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Charmed and Dangerous pdf Charmed and Dangerous, ebook Charmed and Dangerous, epub Charmed and Dangerous, doc Charmed and Dangerous, e-pub Charmed and Dangerous, Charmed and Dangerous caf52d977b9 She Has No Problem Fighting Bad Guys But Lots Of Problems Finding A Good One With Her Globetrotting Career Of Protecting The British Prime Minister, Bronwyn Isn T Your Ordinary Witch But Her Powers Can T Help Her Decide Between A Sexy Sheik And The Town Doctor, Who Happens To Be A Warlock And Than Worthy Of A Liplock

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    I have an addition to the review below If you are sitting on the fence about this series I suggest you take a look All quotes are directly from the book exactly the way they are published.First Review Attempt to avoid confusion on why I did not like this book I have taken the time to finish reading this book Therefore, my Second Review is my complete review for this book that I have read I did not originally rate this book due to only reading 6 pages and skimming the last 30, but upon further contemplation I decided I was doing other readers a disservice by not sticking with it I saw very few reviews on why they did not like it and feel that I could help someone else save their time by finishing the book and writing a complete review with plenty of quotes This way each reader will have a glimpse of the book before they decide to read or not to read.Here is my First Review this is before I finished reading rated the book Warning Everything is written as a journal entry Nope can t do it I got 6 pages in before I turned and read skimmed the last 30 pages and didn t see much to hold on to Sorry this is just not my thing The journal style writing left me feeling frustrated and the ending seemed chessy and half assed This is a no go, turn the fuck around read for me If you enjoyed it great I am happy for you I can tell you right now if I read any I will end up writing a snarky review for wasting my time Here is my Second Review this is after I finished reading the book I added the rating at this time.I would like to point out a few things before I start in on this review 1 I have this book on loan from the local library I have not been given this book by author or publisher This book was under my why not give it a try shelf I already knew the writing was iffy, however some of my friends enjoyed it so I gave it a try Due to this I spent my gas money driving to pick it up after my local library spent their gas money picking it up from another library My money and my tax dollars all spent getting this book here 2 I think it might be obvious but I want to point out that this is a paperback, not an E book It has to have been edited by someone 3 It was published by penguin This surprises me I have yet to understand how or why it was given the green light when other, better books are turned down 4 I started reading this book and only made it 6 pages in before I skimmed the last 30 40 pages I was unimpressed and left my review above I did not at the time rate it If I don t read about 50% of the book I really don t feel right rating it 5 If you want to know why I have decided to re review this book you may ask below and I will explain Needless to say, I am now going to break down this book in detail so there is no confusion about why I did not like it 6 Since I will be reading of the book and spending my time reviewing it I will rate it I made all of that clear when I first reviewed this book Now that I have laid out my reasons lets take a look at some quotes that should help explain why I had a hard time reading this book to begin with.My biggest problem with this book is the lack of transitions and grammatical errors for a published book Incomplete sentences, thoughts flying from one thing to another, this does not a good book make Pg.1 2PrologueSunday, 5 30 A.M.Sweet, TexasThis day has great possibilities Actually ever day does, but this one is special because I woke up next to the man I love Oh, it took me a while to realize it, but he s the one.For months he told me we belonged together, but I refused to believe him What he didn t seem to realize is witches don t have boyfriends It never works out.The intimidation factor alone usually stands as the biggest turnoff A lot of men can t handle a woman with power The whole reading minds thing and the ability to turn them into toads sort of makes them insecure.Even my clients are afraid of me, but they want to use my talents just the same.Don t get me wrong I love being a witch My world s filled to the brim with exiting adventures and people.But this love thing is all new My heart s full of an emotion I ve rarely experienced I ve cared for people in the past, but loving is something I hardly ever allowed myself to do.This man changed all of that I must love him because there are no other possibilities It s much like being a witch It is what I am and what I must be.Look at him, lying there so peaceful That jet black hair waving around his face and those bulging biceps Ooh, baby He s a human cupcake and I could just eat him up.I feel I need to stop right here and just sayYuck A human cupcake Really I am a little disturbed by that thought Now if only I can get him to come back to life it will be a great day Because lonely as I get sometimes I don t fuck dead guys. That is right, the yuck factor just got bumped up I don t want to picture anyone fucking a dead guy Can you say necrophilia Yeah, that s what I thought too Pg.49 P.M.Casper, the unfriendly cat, is missing again I don t know what her problem is these days She won t stay put Since I moved to the new house in November, she s found a hundred ways to sneak out.I wonder if she has a boyfriend It s not like her to take off for days at a time She s always considered herself my great protector, even though I m certain she hates me.Either you can talk to your cat and know why she is staying away from you or you can t In that case you do not actually know if she considered herself your great protector, or even if she hates you. Does it even matter A cat is a cat, they don t make sense Pg.5But I don t think they put up with any kind of deviant behavior here There s no sign that says No Demons Allowed but you get the feeling that people here like to keep things on an even keel The sheriff and his deputies are always on patrol, and I haven t heard much about any mischief.Of course if there s trouble near, it will find me.The great thing is I ll see it before it gets here because everything is so flat And unlike the big cities, where demons warlocks, wizards and witches feed off of the hustle and bustle, here in Sweet it s all about fresh air and peace.What I am laughing too hard to even comment on that statement Really You will be able to see trouble coming your way because it is flat Continuation on pg 511 30 P.M.I ve been out looking for Casper again and fell down in the blustery winds Some days I hate that damn cat as much as she does me I hope she freezes.I think you can fall down because of the blustery winds I believe that the wind technically moves around you not through you Therefore, you can t fall in something that moves around your mass Maybe you can pull a Pocahontas and paint with all the colors of the wind as well It seems likely Gotta pack Miles wants me in Norway on Thursday so I m flying my Cessna to Dallas tomorrow and then hopping an international flight.My brain just flashed to the prime minister.There is that whiplash effect that we all know and love Transition Nope None Nada This happens throughout the entire book Pg 23What a big goober.Am I the only one that flashes to Spongebob and Patrick singing I m a Goofy Goober Ya Continuation of pg 231 P.M.I d just been thinking about how much I miss Simone and she called from L.A The demon slayer has come across a tough nut and needs my help.I sent her a protection spell long distance Same one I sent the sheik and PM.Gotta do some research on this demon Tough nut Let me grease your wheels baby I mean really who uses the term tough nut I understand that the author is going for, it s a hard case to crack, but the tough nut part just doesn t seem to flow with the rest However, how much flow does this book really have Pg 40Sunday, 4 30 P.M.Potions 2Cute guys I want to sleep with 1Sam brought lunch yesterday and ended up staying through dinner We talked about everything and made a few potions together When he left around midnight, he gave me a chaste kiss on the cheek, like we were in high school or something , and my heart did a double take.Acceptable answers1 my heartbeat sped up2 my heart skipped a beat3 my heart was beating erratically4 my heart pounded in my chestAll those make sense than my heart did a double take.You don t hear people saying I was listening to music and my ears did a double take Continuation on page 41I want to be a very bad girl and jump him If doing the nasty with him kills me, well, what a way to go.Doing the nasty It s okay to say Fuck in the first two pages but sex has to be referred to as doing the nasty on page 41 Weird Oh you are so bad for wanting to do the nasty with some guy I don t think so 10 P.M.Argh If I want to be a bad girl, I m going to have to do it all on my own At least when he dropped me off this time he kissed me on the lips.I m such a bad girl, but I don t care I want to have a mind blowing roll in the hay with the man And I know it would be mind blowing because every time he touches me I melt Wiggly knees, the whole bit Geez.If he touches me again I ll have to invest in a vibrator I mean, a girl can only take so much.First off, her sexual frustration has turned her into a pirate, Argh Mattey She is now calling herself a bad girl again because she wants mind blowing sex.To make it worse I now have Young Frankenstein stuck in my head with the roll in the hay statement Not sexy at all I love how she knows that sex will be mind blowing with him because of the way he touches her lol Oh My God His hands are made of Magic so his dick must be too Her knees don t get weak, nope she is a strong women no weak knees for her But they do get wiggly WTF Does she have piggly wiggly legs Is she made of noodles instead of flesh and bone I am a little concerned for her health Let s not begin with the fact that just because he gives her a kiss on the lips she now needs a vibrator Pg 55 56We ate and talked about everything except sex It s funny Kept waiting for him to make his move I may be a modern woman, but once in a while I like the guy to take charge We discussed our favorite films and I brought up a particular scene in that old movie Blue Velvet, which honestly isn t my favorite, but is very hot He reminded me about scenes from Wild Things and 9 Weeks That s when things took a turn for the sexy.I think it was meant to be It was funny not It is funny. I thought it was written in past tense as in, it happened,not it is happening Then the same thing happens with the last sentence Plus the whole, took a turn for the sexy seems to me like it was put in another language originally and translated into English You know what I mean The wrong word or saying comes out when you translate a saying from one language into another It becomes all fucked up Pg 57Tried to read his mind but he blocked me I pushed through his brain and gave him a warning that I d harm none as long as he behaved.I am pretty sure she didn t push through his brain to give him a warning How about we say, I had to push through the mental barrier that he had built to keep others from accessing or reading his thoughts I think that is a much better option Pg.80At a display of gold bracelets I sensed a magical presence Didn t turn to look right away, but knew it had to be a warlock Tried to tap into his brain and send a warning, but he totally blocked me It takes a powerful warlock or witch to do that.Extremely choppy and absolutely no flow of words Trying to tap into his brain Is that like tapping into a keg Pg.89Simone called this is her call to heroine, Bronwyn Oh wow, you ve got another call, hold on She clicked off and then came back on the line You ve, should have been I ve Since Simone is the one talking about her phone beeping not Bronwyn s phone beeping Just Saying Hey, Bron, that s Sam He says to tell you hi Gotta go He s picking me up and we re gonna head down to some rodeo Can you imagine it Me at a rodeo Ride em cowboy We hung up and I sat on the bed Tried to call Kira to get her opinion of the situation but she wasn t at the library or at home Probably making out with Caleb in a car somewhere.Won t be long before Sam and Simone are headed that way Great Now I have images of Simone with her legs wrapped around Sam Argh Sexual tension has turned her into a pirate again That s it No men Well, except for sex Mind blowing, house shaking, bone melting sex Like I had with Sam that night when we did it on the stairs and the No Not going there.Time to get to work on those charms Better see if the packages have arrived Now there s someone you can count on FedEx.Maybe it is just me, but FedEx has been known to be unreliable as well Pg.96As much as I appreciated his generosity, I decided it was time to set some boundaries where the sheik was concerned A jet was one thing, but silk panties with lacy insets were quite another.OMG It is okay for someone to buy you a jet but not underwear lol I mean really It just seems thatwell the cost of a jet would be just as much of a bribe to get into your pants as underwear is Oh no, it s okay Just leave the jet but you have to take the panties back I only want to take things that cost way above my pay grade, thank you very much Pg 170 171 Don t you worry about a child or an idiot adult wandering in here and hurting themselves I shrugged Don t have many visitors, and usually those who do make it through the door know better As for children, that s why the poisonous ones are up high Only the idiot adults need worry This has got to be one of the oddest conversations she has with the Sheik I am not sure that idiot was the right word choice It seems like a stretch when all that could have been said was, If the adult is stupid enough to touch it than that s their problem Pg.172 Just because you want it so, doesn t make it happen Yet another phrase that seems to be lost in translation I get where the author was going but the execution of it was all wrong Pg.188The history of the place smacks you in the face at every turn.I kept envisioning a ghost smacking them Pg 222I really felt like dog doo, rolled over by a lawn tractor.What Did you mean lawn mower Because I am pretty sure that is what you meant Also, why can you say Fuck and not say Shit Dog doo, not dog shit Weird Pg.223Nipping my lip, he gently opened my mouth with his tongue and investigated every inch of it.investigated past participle, past tense of in ves ti gate Verb Verb 1 Carry out a systematic or formal inquiry to discover and examine the facts of an incident, allegation, etc so as to establish the truth.2 Carry out research or study into a subject, typically one in a scientific or academic field so as to discover facts or information.I am not sure what he was trying to get information about Maybe he was measuring how big her mouth was or the size of her teeth Maybe he was investigating the truth Did he find it Whip cream and chocolate should not be abused in this manner Pg 234 He has an early call at work in a few hours, but I think I may have to wake him with a little surprise Time to return the delicious favor he served me I think it will involve some lovely whipped cream and my own creative version of a banana split, a la Sam.I have nothing wrong with people wanting to use food when having sex but the way it was stated made me want to gag Be kind to whipped cream not raunchy Pg 260 You probably never even saw him But no worries he s dead meat His lips twitched You Yes, I took care of the bastard If you tell someone he s dead meat it means that he is still alive and you are going after him Yikes This is why I have rated this book 1 star I would give it a 0 out of 5 but I want my rating to count, so one star it is I hope now you, my fellow readers, can decide for yourself if this book is worth reading.

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    Bronwyn s job is not exactly conventional She s a witch who not only fights off warlocks, demons, and evil zombies, but gets paid to do it She protects the Prime Minister and is his personal body guard She also murders, plots, and shoots fire from her hands while blowing up cars in the process Bronwyn is not a witch to be reckoned with, although being a magical body guard does tend to get in the way of having anything that resembles a normal love life.I made it to exactly page 35 of this book Even then I had to resist the urge to throw it across the room, light fire to it, and put the ashes in the blender with a little bit of water, pour it down the drain and hit the garbage disposal It was THAT bad.The entire book is written in diary format Every chapter has an entry as if the thing the Havens is talking about has already happened There is absolutely no suspense and all the character does is whine about her lack of a love life In every sense of the word this book should be a kid s book If it weren t for the constant cussing, references to sex, and Havens constantly reminding me how horny the main character is it reminded me of a Ramona book from my childhood.I cannot possibly express how horrid Charmed and Dangerous is I can hardly believe Penguin Books decided to publish it Charmed and Dangerous is really not even fit for reading and should be used as either toilet paper or fire kindling I would not touch this book again with a 20 foot pole I really hope someone else on paperback swap does NOT read this review and wants me to send it to them soon I don t want this book contaminating any of my others with its foul writing, bad language, and inexcusably simple plot line.

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    Author just used funky twice in the same sentence All time literature low Sadly, probably not, but page 2 and I m already totally sick of this book Oh, sorry page 5.Made it all the way to page 14 before literally throwing the book in the garbage And I almost never completely abandon a book I at least make it halfway before leaving it for a few weeks to read something else, then coming back to it This was just beyond terrible.

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    So I picked this one up against my better judgment I m so glad I did I don t mind epistolary novels as much as some people do, but only if they re willing to abandon the conceit when it comes to dialogue This is a good example of such While technically epistolary, it functions as a way to put it in first person limited past tense with timestamps to aid narrative flow I see this as a good thing or at least, not a strike against the book.And the first person works well, here, because the main character has a fantastic voice I ve always liked strong women, and Bronwyn is that She describes herself as one of the most powerful witches in the world and the story backs up her self evaluation But that isn t what s so attractive about her There s two things that save her from being merely arrogant or a Mary Sue though you could make a case for her being one first, she has pledged to use her power as a protector so she s primarily defensive and that plays out very strongly and consistently second, she s genuinely caring in both her personal and professional activities.So she s an appealing protagonist The secondary cast is a bit lightly drawn, though they aren t uninteresting, by any means There s something of a love triangle throughout the book, and I didn t care for Bronwyn s hesitation in choosing between them It seemed to me that there was a clear preference and I don t mean mine, I mean her own and her hesitation was uncharacteristically indecisive and just a little bit cruel to both, really Also, there s really no question where she d end up in the end, so having her vacillate felt a little contrived And it doesn t help that Asir was a little too perfect to feel real with functionally unlimited resources and none of the baggage of his culture indeed, working counter to the worst of its excesses.That said, if you don t fall a little in love with Sam yourself, you probably shouldn t be reading this genre he s altogether lovely without being too contrived to buy into He s certain enough of himself that dating one of the most powerful witches in the world doesn t phase him but without that arrogance that so many other heroes in the genre are graced with What I m saying is that he s strong without feeling the need to force that strength onto others Also, he screws up in completely believable ways without ever sacrificing his innate adorableness It doesn t hurt that he s a doctor and one of those whose practice and motivations are centered on serving others And I ll repeat none of that feels contrived or unlikely which is nothing short of amazing now I think of it.Finally, the story itself is a rocking good tale with lots of action, a little mystery, and good pacing Bronwyn is defensive by choice, but that doesn t mean she sits back and waits for things to happen There are a lot of threads in play, some of them a little gratuitous view spoiler like inventing a family connection to the bad guy hide spoiler

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    I was very disappointed with this book From the first few paragraphs, I did not like the character s voice, but kept reading, hoping the story itself would engage me The dialogue was stilted though that may have just been in contrast to the main character s commentary Instead of showing us that this woman was a powerful witch, we saw unimpressive spells and had the other characters commenting on how powerfully she executed them It seemed as though every other conversation her great power was mentioned if she did not mention it herself While the two perfect love interests seemed like stock characters, I liked them than I did Bronwyn the High Witch There were also random details thrown in that would have been great subplots, and random subplots that didn t seem to serve a purpose, or the purpose served may have been better executed in a simpler manner Overall, I was very diappointed I wanted to like the book.

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    3.5 stars.This was a fun read and I really enjoyed Bronwyn The book is written in diary like days and I didn t like that at first but I got used to it.Bronwyn is a very powerful High Witch who works as a protector to the Prime Minister Through this she has met Sheik Arik, who is working with the PM to help solve a world wide energy crisis but someone is trying to kill them both Bronwyn is asked to protect the Sheik as well.Just to make things interesting, someone has put a million dollar price on her head too She is attracted to two wonderful men and afraid of being in love Lots going on, a great sense of humor and I can t wait to read the next book.

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    I tried, I really did I was ready for some fun, light reading Pushed my way through to page 57 and just had to give it up I tried to overlook the excessive use of crude sexual remarks, seemingly thrown in there for shock value I rolled my eyes at the commonly heard of high end shoe designers, which seemed to be thrown in there to show the author watched SATC But, the scene where the warlock strolls into the restaurant, intent on killing Bronwyn, and yells You can t tell me what to do witch was than I could handle I could feel the intelligence seep out of my brain DONE

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    Fun and light witchy romance A warlock is causing havoc in Bronwyn s charges lives and he must be stopped but first she has to figure out who the culprit is While she is tring to protect her clients she has no clue who the culprit is really after or why and it s just a fluffy mystery as the story unfolds.

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    I got to page 10 and couldn t take it any longer I DO NOT like her style of writing.

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    Disclaimer I did not finish this book I wanted to stop after the first chapter, but I decided to give this book a fair shake, so I read the next three I really wish I hadn t.This book is atrociously written Whoever was assigned to line edit it must have been asleep It s written as an epistolary novel but does a disservice to the form At the sentence level, it s poorly constructed, but the greater sin is the lack of talent or skill with which the story is told In the first couple chapters, it s difficult to tell which events are important to the story, and which ones are there just for world building Speaking of world building, it needs a lot of it Is magic a well known phenomenon in the world of the book, or is it something that s kept a secret Is the Prime Minister of England known to trust foreign nationals with sensitive diplomatic missions because there are no witches in England, or is there some sort of special reason he relies so heavily on a 20 something woman from Texas How does magic work Is it inherited, cultivated anyone can do it if they try , or completely random Why is Sweet, Texas so different from other towns Why does it seem like everyone has their own Cessna to fly around Who knows Perhaps these issues are addressed later in the novel, but these are basic world building questions that should be addressed in the exposition, and because they weren t, I was confused and skeptical for the four chapters I read I value my time too much to ever finish it.

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