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Nutrient Timing: The Future of Sports Nutrition chapter 1 Nutrient Timing: The Future of Sports Nutrition, meaning Nutrient Timing: The Future of Sports Nutrition, genre Nutrient Timing: The Future of Sports Nutrition, book cover Nutrient Timing: The Future of Sports Nutrition, flies Nutrient Timing: The Future of Sports Nutrition, Nutrient Timing: The Future of Sports Nutrition f9689bbfa561a Using Cutting Edge Research Studies From Leading Sports Science Laboratories, Nutrient Timing Shatters Myths And Misconceptions About How To Provide Optimum Nutrition To Working Muscles It Shows That When The Right Combination Of Nutrients Is Delivered At The Right Time, One Can Activate His Her Body S Muscle Machinery To Increase Muscle Strength, Improve Endurance And Increase Lean Muscle Mass

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    This is an excellent book in explaining 1 how muscles and muscle related structures are fueled by the body, and where that fuel comes from within and without the body in order to produce energy, 2 what happens when you exercise and how energy components in your muscles are depleted, how the body reallocates resources to keep up with the stress on the muscles, 3 the impact of these stresses and energy depletion on the body, and 4 how the deleterious catabolic effects of hard muscle activity caused by cortisol and other compounds released by the muscles during exercise can be significantly mitigated to promote the anabolic effects needed for muscle recovery and growth They explain very well how and why insulin is suppressed by exercise, and that post workout uptake in insulin will counteract cortisol, hence the need for certain amounts of protein and glucose in the body to stimulate insulin and suppress cortisol within 45 minutes of ceasing exercise That s when your muscles are starving and most receptive to taking in post workout nutrition One topic they don t really go into is the importance of refueling with appropriate nutritional supplements protein, L glutamine, BCAA s during a workout Where the book is weak, however, is the absence of what I consider practical advice on basically how to put the brakes on post workout cortisol and catabasis by nutritional intake that I could immediately adopt I tried various recipes and mixtures of my usual post workout whey protein supplement and turbinado over a number of weeks using the concepts the authors discussed, but there was nothing controlled about these experiments, so I can t say if what I was doing was good, bad or indifferent, which was frustrating So I ve just gone back to my usual during and after workout cocktail of commercial ingredients whey protein, creatine, glucosamine and BCAA s Addendum 020816 Since writing this review I have discovered the brakes or at least what I think works for me to post workout cortisol and catabasis coconut water, consumed immediately upon leaving the gym I ve tried several brands, but I ve become hooked on Coco Libre, which you can buy in 12 packs on or at most Costco locations A carton has 13g of sugar sugar from the coconut, there is no added sucrose or high fructose corn syrup which spikes my insulin enough, I feel, to offset to some degree the effects of cortisol It is by no means an exact science, at least as far as I can tell A heavy legs workout with squats included will probably generate cortisol than, say, one focusing solely on arms.

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    Pretty informative While a lot of the information presented in this book has been disputed As has everything in the fitness field , the authors present a very valid argument, backed by scientific studys, that present a pretty clear case on why the time you take in certain macro nutrients, and even micro nutrients, can be vital if youre looking for performance based results.

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    This book provided very good information that caused me to rethink my whole cycling workout dynamics Great information regarding the timing of pre workout, workout,and post workout supplementation.

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    Nutritional timing is key read it

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    This is a practical book that indicates the importance of nutrient timing on the optimization of muscle and strength gain What I found most compelling was that this applies for both strength and endurance athletes However, this is common sense They do develop this for the strength athlete in mind with particular amino acids lending towards the promotion of protein synthesis and enhanced carbohydrate loading I am not sure to where whether a strength athlete would benefit from taking these supplements than not It is a trade off you will have to take for yourself as the gains for the protein and carbohydrate supplements have been firmly evidenced over normal healthy whole foods nutrition It is an effort to establish this regime with a full working day job But I can imagine that a few months down the line, it will be than worth it And this book is well written and persuasive in its tone I commend this book for those both interested in becoming stronger athletes or for those interested in understanding their physique.

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    Excellent source of information for those of you who are interested in the science of food and how our bodies use it Pair this book with any exercise physiology class and nutrition class you will be very well informed This book has aided my pursuit and love of health, physical activity and well being I read this book well before I decided to become a Health and Fitness Teacher Surprisingly I still remember a lot of the information I learned in this book which is than I can say about SOME of my higher level classes in college Awesome read I recommend it to any aspiring professional in the exercise world.

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    This book discusses the timing of consuming specific nutrients in conjunction with your workouts for optimal recovery and improved body composition An area I completely overlooked before reading this book, the timing of your nutrients could be beneficial and there are studies that provide evidence to the Authours claims Dr John Ivy, who has extensive research on exercise and nutrition, provides supplemental advice throughout the book I would recommend this book to athletes, weight trainers and or fitness enthusiasts who use supplements and are interested in improving recovery time.

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    Technical book on nutrients and the proper time to feed yourself before, during, and after a workout Very technical writing I m reading it in conjunction with a couple other diet books The Abs Diet, Ultimate Nutrition Handbook , by David Zinczenko, and Stop your cravings , by Jennifer Workman All together I m using them as reference material to build my food strategy now if only I stick to the plan lol.

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    I really like the information in this book when I started reading it The concepts of when and what to eat before, during, and after exercise were very good Unfortunately, the concepts got slightly repetitive throughout the book and I think it could have been condensed into a smaller book or even web or magazine article.

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    Just a solid supplement to any strength training program for endurance or muscle building No Bro Science No sales pitches for products Just how to get the right nutrients into your body to maximize your workout.

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