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Driven To Be Loved chapter 1 Driven To Be Loved , meaning Driven To Be Loved , genre Driven To Be Loved , book cover Driven To Be Loved , flies Driven To Be Loved , Driven To Be Loved afd38cbadb748 On The Surface, Brecee Carmen Has Nothing In Common With Adrian Cole She Is A Pediatrician Certified In Trauma Care He Is A Transportation Problem Solver For A Luxury Car Dealership Aka A Car Salesman Despite Their Slow But Steady Attraction To Each Other, Neither One Of Them Is Sure That They Re Compatible To Complicate Matters, Brecee Is The Sole Unattached Carmen Daughter When It Seems As Though Everyone Else Around Her, Family And Friends, Is Finding Love Through A Series Of Discoveries, Adrian And Brecee Learn That Things Don T Always Happen By Coincidence Generational Forces Are At Work, Keeping Promises, Protecting Family Members, And Perhaps Even Drawing Adrian Back To The Church He Had Strayed From Is It Possible That God Has Been Playing Matchmaker All Along

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    GodI love the scriptures in this book and the lovely story combined I also love the Carmen s I hated for this series to end I am definitely going to read books right now I got so into God reading this book, and that is a good thing.

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    When Dr Sabrece Brecee Carmen first meets Adrian Cole in Pat Simmons Driven to be Loved , she thinks he s a complete jerk Extremely good looking on the outside but an unfeeling man on the inside What man would laugh at a lady in distress instead of trying to comfort her Never mind the fact that her tears were brought on by her very first speeding ticket and he d already weathered three, he should have been much understanding Adrian quickly sees the error of his ways, sending Dr Carmen a beautiful flower arrangement in apology As she gets to know him, Brecee is still unsure how he could fit into her world He is a transportation problem solver a car salesman Her brothers in law have set the bar high in terms of wealth and stature in the community Most of all, while Adrian professes to be a Christian he doesn t necessarily walk the walk Brecee s family believes very strongly that baptism with both the water and the Spirit are crucial and she won t compromise on that Can Adrian convince her to give him a chance Will Brecee see that Adrian has great depth of character and is worth her time I was very impressed with the strength of the Carmen family in this story This is the third installment of the Carmen sisters books and I feel like I know Brecee and her family pretty well, now, just from reading this one Their church, while very different from the one I grew up in, was on fire for the Lord It was amazing to me that it was almost an expected thing for any newly baptized believer to then be given the gift of speaking in the heavenly language They walked down the aisle to accept the altar call, were baptized then received the Holy Spirit I loved learning about Bethesda Temple I also was very impressed with the care Brecee and Adrian took to keep themselves pure until marriage She goes as far as not letting him into her home when he picks her up and he is very understanding, never questioning her reason for this I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes a good romance I feel like I came away with a better Bible knowledge, too, which was an unexpected bonus I received this book from The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review.

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    Driven to be Loved by Pat Simmons is book three in The Carmen Sisters series Although I have not read books two and three in the series, I thoroughly enjoyed book three alone Now that I have read book three, I intend to read the first two in the series Set in St Louis, this romantic story is pleasing in every way admirable main characters and minor characters, interesting close knit family members, and an uplifting spiritual theme.Sabrina Brecee Carmen is an attractive, 31 year old woman and a pediatrician certified in trauma care Adrian Cole is a handsome transportation problem solver car salesman for a large luxury car dealership He is driven to be successful in his career and is enrolled in graduate school, leaving little time for relationships Their first chance encounter happens on a Saturday evening in front of the St Louis Bread Company where Brecee is sitting in her car and having a meltdown She has just received her first speeding ticket and is having a tearful moment Adrian taps on her car window to see if she is okay and to offer assistance, but his less than chivalrous reaction to her predicament wins him no points They part ways, but each has left a lasting first impression on the other Later after a heart to heart chat with his cousin, Dolan, Adrian realizes that he came across as a total jerk Using the info that he has the hospital s name on her lab coat and his expertise on the internet, he has no problem finding out who she is He orders a beautiful floral bouquet to be sent to her at work and encloses an apologetic note From there, their story unfolds with many twists and turns that keep it interesting The Carmen family is a spirit filled family who have worshiped God for generations Through them Adrian discovers his own family s spiritual roots that somehow are interwoven with those of the Carmen family I enjoyed this novel and highly recommend it I received this book through TBCN in exchange for an honest review.

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    Driven to be Loved The Carmen Sisters is the third book in author Pat Simmons series but could be read as a stand alone A refreshing Christian romance, it is the tale of opposites pediatrician Dr Sabrece Brecee Carmen, the youngest of four sisters, and Adrian Cole, an arrogant luxury car salesman They are quite different but yet drawn together Their road is a bit rough at times, but life isn t always smooth It is also a family values book Through scripture, dialogue, and actions we learn that the Carmen family is a faith filled, God loving, strong family When a need arises, the family is quick to rally together The men are protective and the women are strong The book has moments that will make you chuckle, sigh, and even get teary It will increase your faith The main characters are engaging and quickly draw you in The author gives great supporting characters, a whole family to love Mama Carmen has a nice part in this book that everyone will enjoy There is plenty of dialogue to keep it interesting The spiritual messages were on abundant It was so refreshing to read of a young woman staying true to her belief She was strong in her conviction not to compromise her virtue and went to great lengths to avoid temptation The subject of baptism was addressed along with worship It was interesting to learn about the church in this book This was an encouraging, inspirational Christian love story, containing no drinking, but instead scripture and morals It is not just a love story between a man and woman, but it tells how much God loves us I rated it 5 out of 5 stars It is a 256 page paperback book A copy of this book was provided by The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review.

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    I liked the overall message of this book but I found some of the dialogue to be very superficial.It is always encouraging to read about young African American families that are close to God and each other I love the interactions among the family members You could tell that the love was real and there was genuine support from each other.I admired how these characters were able discuss their feeling openly and received advice that helped them to understand God s heart in the situation I did not like that the authors was always reminding the reader of the cars that the characters drove, the famous and rich athlete and how much money this family had I wished she did not put so much emphasis on the material things but emphasize the spiritual .One of the lessons you can learn from Brecee is that you cannot change a man Only God can change someone Always be very careful who you gave your heart to The trap some of us older unmarried women fall into is to become intimate whether physical or mental with a man and then tell ourselves that he will become a Christian We gave ourselves excuses to form an ungodly connection to a non spiritual man God did not say to guard it because it is the wellspring of life lightly Favorite sentence in the book According to Pastor, Don t get your purpose and your talent mixed up It s possible to use your talent to its fullest extent yet never reach your purpose in life Page 163I received this book for free from The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review I also posted this review on , Barnes and Nobles, Goodreads, Deepershopper, etc.

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    This is book 3 in The Carmen Sisters trilogy This can be a stand alone book, or you may want to read 1 and 2 in this series first.Brecee Carmen is the youngest sister of four She also is the only one not married She has high set standards for the man she would marry Her 1 standard to love God and have Him first in his life.Brecee is a pediatric emergency doctor She is 31 years old and wanting to be married She meets Adrian Cole a high end leisure car salesman who doesn t know the Lord.Brecee believes in life long marriage to someone who truly loves and appreciates her She and Adrian don t seem to have much in common, other than a strong attraction for each other at the beginning.This is a wonderful Christian romance novel I loved how Brecee relied on God to lead, guide and direct her.My favorite sayings in this book are l If God didn t love you, He wouldn t correct you Every trial that He allows to happen in our lives is designed to transform us into overcomers 2 It is possible to use your talent to its fullest extent, yet never reach your purpose in life But if you seek God s purpose, then your talent will manifest itself I really enjoyed reading this book It isn t just a story it teaches you things about the Godly ways of life.I received a copy of this book from The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review.

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    This was my first read by this author, and it was a pleasant one.The youngest of the Carmen sisters thinks she might have finally found the one , but He has yet to find The One She practices patience, and God works things out in his own time and in His own way My favorite part about this book is that this is truly Christian fiction There aren t just a few prayers thrown in, or a few visits to church, or a few scripture verses These characters live and love Christ in their everyday lives I LOVED how the dating characters avoid putting themselves in compromising positions such as being alone in eachother apartments They double and triple date, and making sure that Christ dwells in their partner is a must The family members are always there to hold them up, encourage them, and help them in their walk with the Lord.I don t necessarily agree with all the doctrine here, but that didn t figure into the review There are very few that agree on doctrine So, I took it with a grain of salt.It was so refreshing to read a contemporary romance without the drinking, compromising, constantly being alone in each others homes, etc Christ really is the center of these families lives, and they live it inside AND outside the church.I truly enjoyed this read, and I highly recommend this book I received this book through bookfun.org for my honest opinion which I gave given.

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    A trauma pediatrician and a high end car salesman are an unlikely match Brecee s life is devoted to her relationship with God and healing injured and sick children There is no room in her life for a man who has no relationship for God, and whose main goals are to sell fancy cars These are very strong characters with very strong family ties Getting to know them was very enjoyable and at times quite humorous Adrian s lack of faith is a great concern to Brecee, and she attempts to keep her distance for that particular reason This is a very strong Christian fiction story of family, priorities, relationships and above all, faith and living it I enjoyed getting to know Brecee s family, and the differences between her sisters and herself They re looking to get her married off, but she won t settle for anything less than her set of priorities in a man Driven to be Loved is a wonderful Christian women s book It is inspirational, true to its genre and I enjoyed getting to know the various characters throughout the story Although a bit predictable it s a great weekend read that will awaken your spirit.Disclaimer I received a copy of this book from The Book Club Network s For Readers Only program in exchange for my honest review All opinions expressed are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review.

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    Am I my sister s keeper Yes I am and the Carmen sisters proved it in word and deed Baby sister Sabrece is the last of the Carmen sisters to find love and the man that wins her heart must have what every man married to a Carmen women has A love for God first and foremost before he can even begin to know how to love her properly Really enjoyed how this family is so close and connected to each other And I loved how each family, even the in laws, was tied together by family bonds, trust, truth, honesty and love for each other and God When you married a Carmen sister you inherited a whole family that had your best interest at heart and would take it to the Father if need be The sisters all help to keep each other accountable to themselves and to God Not even how fine and handsome a man is comes overrules the fact Plus as an added bonus, Mama Carmen, who refused to bring a man around her daughters as they were growing up, was found by her good man A really good series that I hate to see end.

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    Driven To Be Loved is the first book that I have read by Pat Simmons and even though it is the third book in her Carmen Sisters series, it can be read by itself Sabreece Carmen is the youngest of her sisters and it is obvious that she has been raised in a family that is strong, supportive, God loving and God fearing They are also very anxious to see her happily married and they don t care to express those wishes When Sabrece Brecee finds herself falling for a non believer, she resists this attraction because of her strong faith We are shown her struggle to remain faithful to her beliefs and still experience the joy of finding true love and author Pat Simmons gives her readers two wonderful love stories one between a man and woman and the other between God and his obedient child This is a book worthy of your time and I am anxious to learn about the Carmen family.I received a copy of this book from The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review All opinions expressed are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review.

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