bothers me most is the narrator s seemingly hasty transition from a drug addicted, sex addicted, selfish, friendless porn star to a man who finally develops a soul after he becomes smitten with a mentally ill woman who tells him stories This flaw was relatively easy to overlook, as I too, was swept away by Marianne s stories the religious imagery, literary references and beautiful, tragic tales of love that felt so very real Highly original, magical, heart wrenching, and a real treat

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    Audiobookread by Lincoln Hoppe.and physical book by Andrew Davidson.HOLY KAMOLYThis is an exceptional OUTSTANDING Audiobook.and in combination.I pulled out my physical hardcopy to read which I ve owned for 11 years 11 years this gem was waiting for me.THIS NOVEL WAS HYPNOTICALLY AMAZING I m soooooo blown away I loved it and can t recommend it highly enough physical copy ebook or audiobook..any desired device.it s all good ..But.I m kinda partial to the Audiobook It s soooo easy to LISTEN TO..ALLOWING THE VISUALS in our minds to journey along happily satisfied I might have said this before.but scratch it all..hahaBUT THIS IS DEFINITELY ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I VE READ THIS YEAR I just can t say it enough As an audiobook in itself I d rate it as one of the TOP BEST 5 books I ve ever LISTENED to WHY didn t SOMEBODY tell me to READ THIS BOOK SOONER AS IN DO NOT MISS IT I thought this book was going to be about Architecture Cathedrals building designs I couldn t have been WRONG Mike Smily Face Goodreads friend.sent me a high five when I expressed a desire to read it Then somebody elsethen somebody else.So thank you to all the people all you somebody s.who were jumping up and down saying READ IT I would have hated to miss it A few tidbit thoughts I ll never see or think about burn patients the same ever again I ve never heard women s ha private parts described as I did in this book. My thoughts about the professional sex industry and or sex as a hobby NOT FOR ME.was fascinating..The many stories interlinked together were mesmerizing Marianne Engel s stories were as mysterious as she was.Marianne was a thought provoking character storyteller Sayuri Mizumoto was a treasure Many themes throughoutsubtle but as we listen or read this storythemes are busting at the seams disfigured, recovery, redemption, clemency, human fallibility, mental illness, forgiveness, compassion, assumptions, suicide, death, the past, present, future, and love.This book is brilliant entertaining and masterfully written hard to believe it was a debut.Audiobook lovers RUN AND DOWNLOAD THIS GEM I can t imagine anyone not getting sucked in immediately Note The author, lives in Manitoba, Canada He received his BA in English literature from the University of British Columbia He has worked as a teacher of English in Japan, where he has lived on and off, and as a writer of English lessons for Japanese websites The Gargoyle is not only his first book published 11 years ago.but his only book WHEN THE HECK IS HE COMING OUT WITH ANOTHER

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    I began to get an idea why the publisher paid 1.5 million for this novel the highest ever paid in Canada after the first few pages Andrew Davidson is able to tease stories out paper with his pen like his character, Marianne, is able to tease gargoyles out of stone with a chisel Through the mouth of Marianne and with images straight out of Dante s Inferno, he tells 700 years of stories of Marianne s reincarnations which have included whispering nuns, fiery arrows, callous mercenaries, deadly plagues, lost ships, gregarious Vikings, and being buried alive.It s with a man s cocaine influenced fiery car accident and his subsequent treatments in a burn unit that the novel itself begins However grotesque this situation really is, the author is able to find the perfect words that transform the story into a work of art The car is falling into the pit of Dante s hell and the burn victim s bed is in the belly of a bleached white skeleton So here we have a man who was orphaned at birth, who was brought up by meth addicts who eventually blew up their house, and who later became a model and then a porn star to make ends meet on the street Of course, after sustaining 1st 4th degree burns over most of his body and having a penectomy, there s not much of that career left As the man is lying in his hospital bed thinking of a spectacular way to kill himself involving hanging, jumping from a building, a bullet to the head, an overdose, and a razor blade to the wrist all at once, a psych patient wanders into his hospital room She swears she s known him for 700 years, tells him this is the 3rd time he s been burned, says she knows how he got the scar on his chest, tells him stories of dragons and monks, and leaves him a grotesque not to be confused with a gargoyle that she herself carved for him Then she proceeds to tell him stories about the various lives they ve met in.This is a masterpiece of a book indeed I ve not seen so much symbolism and layers of story in a modern book in a quite a while I found myself lost within the stories within the story and gasping for air at their astonishingly horrible and beautiful endings This is definitely a book worth careful scrutiny and than one read Note While I critique both purchased and free books in the same way, I m legally obligated to tell you I received this book free through the Vine program in return for my review Blah blah blah.

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    I gave this almost 200 pages to win me over since it has been hyped so much and everyone seems to love it, but I had to give up on it and move on I thought that the writing was very good, with some vivid images, especially the early one equating the narrator s burn to the pain caused by touching a hot stove for a full minute I also, surprisingly, enjoyed some of Marianne s tales of love The problem was okay, one of the problems was that I found them to be interesting than her own story The main issue I had was that there was no real conflict to propel the plot along and I didn t think that the characters were strong enough to carry the story themselves Yes, there were some details that intrigued me like the Asian woman whispering to a young Narrator about the origin of his scar, which was completely forgotten in the pages that I was able to get through , and Marianne s assertion that they were lovers did pique my interest a little bit was she for real or just a looney tune But the majority of the plot seemed to be about the Narrator s recovery in the burn unit, his rehabilitation and physical therapy, which, granted, was quite thoroughly researched but a little boring after a while But there were also parts where the author slipped into long, monotonous, detailed description that could have easily been cut A half page listing all of the foods at the Christmas feast Seriously My second major issue was the characters I just felt that they were one dimensional and uninteresting beyond the fact that one is burned and the other thinks they re lovers from 700 years ago They reminded me of the titular gargoyle meticulously crafted but ultimately stony and impenetrable and without much substance below the surface I didn t think that they had any chemistry together, either In fact, I was charmed by the crush Gregor had on Mizumoto than I was by the primary romance.I m sure there were a ton of literary references and layers upon layers of symbolism in here that I didn t get, which may give it depth, but if I can t muster up the energy to plod along or care about the characters enough to watch them recuperate and court each other, what good is it Honestly, if this were to have crossed my desk, I would have passed on it.

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    The Gargoyle moves you to want to be in love and to NEVER want to be in love Love is suffering, love is bliss Davidson has penned a beautiful book full of love, meaning, and intelligence It s not often that a person can learn history,religion and culture in a book about love Oh and he threw in burn procedures, yes BURN procedures in a book about love, somehow it seems fitting Wait, I think I forgot to mention there are language translations too I do realize a lot of people run from anything that can further their knowledge, that s what school texts are for, but his book is so enchanting that you don t even realize how much you re absorbing until you come to the end The end,that awful place I did not want to arrive I longed to stay forever immersed in this story Breathtakingly original, descriptions that lead you into a journey of pain yes my skin crawled when I read about the burns , and how beautifully he tied the stories of love together into a tight knot I will say this book is graphic but it had to be, or it wouldn t be a powerful read that haunts you long after you re done I stayed up for many nights as if possessed, and few books have mesmerized me like The Gargoyle.Read it, re read it,cling to it and spread the word

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    2 Forgive me Father for I am dumb STARS Okay, I know I said I wasn t going to write a review, but God beep it, this book left me confused, defeated feeling like a royal idiot I couldn t wait for Carla to finish because she had some splanin to do Um yeah, that conversation went something like this Yup, neither one of us understood the ending We went from riding the short bus, to pushing it There are two main plot points that didn t add up it s driving me crazy Please do not peek inside if you plan to read the book view spoiler 1 Can someone please explain the purpose of the gargoyles statues Per the three kings, the penance for her sins was the following You shall be returned to the world, and your chest shall be filled anew with thousands of hearts You must give each away, until all are gone but one Cool, I understand the rules but that s not what happened.A Marianne sold the Gargoyles, she did not give them away.B When she went for a swim there were numerous unclaimed gargoyles grotesques 2 Did he believe Marianne Engel was his long lost love or that she was schizophrenic He who shall apparently remain nameless thought the following 97% It never takes me long to start lying again, trying to convince myself that Marianne Engel s imaginary past was legitimate simply because she believed it so deeply Everyone s past, I try to rationalize , is nothing than the collection of memories they choose to remember But in my heart, I know this is just a defense mechanism that I manufacture simply so I can go on living with myselfThank the Lort, he and I are in agreement, Marianne Engel s indeed coo coo for coocoa puffs DUN DUN DUUUUN Not so fast, Bucko A few pages later Mc Nameless thinks the following 99% This will mark the third time that an arrow has entered my chest The first time brought me to Marianne Engle The second time separated us The third will reunite us Pleasssssse, someone set my dumb ass straight I need answers I d like some closure hide spoiler

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    This Book is Beautiful Beyond Words 5 Beautiful Grotesque stars Our Nameless HeroOur hero is wounded and almost dead He survives a horrible accident and struggles to survive My flesh began to singe as if I were a scrap of meat newly thrown onto the barbecue, and then i could hear the bubbling of my skin as the flames kissed it My skin will never work like that again, so aware of the other person that I m unsure where she ends and I begin Never again Never again will my skin be a thing that can so perfectly communicate in losing my skin to the fire, I also lost the opportunity to make it disappear with another person As our hero is recovering from his horrible accident, he meets Marianne Engel She is eccentric, and beautiful She tells a tale of lovers past A tale of their past and how they have lived and loved many times before.Marianne EngelMarianne has lived multiple lives and has fallen in love with her destined mate each time Yet she remembers each life they have had together She attempts to convince our hero that their love is timeless and that she is on a spiritual mission that must be completed I envy all suffering, because suffering is necessary to become spiritually beautiful This is by far one of the most beautiful love stories I have read It is a love that transcends time I spent my entire life waiting for you, Marianne, and I didn t even know it until you arrived Being burned was the best thing that ever happened to me because it brought you I wanted to die but you filled me with so much love that it overflowed and I couldn t help but love you back It happened before I even knew it and now I can t imagine not loving you You have said that it takes so much for me to believe anything, but I do believe I believe in your love for me I believe in my love for you I believe that every remaining beat of my heart belongs to you, and I believe that when I finally leave this world, my last breath will carry your name I believe that my final word Marianne will be all I need to know that my life was good and full and worthy, and I believe that our love will last forever The story of the Gargoyle, or Grotesque, which is how Marianne refers to them as, is just puzzling But if you suspend all doubt and just take what she says as gospel, you will find a spiritually beautiful, epic, tragic, story.This is a tear jerker, but most epic love stories are This is one of my favorite quotes from the book, near the end With every fragment of rock that fall from me, I can hear the voice of Marianne Engle I love you Aishiteru Ego amo te Ti amo Eg elska pig Ich liebe dich It is moving across time, coming to me in every language of the world, and it sounds like pure love I look forward to re reading this amazing book It was so realistic that I started researching the book to find out if it was an autobiography, but it s not It is just so well written, and so real, that you feel as if you reading a true story I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an amazing love story that spans time and involves many cultures.

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The Gargoyle download The Gargoyle, read online The Gargoyle, kindle ebook The Gargoyle, The Gargoyle 96eb3477e9be An Extraordinary Debut Novel Of Love That Survives The Fires Of Hell And Transcends The Boundaries Of TimeThe Narrator Of The Gargoyle Is A Very Contemporary Cynic, Physically Beautiful And Sexually Adept, Who Dwells In The Moral Vacuum That Is Modern Life As The Book Opens, He Is Driving Along A Dark Road When He Is Distracted By What Seems To Be A Flight Of Arrows He Crashes Into A Ravine And Suffers Horrible Burns Over Much Of His Body As He Recovers In A Burn Ward, Undergoing The Tortures Of The Damned, He Awaits The Day When He Can Leave The Hospital And Commit Carefully Planned Suicide For He Is Now A Monster In Appearance As Well As In Soul A Beautiful And Compelling, But Clearly Unhinged, Sculptress Of Gargoyles By The Name Of Marianne Engel Appears At The Foot Of His Bed And Insists That They Were Once Lovers In Medieval Germany In Her Telling, He Was A Badly Injured Mercenary And She Was A Nun And Scribe In The Famed Monastery Of Engelthal Who Nursed Him Back To Health As She Spins Their Tale In Scheherazade Fashion And Relates Equally Mesmerizing Stories Of Deathless Love In Japan, Iceland, Italy, And England, He Finds Himself Drawn Back To Life And, Finally, In Love He Is Released Into Marianne S Care And Takes Up Residence In Her Huge Stone House But All Is Not Well For One Thing, The Pull Of His Past Sins Becomes Ever Powerful As The Morphine He Is Prescribed Becomes Ever Addictive For Another, Marianne Receives Word From God That She Has Only Twenty Seven Sculptures Left To Complete And Her Time On Earth Will Be Finished Already An International Literary Sensation, The Gargoyle Is An Inferno For Our Time It Will Have You Believing In The Impossible