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    Reviewed by Rabid Reads.It s a good thing that Shannon Mayer s books are calorie free because I d be breaking out my fat pants right about now after reading thirteen of her titles in eight months Her writing style is irresistible for adrenaline addicts like me, and this series is even so than her RYLEE ADAMSON novels on account of the nominal romantic thread The only thing that ran hotter in FIRESTORM than the lava and Salamanders was the treachery.This installment had a full house worth of plot lines with a queen out for blood after the deaths of her Enders, murdering firewyrms running rampant and cloaked figures with secret agendas Every turn Lark took in the Pit was rife with danger, and her lack of a verbal filter certainly didn t help the situation any either Discovering who the real villain was proved to be as galling as navigating the mountain s treacherous labyrinth of tunnels.Larkspur s evolution has been slow going, but I think that s intentional on the author s part The ELEMENTAL world is a hazardous place with four powerful families competing for dominance which makes choosing who to trust the largest challenge of all However, there was some forward mouvement where Lark s magic was concerned that left me hungry for the next book, but also a little scared of what kind of impact it might have on the heroine s psyche.Mayer lured me with her action, hooked me with her protagonist, and reeled me in with her secondary characters Ash spent most of this story locked in a cell, so that freed up space for Cactus to strut I really don t know which out of the two I prefer as a match for the lead I m just praying that no angst will be involved Peta, Lark s familiar, was easily my favourite ally Her dialogue was entertaining, and I loved their relationship s progression.FIRESTORM brought the heat to the ELEMENTAL series

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    I am suspecting a love triangle is coming..

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    Larkspur and Ash are brought to the Pit to face the consequences of killing the Endersonce again, all is not what it seems thus embarking Larkspur on another grand adventure to untangle the elemental mysteriesFirewyrms, hidden cloaked figures, and Salamanders are just a few of the obstacles that stand in her way to uncovering the truthLarkspur must trust in her new familiar, Peta, old friends, Cactus and Ash, as well as her family if she is to make it out of the Pit alive action packed and intriguing twists and turns propel this story forward answering questions and revealing new onesan exciting addition to this series4 stars

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    As with the other books in the Elemental series, FIRESTORM is packed with action, danger and our favorite Elemental Larkspur.There is no time lost between the end of book 2 and the start of book 3 Lark and Ash is taken into custody and brought to the pit for judgement Things are defiantly not easy going, but Lark kicks ass and saves the day as usual I was pleasantly surprised by the twists and turns that Mayer threw at us and I really enjoyed the continuous danger Although there was no downtime for Lark she still made new allies and stayed true to herself I really enjoyed the secondary characters in FIRESTORM We met Peta in BREAKWATER, but we get to know her even in book 3 I LOVE her, she is awesome and I can t wait to see her again in the next book I don t want to reveal any of the other characters I enjoyed as I think it might spoil a few parts of the book if I do, but one person in particular and their family quickly grew.I was really glad that FIRESTORM didn t end on a cliffhanger, but I still wanted to read when it was over WINDBURN can t come soon enough in my opinion and Shannon thankfully writes fast so maybe I won t have to wait too long. This book was provided free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    Still no romance.It had a good story and I liked it It kept me reading and it had a lot of creative world building.Unfortunately the construction showed itself to be a bit repetitiveafter the water world we are now in the fire pit And Lark is supposed to do her quest there as well.The next will be something with wind.Don t get me wrong, not a bad book It was enjoyable enough, though I kind of missed the romance, that normally comes with the deal.It just lacks that certain something that makes books in this genre outstanding.A bit run of the mill, that one.

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    Swept me away This series does things to my heart that only the most amazing series can do Firestorm was no different, and if it s possible for this series to get better, this is the best one yet I laughed, stressed, held my breath, and well up with tears Larkspur s journey takes her and Ash into the Pit this time to be tried for the deaths of the Enders she killed during her quest to find the cure for the lung burrowers raging through The Rim Queen Fiametta demands their lives in exchange for her Enders , and it seems like a hopeless situation until the mystery surrounded the Pit begins to unfold More is transpiring in the Pit than just revenge for the supposed deaths no one can prove Someone is altering the lava to hurt the Salamanders, the spell for sleep is lingering longer, and the Firewyrms are being hunted and killed Lark s sole purpose is to free Ash from the dungeons before he is scheduled for execution, but she s quickly enveloped in a fight for survival that will push her further and harder than she s ever been pushed Mother Goddess will call on her yet again, but not without a price One of my favorite characters who made small appearances in Breakwater is Peta She s a familiar with bad luck attached to her name She plays so prominently in this series that she is now truly one of my favorites From housecat to snow leopard, she not only changes forms but finds a change in heart towards the Terralings she s so inclined to despise She and Larkspur are so well matched, and watching their relationship evolve was truly wonderful.If you ve read Recurve and Breakwater, you absolutely can t put off reading Firestorm

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    ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.Where to startwe pick up right where Breakwater ended and the action is not far behind We start to see another side of Lark s father and after wanting to punch him in the face in earlier books, I m starting to feel a bit sorry for him.Lark and Ash find themselves in the Fire elementals domain once again to answer for the deaths of the Ender s they got into it with during Recurve in an effort to save their family Right away they are taken to the fire queen and things go down hill from there.Ash makes the ultimate sacrifice for Lark but Lark being Lark isn t having any of that She has just three days to clear their names and convince the queen to let Ash go but she s met with resistance at every turn Their goddess is not help as she assures Lark she s put into this position for a reason One of her creatures are being wrongfully harmed and she wants Lark to stop it.I was also glad to see our favorite familiar Peta back as the reluctant charge to Lark.Firestorm is action packed from beginning to end and I was hooked from the first sentence until 4.5 hours later I reached THE END The next book is sure to be as outstanding as the rest There were moments of laughter and others of anger over the injustice that Lark must face in this test of strength and will.I was glad to see the relationship that was starting to grow between Lark and Bella continue to blossom We are thrown a curveball but I ll let you find that one out yourself although I must say I wasn t shocked when the culprit was revealed I had a suspect of who it could have been and I was thrilled to find out I was right, although I m not sure how Lark hadn t figured it out until afterwards.With gems like this Ms Mayer continues to be a pre order, can t wait to get my hands on author for me Bravo and I can t wait to get my hands on the next one.

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    To read reviews in this series and others, check out keikii eats books 62 points 100 3 stars 5 Revised from 4 stars Larkspur and Ash have been accused of murder by the Pit, the fire elemental homeland While Ash is willing to be executed and take all the blame, Lark just isn t willing to let that happen She has three days to prove their innocence, but elementals and others are trying to kill her before she gets the chance.A new book, a new change of scenery This time we re going to the fire elemental home, and there are even danger than before Especially themselves.See, basically this book is about their past actions catching up with them Sure, they acted based on an emergency in Recurve Sure, they didn t actually do what they re claiming they did Sure, the Queen is yet another crazy person who somehow is allowed to reign over an entire people Yet it doesn t excuse the fact they both absolutely just didn t think through their actions They never do It keeps getting them into trouble.Lark is actually a lot different in Firestorm than she was in Recurve In book one, she was kind of meek She was beaten down by years of abuse, but she was growing into a strong character bit by bit Now, in book three, we have a fully formed badass on our hands Who thinks she can do no wrong and is always right and because she is right she has the right to do whatever the hell she wants To be honest, Larkspur is kinda bitchy.We also have a new character Well, not new, she was introduced in the last book Yet Peta, the bad luck cat, is here to stay She is going to be Larkspur s familiar, and it is amazing that it took until book three to get this character who is going to be so integral to the plot of the series Peta has had a really, really rough go at being a familiar She is beaten down by all that life has had to offer her, just like Lark did at the start of the series Yet this bad luck cat s luck is about to change, because she has found her forever home.There is a lot new added to this book on the fly, though Lark is displaying a lot of powers she really shouldn t have according to Peta She is basically able to do whatever she sets her mind to There is also a new enemy that shows up The enemy is the mysterious Blackwing, and he is another spirit walker just like Lark In other, not so new news, the Mother Goddess is still a fickle bitch and I hate her.The romance is kind of falling apart on me In Recurve and Breakwater, it was a bit wishy washy, could be, could not be In Firestorm it is real clear that something is there It can t get much clear than the guy literally trying to sacrifice himself to save the girl, afterall Which is stupid, but that is neither here nor there Then there is the fact that this has turned into a love triangle Why has it done that Why would you do that to me Mayer I feel like I m repeating myself, but really nothing is as it seems Everything changes at the drop of a hat Every time something changes, it feels like it is on a whim There really doesn t seem to be any reason why anything changes the way it does I m just along for the journey, not the adventure apparently.

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    4.5 StarsFast paced, edge of your seat reading.What I liked Firestorm picks up right where Breakwater left off, thank goodness Ms Mayer puts her heroines and their cohorts into some pretty tense and action packed situations There is barely time for a breath before you re wondering what s coming next.I was pleasantly surprised to see a character from Breakwater make a starring role in Firestorm It added greatly to the story and Lark s character After reading Ms Mayer s Rylee Adamson series, I m ready for almost anything to happen in her books She doesn t disappoint in action or plot I sincerely enjoy that I don t see what s coming next I am wondering thoughthe first book, Recurve dealt with Earth magic, Breakwater as you can guess dealt with water magic and Firestorm with fire magic What in the world does Ms Mayer have in store for the air magic I feel coming up or is she just going to change everything up As I said, Firestorm is action packed and there is suspense as Lark tries to find a way to save Ash s life without consequences to her and the characters around her There are traitors to deal with and mysteries to solve but Lark is than able to hold her own Even though Firestorm had an ending, there are still a group of questions looming for her and the good and bad guys around her.I also enjoyed the development of Lark s character She is very slowly learning who she can trust And there is a major development in the use of her magic Don t miss it What I didn t like I m still having a hard time with Lark s relationship with her father One minute I think I understand what s going on and then the next I m totally confused but maybe that s what the author intends You can t get comfortable with a character so the tension drags on and not in a bad way.If you like action packed urban fantasy and puzzles needing solved, you re going to love Firestorm.Highly Recommend but as usual with a series, please read the first two books before trying this one

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    Rating This series is a quick, fun read I like that each book, so far, has focused attention on a different type of Elemental But, I really don t want there to be view spoiler a love triangle between Ash Lark Cactus hide spoiler

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Firestorm summary pdf Firestorm, summary chapter 2 Firestorm, sparknotes Firestorm, Firestorm b5c6673 My Name Is Larkspur, And I Am An ElementalMy People Use The Power Of The Earth To Sustain Life And Defy Our Enemies I Should Be At My Father S Side As A Royal Princess But As A Half Breed, Bastard Child, That Isn T Going To Happen In A World Of Lava And Fire, I Am About To Face My Hardest Trial Yet Not One Of Strength, Or Power, But Intrigue And Manipulation However, My Tolerance Level For Anyone Outside Of My Family Is At An All Time Low, And The Queen Who Rules The Pit Expects Complete ObedienceAs Ash S Life Is Held In The Balance, I Have Just Three Days To Prove His Innocence And Mine This Place Holds Than A Scorching Heat New Foes, Traitors, And Creatures From The Depths Of The Lava Are All Trying To Keep Us From SurvivingThe Only Question Left Can I Get Us All Out Without Being Burned Alive Welcome To The Pit

  • Kindle Edition
  • 266 pages
  • Firestorm
  • Shannon Mayer
  • English
  • 19 August 2019

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