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    Edward Carpenter provides a potted history of Westminster Abbey, which can also be used as a guide book when visiting The beautiful coloured illustrations augment the text so well and the lengthy captions with each tell the reader exactly what to look out for There is also an informative section on Coronations that have taken place there since 1066 the only two exceptions are Edward V and Edward VIII and an interesting piece on the memorials and monuments that are within.Carpenter points out that it is a pity that Westminster Abbey did not have a central spire, despite the fact that Sir Christopher Wren wished it He does, however, accept that the two western towers are now an essential part of the Abbey s general appearance.He also informs the reader that there are almost 1,000 people either buried or memorialised with the Abbey And speaking of that, the section on Poet s Corner is particularly interesting For instance, Geoffrey Chaucer is buried there, but not because he was the author of The Canterbury Tales but because he served in the capacity of Clerk of Works to the Abbey I didn t realise that was the case.He also points out how ephemeral some literary reputations can be by telling us that John Phillips, nephew of John Milton and author of Satyre against Hypocrites is commemorated Longfellow, Tennyson, Browning, Blake, Shelley, Keats, T S Eliot, Dickens and a host of others can fully justify their place, Phillips Well, maybe perhaps

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    Breaks up the Abbey s features into small sections and discusses the key architecture detail along with any history that occurred in that portion of the building It s an original guidebook published years ago now considered a vintage guidebook but it s a useful booklet Would make a great starting point for anyone studying the Abbey.

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