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Omega Experiment chapter 1 Omega Experiment , meaning Omega Experiment , genre Omega Experiment , book cover Omega Experiment , flies Omega Experiment , Omega Experiment d45a9b9e62033 The Day A Submissive And Smart Omega Named Nolan Is Pulled Off Of The Streets And Given A Chance To Study At A University, He Never Quite Feels Safe The Campus Is Huge And The Students Around Him Are Than Intimidating They Turn Him On However, None Of Them Make His Heart Race And His Parts Harden Better Than A Muscular Alpha Named BrockWhen Nolan Is Given The Assignment To Study The Intimidating Alpha In School, Nolan Has To Take The Job Or Get Sent Back To The Streets Nolan Can T Bare The Thought Of Homelessness, So He Signs Up For The Experiment Only Brock Is Ferocious Than Nolan Could Have Ever Imagined The Alpha S Hungry Heated And If Nolan Slips, Brock Is Ready To Punish The Reluctant, Virgin Omega As He See Fits Omega Experiment Is The Complete Serial That Contains First Time Gay Romance, An Alpha Dominating A Sweet Omega, Knotting, And Male Pregnancy

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    There were lots of ridiculous things in this series see my reviews on individual stories There is some suspense in the second and third parts and the romance does come out over time Nolan is a sweet likable character but Brock just seems to mostly be a big dumb jock he does get some better through the series.There is some d s in the stories if that is your thing The first two parts were solid 2 stars but the third one drug the rating down to a single star How can you not know you are pregnant yet someone can put their hand on your stomach and feel the baby kick This last entry in the series went completely off the rails Characters act completely different than their previous selves and motivations The villain is like a cackling B movie character The epilogue is just weird Only reason I kept reading because it was part of the 3 part bundle on Kindle Unlimited.

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