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The Same Deep Water quotes The Same Deep Water , litcharts The Same Deep Water , symbolism The Same Deep Water , summary shmoop The Same Deep Water , The Same Deep Water c0561561 Once, I Wanted To Die That Was The Night I Met GuyThe Strange Man With Flowers Stepped From The Shadows And Saved My LifeGuy Dimpled Smile Body Of A Surf God Smart And Funny Running Out Of TimeWe Became Travelling Companions Through Life, Ticking Off Items On Our Bucket Lists I D Hidden From Happiness For Years And Kept My Life Under Strict Control Guy Showed Me How To Step Into The World And Experience , He Brought Light Into The Shadows And Helped Me Through The DarknessI Became Phe Again I LivedThere S Just One ProblemWe Fell In Love And This Wasn T Part Of Our PlansI Thought We Could Face The Future Together, But Guy Has A Secret Which Changes EverythingThe Same Deep Water Is A Standalone New Adult Romance Set In Western Australia

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    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Do I make you feel like living Omnia Causa Fiunt Everything happens for a reason That simple phrase encompasses and means so much There will be moments in our life where we will question the loss, the hurt, the heartache, the pain, the what if moments, and so many others Friends may come and go New strangers may appear in your life and change you Fate could be leading you to a different direction and open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities So in a sense, everything happens for a reason, even when we are not able to make sense of it And in Lisa Swallow s newest release, The Same Deep Water, she reminds us all that we don t meet people by accident They are meant to cross our path for a reason Do you know what s special about kissing in the rain Loving somebody is easy when the sun is shining, but when you re caught up in the storm, you discover who s prepared to stand with you Thought provoking That is the one word that immediately comes to mind when I read The Same Deep Water This book took my heart immediately and left a mark It was one of those touching reads that really affected me It left me feeling so raw, exposed and vulnerable Right off the opening pages, I knew I was going to experience a whirlwind of emotions since this book really left a strong impression on fate Honestly, this book took you to a whole new level where it transcends your heart, soul, and mind about life Swimming the same deep water as Guy was hard, but struggling in the depths with him is better than losing myself amongst those who never find their way out of the shallows This book is not your typical romance story It is a story that is centered on two broken people who both have secrets, a painful and saddening past, and who are struggling with living In a sense both characters are drowning but together they find salvation,healing and acceptance Together, they learn how to face their fears together and separately I honestly don t want to spoil the story since this book is about experiencing the pain, the hurt, the disappointment, the happiness, the ups and downs, and the everything in between So if you are looking for a book, where you are reminded that you were given THIS LIFE because you re strong enough to live it then I highly recommend you to read this book because this book is just a reminder that s it okay to ask for help Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages Swallow

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    Every so often, you come across a book that leaves a mark Not necessarily because it s the sexiest, dirtiest, darkest, or even most romantic But because it touches you in a way other books haven t Perhaps it hits at something you recognise, or something you don t want to recognise, or maybe it just makes you realise that there are others out there who have struggles too, even if they are fictional It still leaves it s mark, and sticks in your mind far longer, than the same books you read day in and day out The Same Deep Water, is one of those books It wasn t a conventional love story, a light and breezy easy beach read, or even a hairy gorgeous man tearing off on a huge bike, throwing his torn clothes at ladies sighing at the side lines Nope, it was so much Right from the first chapter, this book touched me, where other books had left me kinda bored and numb It s hard to explain how a book can leave such a powerful impression, but upon reading this book you would see it straight away Why are you always so serious in the dark I whisper and touch his cheek Because you can t see me properly I think I see of you than you realise It s the story of two people with heavy hearts, heavy minds, and painful pasts They both have secrets and struggles they need to battle through daily It s not a dance on the rainbows, whilst sniffing the flowers type of love story It s a love story that is real, because it deals with the harsh and ugly stuff, that happens to so many people, but usually is hidden away In this book we see how these two people deal with all their own obstacles and demons, to be able to enjoy life and love Neither of them has had it easy, and their pasts are full of pain and sadness But through all the heartbreaking parts, there is also a developing friendship and later love, that makes this story so beautiful and heartwarming We say so much to each other yet so little, on the edge of each other s lives He tells me I m his, but I don t think he s mine. I m not going to go in to details and summaries on this story, as it s perfect without prior knowledge But I highly recommend it, if you love to read stories that step out from the conventional or the normal Ones that show all aspects of life, even the uglier and painful hidden parts, the sides of us we hide and don t like to talk about But what I loved was how reading this book, makes you realise you re not alone I know that sounds strange, but it s almost like there is something in this story, that could help readers, make them realise they aren t the only ones who suffer, and show how others who suffer, eventually get through rough patches, and find happiness But anyway, that s enough of that sappy stuff, at the end of the day this book is incredibly well written, it s honest, beautiful and captivating Not to mention the stunning scenery and background to all the places Guy and Phe travel to, whilst on their journey through their bucket lists together Makes you want to go find some gorgeous beaches, and attempt to surf, badly if you are me I m also thinking maybe I should write a bucket list, never really thought of it before This book is most definitely inspirational Just to be clear, this book is not a ugly cry, break your heart ending Yes, there are some really sad elements, and depending on how they affect you, you will probably well up quite a lot BUT, above all it is a love story and has a happy ending that is beautiful Plus the story deals with some mental health issues, in case that is a trigger for you in books I think sometimes love creeps up on you however hard you try Star Ratings Plot 5 5Characters 5 5Heat 4 5Writing Style 5 5Overall Rating 5 5

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    4.5 As Long As The Stars Shine Stars I went into this book blind as the cover caught my eye and is absolutely beautiful and perfect for this story I simply LOVE LOVE surprise reads Fate is a strange creature, drawing together lost souls the stepping back to watch what happens Phe is a twenty one year old girl riddled with pain from a life she was not meant to exist in Surviving a terrible tragedy at the hands of her deceased father, Phe is ready to end the guilt of living as her family is no longer with her.As she sets forth to commit suicide, she is interrupted by another hurting soul, Guy Jumping off there and you ll never have a chance to live life, to take a chance on experiences that leave you alive than others Not wanting to be talked out of her plan to end it all, Phe can t help but take the hand of safety and let Guy lead her off the ledge of flying Guy isn t physically pulling me way from the edge, but his words are gradually curling around my body and tugging me back to the world Phe and Guy embark on a friendship A friendship filled with darkness from both sides as each has secrets of sorrow that try to pull each into a new darkness.As Phe fights to move forward, Guy is fighting to just live His darkness is beyond the color black as his is also filled with lies his mind has created.Guy s darkness started the day he was born and continued down a sad path Blaming himself for things he thought was his fault The guilt was fueled by his breaking mental health He must keep his breaking mind a secret to keep Phe safe from him Not wanting to fall in love, their connection is inevitable Can we stay with the stars If tomorrow we can watch the fire of a new dawn Preparing for a future of unknown, Guy s lies erupt in a world of hurt, leaving Phe devastated by his lies.Walking away is the only thing she can do to survive before a new darkness threatens to consume her.Fate steps in once again for Phe and Guy after time apart The love that was built on truth and lies is handed another chance This book was an emotional twist of your heart The only reason I didn t give the 5 s was because Phe and her lack of self esteem got on my nerves while reading But this book should be read by all Fabulous writing Miss Swallow

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    4.5 STARSWow That definitely left a mark The Same Deep Water is absolutely wonderful I was happy, sad, smiling, and crying all at once I couldn t tell which way the story would end up going I wanted to read fast to get to the HEA, but I also wanted to read slow in case there wasn t one Guy and Phe s relationship is born from a less than conventional situation They embark on bucket list adventure that turns into something much exciting and scary Love That certainly wasn t part of the deal He saved her from life, and she saved him from death But is love enough to build a future together Phe and Guy are special characters you don t come across every day Guy is a one charming puzzle of a man His personality is larger than life, and I absolutely adore him Phe is broken and closed off And with all she s been thorough, I couldn t help but want good things to happen for Phe This book makes me want to scream from the rooftops for everyone to read it Lisa Swallow has a gift for making you feel the story Her writing is exquisite and beautiful This story is brilliant and emotional And, one I won t soon forget.

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    Before going into this book, I would just like to warn everyone that this book does touch on some tough subjects that might be hard for some people to read This book does have a lot of sad elements, but it does have some equally happy parts as well I would just like everyone to keep that in mind before reading this book.The plot of this book was very emotional There was a sense of almost dread this entire book, because even though there were happy parts, sadness was always lingering in the background This book made me cry, but it also made me smile I tried not to get attached to the characters, because I was worried my heart would get broken However, I couldn t help but fall in love with the characters I ended up becoming extremely invested in them and I was rooting for their happy endings I especially wanted a happy ending for the romantic relationship between Guy and Phe.I really enjoyed the main characters of this book, Guy and Phe I thought they were both very well written characters They both seemed so real I was able to relate to both of the characters on different levels Both characters made me fall in love with them, and they both broke my heart I felt so bad for both of them However, they both had moments that made me laugh out loud and smile They put me through an emotional roller coaster that kept me up all night I was completely invested in their stories I especially liked Phe, and I just wanted to reach out and hug her I really connected with her character, and I enjoyed her character development through out this book.I thought the romance was wonderful There were so many romantic and tender moments between Phe and Guy At the beginning of the book, it seemed like their attraction and desire to be together seemed way too sudden However, over time, I wanted them together so badly, and I was so happy once they finally got together They had a rough relationship at times I understood why it was that way, but it was still frustrating I just wanted them to be honest with each other Guy kept some huge things from Phe, and I was so angry about that I understood why Lisa did that, and I was happy with how the made up However, it still made me angry as it was happening Their relationship was heart warming yet heart breaking at the same time No matter how many times they frustrated me, I still loved them together The waves fought me today, elusive and frustrating, but I refused to let the ocean win I loved this book and hated it at the same time It put me through so many emotions Lisa s writing was truly exquisite I wanted to hug the characters and strangle them at the same time This book was super sad at times and very happy at other times There was a sense of dread through out the majority of the book, which was a little bit of a turn off for me However, I still really liked this book I thought Lisa did a great job of tackling very tough and emotional topics The book was very moving, and I definitely felt all of the feels I enjoyed this book, even when I wanted to pull my hair out.I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a deeply emotional romance Lisa is a wonderful author, and I am excited to read of her books in the future.4 5 Fangs This ebook was given to me in exchange for a honest review

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    That cover OMG I m in love with the cover

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    I tried writing up a real review I really did Because this book is awesome sauce and deserves a stunning review But it also hit me right in the feels, and I can no longer write talk think about this book without bursting into happy sad tears So I will try and review this book through the power of gifs Here we gothese are my reactions to the amazing The Same Deep Water Dear Lisa Swallow you are a writing goddess Thank you for writing a book that took me on a rollercoaster of emotions

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    Moving.Poignant.Raw.Unforgettable.Whoa, Lisa Swallow, you killed it.4 stars.Review to come.

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    4.5 Hermoso No hay palabras para expresar lo bello que fue leer este libro, s , tiene sus altas y bajas y todo pero esa manera de hacer clic conmigo fue

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    Review The Same Deep Water is an intriguing, thought provoking, realistic, and somewhat raw portrayal of mental illness It makes you think about life and it makes you feel for the characters in the story.The book opens with Phe, a young woman who is battling severe depression after a life changing event in her childhood She doesn t believe that life is worth living any and is on the brink of suicide While preparing to throw herself off a cliff, a random man appears by her side Guy saves her life that night, and gives Phe a reason to live by suggesting they complete their bucket lists together.Whew, that s a pretty dramatic way to start a book I was totally drawn into the story from there I needed to know why Guy was there that night, why he had a bucket list, and why his time was running out.Guy and Phe s relationship is a very interesting and sometimes confusing one You know that they are both at a turning point in their lives for better or for worse , but they are also growing closer to one another I kept reading and dreading the turn of events that would reveal the truth behind Guy s illness.However, I felt like it took a long time to learn all of the secrets, both Phe s and Guy s On one hand, I had to know the answers and on the other, I found myself wanting to skim through the pages to get to them Also, this may be the first romance I have read where I wasn t necessarily rooting for a happily ever after between the main characters As the graphic above suggests, creating her own happy ending instead of waiting for someone else to provide one was empowering advice Watching Phe heal and grow into a strong, mature, and thriving woman was the best reward for reading her story.While the writing and the story were excellent, the pacing was a little too slow for me There was a little angst and a little drama, but in the end, I enjoyed the book And, bonus points for the beautiful cover

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