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Kidnapped by the Alien Barbarian (Warriors of Warden #1) quotes Kidnapped by the Alien Barbarian (Warriors of Warden #1) , litcharts Kidnapped by the Alien Barbarian (Warriors of Warden #1) , symbolism Kidnapped by the Alien Barbarian (Warriors of Warden #1) , summary shmoop Kidnapped by the Alien Barbarian (Warriors of Warden #1) , Kidnapped by the Alien Barbarian (Warriors of Warden #1) 842bd612 Lela Lives In A Female Compound On Earth, Knowing Exactly Where Her Life Is Going She Will Be Forced To Have A Career She Doesn T Want, Marry A Man A Computer Chooses For Her, Give Birth To Children Who Will Be Taken From Her, And Basically Spend Her Entire Life Doing As She S ToldDrrrl Is The Prince Whose Family Has Been Exiled From His Home Planet Due To A Centuries Old Feud With Another Family His Family Has Been Cursed To Have No Female Offspring Instead Of Choosing One Of The Exiled Women Convicts Brought To His Planet, He Decides To Go To Earth And Choose A Woman He Would Prefer As Soon As He Sets Eyes On Lela He Realizes She Is His Fated Mate Dare He Take Her With Him Against Her Will And Make Her His Bride Will They Ever Be Able To Get Past The Fact That He Kidnapped Her To Live Together In Harmony

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    Two and a halfI wanted something different to read, a literary palette cleanser I guess and spotted this for free The reviews seemed mixed so I thought ok why not try a new author.So its a future when Earth has closed its gates so to speak even though it has previously traded with other planets For fifty years a deeply religious sect has kept order meaning it has a very devout population that are organised with very little freedom Lela might not be happy but the life she leads is all she knows or can imagine So when Drrrl teleports down and insists she returns to his planet with him naturally Lela is completely out of her depth.I really wanted to like this but it s perhaps too simplistic at times It s a quick read so everything happens fast and there s some danger thrown in to spice up the plot but sadly again the pace let it down.So did anything work Actually the odd nicknames that Drrrl had for Lela were actually funny although totally wrong I could perhaps empathise with Lela as she s this sheltered, stifled young woman but I found Drrrl to be irritating, impulsive and just led around by his lust Perhaps the author will flesh out her world in subsequent stories and I will certainly check out the reviews very carefully.

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    This would have been a DNF if it had been longer.Just not entertaining Hero was a smiling jerk.Just yucky blah.I won t be reading any from this series.

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    Ok read, not fabulousEver seen a black and white 50 s science fiction movie The story read like watching one of those old movies It was stilted The language and syntax were simple The one funny part, though, had the guy using mistaken endearments from watching partners on old Earth crime TV shows But other than that, little description was used to liven the text.

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    Not Bad Definitely enjoyable, though could have used a bit work explaining about the aliens and history I liked the characters and the story was easy enough to read 3

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    I can t even begin to describe how bad this book is

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    RevelationLiked the fact that preconceptions were blown out of the water not so kean on the names of the warring factions found it a bit distracting but still a decent read

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    my phone is a jerk ugh It s a miss but the whole taking out vowels because that s subtle amused me There were hints of wit so I d be willing to give the author another try once she s had experience okay for aayesha in pretty much every way but the plot is soooo sparse.

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    Great bookQuick read and I loved the story I can t wait to read the next book and I hope it is out by now.

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    Good readI loved the spice and spunk made for a very good read u can t wait to continue reading the rest of the series

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    Nice simple story.This is a good book for young romance readers, but not very developed for mature readers For me, it s too simplistic.

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