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    Kevin McNamee s new picture book, Papa s Suns, is about issues of health changes and how the challenges affect families Jacob loves drawing with his grandfather, Papa, who always draws just what Jacob wants If he wants a green sun, that s what Papa draws.Then one terrible day, Jacob s dear Papa has a stroke He s hospitalized and has to learn to function again When Jacob goes to visit him, he sees Papa s lopsided face and wonders if it s really his beloved Papa or has he changed.The artwork by Samantha Bell shows the emotions that the family experiences in this health crisis Their close family relationships come through clearly in each illustration Papa has been damaged by the stroke and he doesn t look the same But their love for him and caring overcome how Jacob feels about and deals with such a disability.This is a good book to introduce children to frightening health situations that each family hopes not to have to face What do you do when your family member is disabled by a stroke, surgery, or an accident It s one of life s terrible ordeals Teaching kids how to face it, how to deal with this, is very important This book can help open the discussion of this difficult topic We can learn that although they may look different, talk or walk differently due to their disability, they are still our loved ones Highly recommended for ages 5 to 8 for school libraries, hospitals, nursing homes, and medical offices.Reviewed byPenelope Anne ColeAward Winning Author of Magical Matthew and Magical Mea

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Papas Suns download Papas Suns , read online Papas Suns , kindle ebook Papas Suns , Papas Suns 4b9b3115a64f Jacob And His Grandfather Like To Spend Time Drawing Pictures Together But After Papa Has A Stroke, Jacob Is Afraid That His Papa Will Be Different Although Papa S Body Is Healing, Jacob Discovers That The Love Between Him And His Grandfather Will Never Change