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    I hesitated to add this, seeing the low rating, but it looks like all the negative reviews are moms fussing that children will be inspired to drink jet fuel Thank God I m not a mom Review, having actually read the bookYeah, not sure what ladies were getting their panties in a bunch for If your kid is stupid enough to think this book is recommending eating machinery then you have to worry about But they probably don t, stop treating your kid like an idiot It even says bad idea on the cover, fer crissakes This is basically just an extended joke about eating inedible stuff, with airplane factoids tossed in Serve the ailerons with dressing, they re crunchy Don t overcook the wheels or they ll get rubbery The lavatories um, better eat around those Amusingly, it does include correct basic guidelines for hosting a dinner party plan ahead, set the table, have a spot for people to put stuff, offer drinks as guests arrive, make sure to introduce people who don t know one another If you are a guest, don t burp, squeal, slurp, screech, or cheer at the table Some of the facts in the notes were new to me For instance NASA moves space shuttles by strapping them to a 747 A full load of passengers and luggage weighs twice as much as a space shuttle The word cockpit originally meant where the coxswain of the boat steered from Aileron rhymes with sailor John and means little wing.

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    Hungry for all things aerodynamic, Neo and I learned how one might eat an airplane From sipping jet fuel as a cocktail, to baking vulcanised tires, through to feasting on succulent seats, the book explores how to dine in style And for dessert Neo worries that children will get stomach aches if they eat metal Doctors should be made aware.

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    A little while ago PBS put on a show about proper dining etiquette in the series Downton Abbey.It was exactly like this book There was also a very good section of airplane facts.

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    My kids loved this one, and were completely blown away when they learned it was inspired by a true story This book includes great wordplay, terrible puns, and awesome illustrations It s a good time.

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    While it explains the parts of a plane relatively well, how can I commend a book that tells kids to drink jet fuel in jest, but still

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    The pictures were neat I like the idea, but drinking engine oil and jet fuel is a bit much The jokes made me laugh Same with dessert.

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    Good explanation of parts of an airplane and why they make for bad eating.

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    This was a quirky book about eating an aeroplane It does use lots of correct terminology and might be a bit better for older children Mr 3 was a bit confused, I think Also this is not the book to use to explain about what actually happens when you go through the airport and on a flight.

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    Cute book Since I personally know the author, as always, I m applying the

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How to Eat an Airplane summary pdf How to Eat an Airplane , summary chapter 2 How to Eat an Airplane , sparknotes How to Eat an Airplane , How to Eat an Airplane efb5340 The First Book In The Bad Ideas Book Club, Aptly Named How To Eat An Airplane, Explains If You Want To Eat An Airplane, There Are A Few Things You Should Know The Truth Is, Most Airplanes Are Too Large To Eat By Yourself, So If You Want To Eat An Airplane, You Should Have A Party It S Fact Based Picture Book Fiction At Its Most Absurd By Crossing Two Unrelated Topics Dinner Etiquette And Jet Plane Mechanics How To Eat An Airplane Creates An Unexpected And Absurdly Funny Experience For Young Readers Inspired By The True Story Of Michel Lotito, Who From To Ate An Entire Cessna Airplane And Holds The Guinness World Record For Strangest Diet, The Book Covers Everything From Setting The Table With Forklifts And Toasting With Engine Oil To Fastening Your Seat Belts At The Table And Taking A Nice Stretch In Between Courses Preferably On The Airplane S Wings There S A Disclaimer Included For Anyone Who Believes The Book Is An Actual Guide As Well As Four Pages Of Fascinating And Relevant Airplane Facts Perfect For Precocious Readers And Airplane Lovers As Well As Teachers And Parents Looking To Enjoy Something Unique And FunThe Bad Ideas Book Club Where The Best Ideas Are Bad Ideas

  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • How to Eat an Airplane
  • Peter Pearson
  • English
  • 14 May 2019
  • 9780062320629

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