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Games of Rome (Dominus, #2) pdf Games of Rome (Dominus, #2) , ebook Games of Rome (Dominus, #2) , epub Games of Rome (Dominus, #2) , doc Games of Rome (Dominus, #2) , e-pub Games of Rome (Dominus, #2) , Games of Rome (Dominus, #2) 89132806b4e Second Place In The Rainbow Awards, Best Gay HistoricalIn This Sequel To Dominus, Gaius Fabius Rufus, The Victorious General Of Rome S Brutal Dacian Wars, Finds His Loyalties And His Affections Pulled In Different Directions Should He Return To Rome And Secure His Claim To The Imperial Throne, Or Remain At His Seaside Villa And Protect His Pleasure Slave, The Fierce Dacian Prince, Allerix Retaliation For The Murder Of His Beloved Friend Beckons Him Home, But His Desire For Justice Could Put Both Him And Allerix In Mortal Danger As Gaius S Deceptions Multiply, Another Tragedy Strikes Will The Lion Of The Lucky Fourth Legion Be Forced To Sacrifice His Besotted Heart To Achieve His Aspirations For Supreme Power Every Moment Since Allerix S Violent Capture Has Tested The Young Prince S Fortitude And Cunning If He Can Kill The Triumphant Emperor Who Decimated His Dacian Nation, Revenge And Immortality Will Be His Glorious, Everlasting Rewards But To Realize His Scheme For Vengeance, He Must Deceive The Roman Master Whose Body He Lusts, The Handsome, Arrogant Man Whom He Has Grown To Adore And Admire Can Two Former Enemies The Conqueror And The Conquered Find Trust And True Love, Or Are The Consequences Of War Destined To Tear Them Apart Can Gaius And Allerix Survive The Perilous Games Of Rome Dominus Is A Plot Packed Erotic M M Fantasy Set In Ancient Rome During The Reign Of Emperor Trajan AD Games Of Rome Is The Second Book In This Alternative History Saga A Tumultuous Journey Of Forbidden Love, Humor, Sex, Friendship, Political Intrigue, Deception, And Murder

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    This book was frustratingly provocative And let me give a shoutout to that gorgeous cover Just how beautiful and erotic that cover is I kinda hate some parts but I was completely enchanted by the storyline, I can t help but falling in love with the series And I recently discovered that this is a 5 books series and the ending was kind of a cliffhanger So when will the next book be published I just can t wait for the third installment of the series So Gaius went back to Rome to investigate the murder of his once lover and dearest associate However, to no avail, he just can t figure out the why Luc was murdered And to make things worse, he and his little brother s clients are fighting with each other and thus he was banished back to his seaside villa by Emperor Marcus Although he was greatly disappointed by losing the chance to avenge his dead lover, he was also relieved to go back to Campania fast to reunite with his ferocious, wild, feisty and passionate Dacian prince Meanwhile, Allerix was confused and baffled by the attraction and affection towards his master He was left at Campania seaside villa while his Dominus went back to Rome There were quarrels between the pleasure slaves of Dominus Gaius and he found himself wanting to be the favorite concubine of Commander Gaius While he s trying to convince himself that he wanted to be the favorite pet to earn the trust and love of his Dominus which will help him to avenge the doom of his country, he s starting to realize that he might actually be falling in love with his Dominus Will this conqueror and the conquered find a balance for their relationship Will the tenuous trust they built arduously survive the games of Rome seeking power and pleasure I really can t wait to find out There isn t lots of usage of Latin and Romanian as in book one which I am very grateful but I still wish a glossary was provided And the lovemaking was still lacking Don t get me wrong, the scenes are very VERY seductive, sexy and erotic The problem is the author doesn t give us an actual lovemaking She d write Gaius and Allerix suggest sexual innuendos to each other which are annoyingly provocative and randy or flashbacks of last night love making without THE ACTUAL LOVE MAKING It got me soooo frustrated And why did you kill off an innocent and sweet side character who still plays quite an important role however I not only think that was cruel but also unnecessary in the flow of plots and twists of the novel Nevertheless, the story got and interesting Still so many unanswered questions and the MCs are getting and enticing The twists and plots of the novel actually kept me on edge all the time while reading and made me squirmed with both trepidation and expectation I just can t wait for the third book I m not sure this book is for everyone though The world building and the characters are very thorough and intricately written There were some bloody gore and brutal scenes The book is a bit slow burn but really fascinating and kept my intrigue throughout the book I m VERY impressed with the world building and characters handling as well as turns of plots and twists writing of JP Kenwood And one thing for sure is I loved this book even than the first one.Well deserved 4.5 stars

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    2016 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention Games of Rome by J P Kenwood 1 The plot is excellent, full of suspense and apparently accurate historical detail, but this volume is part of a series, and it ends on a cliffhanger, an unresolved situation which seems intended to persuade readers to buy the next volume Fabulous, persuasive depiction of ancient Rome and surrounding area If I could assign a 12 to setting development, I would Vivid but somewhat too melodramatic for my taste, and the dialogue includes much masculine bluster and overly frequent invocations of ancient gods.2 This is a unique read Characters are well drawn out, plot has murder and intrigue woven into tales of sex and romance.

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    If you haven t read any book in this series, yet, I strongly encourage you to start either with February and December A collection of two Stand Alone novellas set before Dominus or Dominus Don t start with book two It took me a while to read Dominus , the first book in this series, because I felt uncomfortable with certain aspects of the historical setting There is a lot of historical accuracy in this series, because the author has done a lot of research and knows what she is writing about Still, some of the realities of the time are difficult to swallow for a modern reader In the beginning Gaius seemed cruel in the way he thought about his friend, his brother, this emperor and in the way he treated some slaves with what seemed unnecessary cruelty or as things to be used for sexual pleasure.Reading Games of Rome was a very different experience for me I knew that Gaius and his brother were given to the emperor as boys and were sexually abused by him While being his adopted son brings Gaius money and power, I understand the hatred he has for his father and the difficult relationship he has with his entire family While I do not approve how Gaius has treated Bryaxis, his friend Lucius slave, I now understand his reaction Gaius was truly in love with his friend Lucius, but after their studies in Greece, the love between two men of the same station was strongly forbidden and they had to continue their affair in secret and were never able to enjoy their relationship It must have been hard for Gaius to watch his beloved friend fall in love with his slave Bryaxis I also saw the love, loyalty and protectiveness Gaius has for his slaves and everyone in his household, even though I of course strongly disapprove of slavery Gaius is a man of his time, but he treats the people around him well and has a good heart.I deeply cared for Gaius and the other characters by the end of book one and I truly devoured book two, because I had to know how the story would continue There was no need to get to know characters or to get used to the setting Book two continues just where the book one cliffhanger left off Gaius knows the identity of Prince Allerix and his friend and lover Lucius was brutally murdered.The stakes are very high as he has to keep Allerix safe, grieve for his best friend, and revenge his death.Keeping Allerix safe is not an easy task, as he was a Dacian prince and thus should have been killed The fact that Gaius knows who he is, but is still hiding him is very dangerous Hiding Allerix is also dangerous, because the young man also carries revenge in his heart, even though Gaius feelings are not one sided.The emotional fallout from Lucius murder made the entire book even intense and emotional It is an interesting mystery that has a deep impact on Gaius and leads him to Rome, the city he hates because it is full of power games and intrigues It is important for him to go there, if he wants a chance to solve his lover s murder and it was fascinating for me to see him back in the city Knowing him much better now, the way he interacts with the people of Rome was very interesting to me He is playing a dangerous and deadly game.As in book one, I loved Gaius interactions with his wife They are both very smart and know how to play the political game well, but their marriage is very much political They do not love and desire each other, but they have a lot of trust and respect and are a fierce power couple in the ancient city.There are also some fantasy aspects in this book that were very unexpected for me, but were interesting and handled well While I did not anticipate these magical scenes, they have an emotional payoff and were not just randomly added.I am still uncertain how the contemporary story that frames the Dominus books will tie in with everything in the end, but the author has earned my trust and I am looking forward to discovering what she has planned for readers of the series Though given that there are VERY heartbreaking scenes in this book, I am glad to know that the author has a wonderful HEA planned for Gaius and Allerix I love the author s unique style of drawing readers into a different time, while using modern language to make them feel comfortable there JP Kenwood has the rare ability to portray a historic setting authentically and make it come alive for readers.If you liked Dominus , you will LOVE Games of Rome It features the same interesting and complex characters, but the stakes are higher, the story is emotional and there is political intrigue, even as the beautiful and unlikely love story between Gaius and Allerix at the heart of the books never falls out of focus.Rating 10 10 Pots of Gold

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    Now this is an unexpected series It doesn t fit in any mold and it doesn t follow any rules.and it works It was delightfull and emotional, sexy and thrilling and if I have any complaints, then that this is the first in a series and the end of the book is really not the end of the story If you are uncomfortable with cliffhangers, wait until the series is completed But keep it on your radar because it is so very unconventional and good to read If you are in a oh my god, not the same story again funk this is your way out.

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    OMG So fucking good Alle and Gaius relationship deepens as the plot thickens Who really killed Lucius Who is PAA Who are the skeletons But most of all why did you kill Nic I have so many questions and no answers I am so excited for the third book

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    Blog OF ROME DOMINUS BOOK 2 BY JP KENWOOD In the second instalment, Rome s heroic general, Gaius Rufus finds his life on and off the battlefields in a tug of war with his emotions and his ambitions He must make a very important and possibly life altering decision to either return to Rome for his well deserved accolades or stay with his beloved slave, Prince Allerix Another tragedy occurs and makes his decision even difficult What will Gaius do Can he save and protect his precious Allerix Gaius the beautiful, powerful, strong commander and ex lover of Lucius Lucius murder becomes the center point in this instalment and Gaius is completely shocked by his former lovers death and it sends him on a road of grief and revenge Gaius marriage comes into the story a bit and of course the act of sex with men which is common in this time even though it is not in the history books As long as men did not have gay sex with men of their social stature as it has to be with men who are lower than their social standing as this way it s not looked at having a relationship but of just pure sex I thought it would be impossible to top Dominus but apparently no as the author has another huge hit on her hands with Games of Rome The character of Gaius keeps getting intense and we learn about him I love this guy and he s such an interesting character to read about The authors knowledge of the Romans is completely remarkable and how she makes you feel like you re actually in this time goes to her brilliant writing The great twist in the series is that the author writes these books in both past and present Rome and it was so unique that I really love this kind of format.I love how Gaius treats sex and he looks at it of a sport to display his beautiful and powerful attributes That is until his slave, Allerix actually gets into Gaius heart The relationship comes with many troubles that need to be handled or both men have so much to lose I hope they can weather what s coming their way and not sacrifice each other Gaius is a man you don t want to cross and no one is his complete match but Allerix comes very close Will these men find their HEA with each other If you ever wanted to know what life was for a gay Roman then you MUST read Games of Rome as I couldn t highly recommended it enough and if I could give it than five stars trust me I would Complimentary copy provided by author publisher for an honest review Reviewed by Paul at Gay Media Reviews

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    A constant challenge to put this book down, which was read as I moved to a new city making it harder to focus on reassessing priorities A jewel of a masterpiece from Kenwood, who enthralls the reader from start to finish Rufus is less insufferable here than previously, and it warms the heart to see him fall in love The suspense is gripping, Bryaxis chortles his way through Simon s adoration, and tragedy strikes Feeling for these characters is an experience of naked joy, which can hardly be masked by lofty ideas of moderation Applause is thoroughly merited for the steamy intimacies that the reader is introduced to, with than one giggle and moan, needing stifling at times Much love to the author for this pearl here s to all those looking forward to the next one in the series.

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    EngrossIng taleJP Kenwood weaves a tale of Ancient Rome, political intrigue among ancient Romans, their slaves, lovers and male concubines The story is rich in detail and hard to put down.

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    I gobbled up this book just as I did the first Excellent writing with such a great feel for ancient Rome Based on personal preference, my rating is really a 4.5, but I put five rather than 4 because the book truly deserves it This book is political than the first, something that I don t particularly go for, although it was definitely well done and perfect for the story itself The other thing is I must have cried five or six times while reading this one No spoilers, but I was gutted by several occurrences If I d known, the coward that I am probably wouldn t have read the book, but I m so happy I did because it s spectacular Kudos to J.P Kenwood on another awesome read.

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    There isn t a ton I can say without spoilers and I m really not a huge fan of giving spoilers Suffice it to say, Games of Rome surpassed Dominus The characters are well formed, the plot s moving along nicely, and I can honestly say I got thrown for a loop than once Not a predictable book, not a predictable story And I really want to know what s going on with the beginning end parts of the books Give me Just not like chapter 17

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