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Scrum For Dummies files Scrum For Dummies , read online Scrum For Dummies , free Scrum For Dummies , free Scrum For Dummies , Scrum For Dummies 4610c428e Practice An Agile Form Of Management To Stop Wasting Time And Money Scrum For Dummies Is An Easy To Use Guide To Managing The Tricky Transition From A Traditional Project Management Methodology To The New And Most Popular Agile Framework As The Most Efficient, Successful Methodology For Team Project Management, Scrum Relies On Transparency, Flexibility, And Fluidity To Deliver A Final Product That Fulfills The Needs Of All Stakeholders Written In Easy To Read Dummies Style, This Book Walks You Through The Core Principles Of Scrum And Provides A Roadmap For Tangible Implementation The Vast Majority Of Projects Go Over Budget, And Billions Of Dollars Are Wasted Every Year On Overruns Put A Stop To This Wasteful Leakage By Switching To A Management Style That Keeps All Participants Informed, Up To Date, And Accountable Authored By A Certified Scrum Trainer, Mark Layton, Scrum For Dummies Covers The Key Ideas And Processes Behind Scrum Methodologies, And Presents The Inner Workings Of The Plan In An Engaging And Accessible Format Topics Include The Scrum Values, Roles, Artifacts, And Activities That Make Up The Principle Of This Methodology When And How Best To Use Scrum The Differences Between Scrum And Other Agile Methodologies Using Scrum For IT, Finance, Construction, Health Care, And The Book Also Delves Into The Everyday Use Of Scrum, And How It Can Help You Achieve Your Own Personal Goals Outside Of Work There S A Reason Why Scrum Is Quickly Becoming The Standard Approach To Project Management It Works If You Want To Stop Wasting Time And Start Producing Effectively, Scrum For Dummies Is The Guide That Will Get You There

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    Does provide background context and quotes from the Agile Manifesto , but in a way that makes the methodology seem ridiculous to me Further it aims to take the methodology out of its intended context software development, starting after securing an established, tested design This effort highlights for me the absurdity of the methodology _as written_ Agile allows for no project manager as the team members pick up those tasks , but the Product Owner takes on the role of deciding what is built, when, in what order Nice in theory, but it does not work well in most companies, and these authors advocate taking this methodology beyond its intended use.A fundamental tenet of Agile is that changes are welcome at any time in the development Imagine applying this to construction, or baking It s equally absurd in software some change is fine at specific points, but is it reasonable to change the footprint of a building after the foundation is dug, or change the ingredients of a cake after it s been mixed The Agile answer to changes is to involve the Product Owner at every step of the process This is akin to having to meet with the construction crew daily to listen to their plans, tell them if the area they are working on is a priority from the client s view, talk to the baker about which products will be prepared, mixed, baked, at what point, etc A good IT company has only a 30% turnover rate, even with Agile In fact, chunking work into short modules is ideal, but not always efficient for the tasks to be accomplished Further, this approach is akin to splitting up the writing of a textbook by sections within chapters Extra work is incurred in tying the sections together, ensuring that the terms are provided and defined, only once, at the appropriate points, etc It can work, but it takes active coordination Which Scrum accomplishes via _daily_ stand up meetings This book illustrates well why this methodology is highly tailored from the ideal when it is implemented at various companies For me it did not add value Statements such as, The scrum master s most important trait is clout are warnings than help One cannot learn or practice clout it may come from a combination of authority, confidence, respect, and hiring firing power, but if that s the requirement for success, isn t this methodology already a failure I would recommend leaving this behind, and reading instead free online The Scrum Guide by Schwaber and Sutherland, two of the original authors of the Agile Manifesto also free online

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    Who would have thought that you can use Scrum even for finding a life partner X Very easy language and great examples to understand the framework and artifacts

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    J ai senti beaucoup de r p titions mon sens, seuls les premiers paragraphes taient int ressant.

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    Seemed like a good introduction to this approach to project management I m looking to apply Scrum to project based learning.

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    Good ideas for any fieldExcellent information on Scrum and also valuabletips and ideas to apply this framework to any professional or personal field in life.

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    Step by step guide to scrum, for use in multiple applications Could use real world examples.

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    A good introduction to the concepts and history of Scrum The book goes off the rails though, when the author attempts to apply Scrum to personal life, such as dating.

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