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Omega Destined (Billionaires Fated Mates #2) quotes Omega Destined (Billionaires Fated Mates #2) , litcharts Omega Destined (Billionaires Fated Mates #2) , symbolism Omega Destined (Billionaires Fated Mates #2) , summary shmoop Omega Destined (Billionaires Fated Mates #2) , Omega Destined (Billionaires Fated Mates #2) 80f51e63 The Family Fortune Lies On The Shoulders Of Everett Grenwald, A Refined Young Omega Werewolf In His Prime For Mating Disenchanted With Love, Everett Is Ready To Run Out On The Latest Alpha Suitor That Is, Until Everett Sees The Man Assigned To Be His Bodyguard Him Trent Varen, The Secret Wolf From Everett S Past Rugged, Untamable, A Wandering Vagrant With Nothing That Can Hold Him Down He S The Lowborn Alpha Who Showed Everett A World Outside His Father S Mansion, And The Alpha He Had Chosen To Love Until He Disappeared And Broke Him Forever It S A Chance For Everett To Get The Answers He S Wanted For So Long If The Heat Between Trent S Legs Doesn T Get Him First

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    Loved this story, and will just think that if we did what we wanted and what felt right when we were younger, we might not suffer when we are older.

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    Not For SaleThis is a quick read about an omega whose father has been trying to get him mated for his family honor and he refuses to accept anyone.

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    This was an enthralling, and intriguing short read, which I found to be very enjoyable The characters were well fleshed out, even though there were a couple of them who had me seething throughout the story I liked both Trent and Everett and they were total opposites except when it came to their passion and the feelings that they had for each other I just needed Everett to grow a back bone a bit, but he didn t let me down They were sexy together, which also had me nervous at times for many reasons It also didn t end with a cliffhanger, which is my personal pet peeve This was awesome.

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    I really loved and enjoyed reading this this lovely book it was wonderfully writtenI really loved and enjoyed reading this wonderful book it was so lovely written I loved the relationship between Trent and Everett I loved that they got their happy ending I hope their will be sequel and these characters return I loved reading about them a lot I loved the twists and turns and the edge of the seat action in this book I will recommend this book to everybody I know and to all my friends too.

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    Good BookThis is a fast paced story There is violence but not much The sexual scenes are well written The characters are developing during the story.

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    Great readThis was a great fun book I loved the characters Everett and Trent The plot was fun and fast paced.

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