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Kellens Run (StarStones #2) chapter 1 Kellens Run (StarStones #2) , meaning Kellens Run (StarStones #2) , genre Kellens Run (StarStones #2) , book cover Kellens Run (StarStones #2) , flies Kellens Run (StarStones #2) , Kellens Run (StarStones #2) fcf4a832f3e6c Kellen Markes Thought He Wanted Normal None Of The Backstabbing Politics His Family Pursues And Of The Steady Work Of Escorting Priceless Exhibits From Planet To Planet The Pay Is The Only Thing That S Normal So Far Everything Else Is A Challenge And One He S Eager To Embrace But While Outmaneuvering Space Pirates And Intergalactic Tragedies Is Exciting Enough On A Good Day, Even Kellen Can T Predict What Awaits Him On The Ground Because There S Only One Thing Worse Than Providing An Artifact Safe Passage Across The Galaxy And Finding Out The People Who Ordered It Don T Want It Finding Out The People Who Do Want It Can Literally Shred A Human S Mind

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