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Thugs And The Women Who Love Them (Thugs) files Thugs And The Women Who Love Them (Thugs), read online Thugs And The Women Who Love Them (Thugs), free Thugs And The Women Who Love Them (Thugs), free Thugs And The Women Who Love Them (Thugs), Thugs And The Women Who Love Them (Thugs) a39a1908e Essence Bestselling Author Wahida Clark Is All Too Familiar With The Terrifying Truths Of Ghetto Life The First Novel In Her Gritty, Gripping Series Takes You On Into A World Where A Wrong Choice Could Be The Last Choice A Person Ever Makes In A Hood Boiling Over With Sex, Brutality, And Crime, Three Friends Are At A Turning Point They Can Surrender To The Streets And The Murderous Men Who Rule There Or Walk A Totally Different Path But Nothing Is Simple For Women Addicted To Life On The Edge And Everything Has Consequences Angel, Jaz, And Kyra Are All Leading Double Lives, Torn Between Working Hard To Leave The Ghetto Behind And Being Dragged Back In By The Lying, Pimping, Drug Dealing Men They Can T Seem To Let Go From Jealous Rampages To Bloody Turf Wars To Rage Fueled Vendettas, A Tangled Web Of Sex And Violence Binds These Women To The Very Place That Could Destroy ThemGet Ready To Enter A Heart Pounding World Of Danger And Eroticism Mixed With A Glimmer Of Hope

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    Loved well defined and developed characters,good storytelling about urban life and tales..recommend paperback

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    The title of the book I am reading is called Thugs And The Women Who Love Them.By Wahida Clark This book is fiction it have a lot to do with the real world it relate to everyday life The central idea of this book is a hustler who works on street and who has a young girl on the side who he loves but turns her into the streets and drugs One of the lines they use in the book the girls say they are not going to let the ghetto turn them out as in make them change the way they game and turn into girls with no class Important character are Angel,Kyra,Jaz,and Marvin Kayra and Marvin its about life how they did wrong in the being and as it got to the end they got there life together there The book is very interesting because everything you read you can picture because it seem like it happen in everyday life when you live the street Life The book was very descriptive because you can picture everything in your mind I m still wondering why did Marvin talk to Kayra when she was only 14years old and he was a grown man I agree with a lot of thing the author says in the book because your not suppose to let anyone or anything get you down This book didn t affect me in anyway Kyra an aspiring psychologist is also going to school to get herself out the ghetto But she s continually pulled back into the life by the two drug dealing men she loves, Ty and Marvin I think young boy who think they live the street life will enjoy it and young ladies who talk to guys that are into the street I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoy reading about the hood.I have read the little Ghetto Girl and its similar to the book If you like book about people life and the street you would like this boo because that s wat its basically about This book is great I did enjoy reading it and I made a lot of connection to the world I can also make a text to text because I have read true to the game and it something like this.

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    Once again I write this review with the caveat that I am not the target population for this type of novel I read this for a class On one hand I am glad I read this These books are somewhat popular at my library, but I ve worked in other libraries where urban fiction is highly popular and I needed to be well versed in urban authors And I guess I can understand the appeal the brand name clothing, fragrance, going to the clubs, driving the fancy cars, dating New Jersey Nets stars and living life on the edge Appealing, right But the reality of the drugs and violence make this incredibly hard to read The violence against women and domestic abuse is horrific Just because a girlfriend fights back, it doesn t make domestic violence acceptable At all Content aside, the characterization in this book is non existent Both the female and male characters are completely interchangeable No development distinguishes anyone from anyone else There is a lot of sex in this book, which save for the violent encounter in the first story is detailed but also generally loving and generous.

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    I ve been putting on hold reading any of Wahida Clark books due that I never knew what book was first second or third but, after doing a little research I found out So I read this one I have to give it 4 stars This book was good ok but, could of had I guess I have to read the others to get details of all the characters Angel she is a woman that is going to school but, is in a crazy relationship with a pimp that she turely love Kyra couldn t figure out who she want to be with between two different men When she finally picked she becamed hooked on drugs with her man Marvin who ends up shoot by her ex boyfriend that she left to be with Marvin Jaz is another women that is going to school trying to do good with herself She dealing with cooking up drugs on the side to make extra money she talks her man Kaheem out of selling drugs to be with her She ends up locked up for getting caught cooking up drugs with a school friend All the characters has something to talk about and they all have a crazy life they living behind doors Good book overall.

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    It should have been titled girls who love anybodySome interesting characters and it might have been a good book had it been a little detailed I guess she wrote it fast or had some difficulties because the back cover and story have the characters mixed up It s 4 friends you only hear from 3 what s up with that A whole lot of dysfuction for all of these girls One is dating a pimp YUCK A drug dealer who turns her out, and a hustler who turns legit It tells each individual story but as you read it isn t clear because their endings aren t revealed so you re like what in the hell is going on Maybe in part 2 she ll tell you what happened but then wouldn t that lead to a part 3 I think that this book with time, and better editors could be a good read, the last half does get kind of interesting.

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    ok if this book didn t have drama, i don t know what drama is, this book was the bomb I would love a thug but only in my dreams big ups to ms clark all of the books i have read by her are very good.

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    Excellent read I am excited to find out what happens next in the lives of Kyra, Angel, Jazmine Roz Very motivated ladies getting ahead in life while yet trying to be in a relationship with their thug boyfriends A lot was going on in this novel The storyline is fast moving keps you guessing what will happen next and anticipating who s going to be taken out next I am really enjoying this series and will definitely finish this series The author really had to have a drive to start this series while incarcerated I must say this is not my normal genre but since the author will be at an event I plan to attend later on this year I was curious as to what she was about Though the choice of men the ladies choose, this story is really true to street life and hustling and probably happens than we care to admit and the ladies are trying to do better for themselves, my question is how will they break free from the thug life if they love a bad boy too much to walk away I felt like the author told it like it is so I say hats off to you Wahida Clark keep up the great work I am anticipating much in the future books in this series and I am anticipating better for each of the ladies as their stories unfold

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    The book i just finished reading is Thugs and the women that love them by Wahida Clark THe main idea of this book in talking about trying to make a better a better life for yourself and the obstacles you run into along the way This book is a must read and will have your attention from the 1st page to the last This is a fiction book but it portrays real life situations that many people can relate too The story takes place in the inner city or the ghetto The main characters are 4 bestfrriend an the men they are involved with There are a few other characters mentioned in the book in the are not main characters but play an important role at one time or another in the story The author use alot of vivid details and when creates an image in your mind while reading She makes you feel like you know the characters or that you are there while its happening.

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    This book falls shortit does not end and leaves reader thoroughly dissatisfied at least that s how I felt I find it mind boggling that Clark would publish such a half assed work The storyline for each character was fascinating and the novel could have been even better had Clark taken the time to actually write and not just present a flurry of unexplored ideas and situations on paper I m very disappointed and grateful I did not purchase this book I suppose there is to this line of books but I won t be reading them Clark will have to find another sucker.

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    Not at all what I normally read, but it was entertaining It s not very well written, but the character development is great and I ended the book wanting to know about what will happen to these characters.

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