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Caught in the Glow (The Glower Chronicles, #1) chapter 1 Caught in the Glow (The Glower Chronicles, #1) , meaning Caught in the Glow (The Glower Chronicles, #1) , genre Caught in the Glow (The Glower Chronicles, #1) , book cover Caught in the Glow (The Glower Chronicles, #1) , flies Caught in the Glow (The Glower Chronicles, #1) , Caught in the Glow (The Glower Chronicles, #1) 7e6fe7eba6361 When She Was A Child, Avery Harmen Watched Her Father Die At The Hands Of A Glower A Breed Of Demon That Feeds On Dreams Of Fame And Glory Now She Secretly Protects The Rising Stars Of Los Angeles From The Demons That Prey On Them, Determined To Make Sure Her Clients Never Suffer The Same FateThen Avery Finds Herself Assigned To Colin Ryder, A Young Indie Rocker Who Just Landed A Major Label Deal Colin Is Cocky, Rebellious, A Brilliant Musician, And Already In The Glowers Sights He S Also Far Too Hot For Avery To Ignore The Chemistry Between Them Especially When She Gets To Know The Tender Side Behind His Celebrity Facade Though Avery Knows She S Falling Too Fast, She S Willing To Risk Heartbreak If Fanning The Flames Of Attraction Distracts Colin From His Glower Tempting Antics But Colin Is Keeping A Secret Of His Own, One So Big It Will Put Both Her Heart And His Soul On The LineThe First Book In The Glower Chronicles, A Steamy New Adult Paranormal SeriesEach Book In The Glower Chronicles Contains A Stand Alone Romance, But It Is Recommended That You Read Them In Order To Best Appreciate The Ongoing Subplots

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    What could be better than a contemporary romance with a troubled rockstar Add a touch of the paranormal, some great dialogue, one feisty female who bows to no one and of course, the troubled, yet talented rockstar who is keeping as many secrets as our leading lady Pretty much, you have a delightful smorgasbord of great elements, great writing and great reading called Caught in the Glow by Eva Chase.Not everyone can see the Glowers, nasty demons who feed on dreams of fame and glory What better place to start than with rising stars Avery s job is to keep these people safe, serving undercover as an assistant bodyguard When she was assigned to stick to Colin like grass stains on white shorts, his most endearing quality was NOT his arrogance, excess or rebellious side Oh wait, he didn t have any endearing qualities The Glowers are following him and only Avery can keep them at bay, but there is a another facet to Colin, two actually, his kind and generous side and the secretive side, the one that could destroy than Avery s heart.It s all about the chemistry and these two have it, in spades, thanks to the talented pen of Eva Chase Ms Chase has created a romance with a twist, nothing drastic, but definitely a positive one Avery is a treat, one of those characters you wish would show up for a visit Colin, a bit of manwhore, but deep down, this talented guy is good, he just needs to learn to trust Will he find that trust with Avery From start to finish, Eva Chase had me, sometimes chuckling, sometimes getting frustrated and sometimes saying awwww That is what creating a story and presenting it well is all about, it leaves us wanting I received this edition from Eva Chase in exchange for my honest review.Series The Glower Chronicles Book 1Publication Date October 13, 2015Publisher Ink Spark PressGenre NA Coming of Age Romantic FantasyPrint Length 202 pagesAvailable from For Reviews More

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    Caught in the Glow was one of those books I m very glad to have accepted for review The story was really great, I enjoyed it so much It was intriguing, sexy with engaging characters and the writing was so damn good I m definitely a fan of this story and world This story is about Avery Harmen, who when she was a child witnessed her father dying at the hands of a Glower, which, as the synopsis says are a breed of demon that feeds on dreams of fame and glory Years later Avery works as a Tether and gets assigned to Colin Ryder, a new up and coming rockstar who s on the brink of losing his major label deal and self destruction As Avery does everything in her power to protect Colin she realises there s behind him than the self assured and defiant rockstar that everyone else sees and starts falling for him But then a secret of Colin surfaces which makes Avery doubt that she can keep protecting him from the Glowers I loved Avery as well as Colin Avery because she cared about Colin and not just as a client but really as a person and didn t want him to get hurt She did literally everything to keep him from the Glowers Also, she kicked ass at playing the drums, which was just beyond awesome Colin because at first he seemed this typical cocky rockstar who brings a new girl home with him every week but once you get to know him, there s also a lot of depth within him he was really talented even if he struggled with it.The thing that I liked so much about this book was that it was a very unique concept Sure, I ve read other books that were new adult as well as paranormal that also featured rockstars but they weren t quite like this The writing was really appealing to me, which made the story all the enjoyable And of course the romance was so very hot Avery and Colin definitely had a lot of chemistry going on between them I loved it.I only wanted to read a little about the side characters like Sterling, Fiona and Mateo But of course this was before I found out Fiona and Mateo will actually get their own books so yay Looking forward to those very much.Overall, Caught in the Glow by Eva Chase was in one word awesome It had a lot of the things that I love in a good read new adult, paranormal, rockstars and steamy romance I can t wait for the next books featuring Fiona and Mateo

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    3.5 5 stars PureTextuality.com A new kind of demon, well at least new to me, and a story that takes place among rock celebrities Count me in At first, I wasn t really sure about the premise once I got into the book, but I stuck with it, and it really got better as I read.Avery is the daughter of a rock legend, one that died way too soon Avery and her mom witnessed the death, as they walked in on the Glower that was draining his energy Glowers are demons that feed off of artistic energy of any kind The special the talent, the they are drawn to the musician or artist First they have to mark them, then feed off of them, on and off, for awhile before ultimately draining their life away Because Avery and her mom are two of the people that were actually able to see Glowers, they both work for an agency that is employed by different recording studios and the like, to get their talent to start getting work done instead of getting hooked on drugs, groupies, and all the bad stuff that heads towards any celebrity Not that the studios know anything about the Glowers, because they don t.Avery is nineteen and is assigned to her second case, nineteen year old, rock god to be, Colin Ryder He also happens to have gone to a school that Avery attended for a few months back in high school She remembers him, but has no reason to think he would ever remember her Avery has to move in with him and keep him in check, when all he wants to do is get into trouble It s almost like he is on a collision course or something Of course, Avery see s the Glowers, one in particular, almost everywhere Colin goes It s her job to warn off the demon, who incidently knows what Avery s job is, and even at times dispel them away from the scene I didn t like that she has no way of actually killing the demon, only a way to get them to leave for awhile It doesn t help that Colin isn t cooperating with Avery.Of course, this book ends up with a romance between the two But there is a lot of angst in order to get there And Colin is not exactly on board with behaving to the point that I really didn t like him as much as you should like a main character, or love interest There was a twist I really didn t see coming concerning this, as it turned out Well I kinda did, but I wasn t sure.In the end, is this a book that I want to read the sequel to Not sure, but probably if only to see where two other characters adventures with glowers take them I really thought there should be to this particular story, scary moments, bad encounters with the demons, a better way to get rid of them, etc.,so I was a bit shocked to see the follow ups are about other people that are friends coworkers of Averys Maybe we will see about this couple in the other two books, because I didn t feel their story was really finished.Recommended to adult paranormal romance fans Adult due to steamy scenes.A copy of this was given to me by Net Galley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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    I stayed up till 2 am to finish this. I liked it I really liked it Caught in the Glow is about an organization that protects artist from a breed of demon that feeds on dreams of fame and glory Avery was assigned to Colin Ryder, a young indie rocker who just landed a major label deal I ended up thinking about two things while reading this 1 I have always loved this genre I like how authors mix contemporary with the supernatural It was exciting and well written.2 This reminds me a lot of actual celebrities and artist with great careers that ended up badly through suicide or drug overdose It s a supernatural story but it is also really realistic I can t wait for the next book.

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    Hey readers I can t wait to share Caught in the Glow with you You can click the Download eBook link above to check out the first two chapters

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    I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review from the author It does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Full Review on Brianna s Bookish Confessions.I thoroughly enjoyed this book When the author contacted me about her book and told me it was new adult romance with a paranormal element, I was all in I m not that familiar with new adult paranormal only YA YA paranormal is one of my all time favorite genres and I have Twilight to thank for that This was a great paranormal read Demon like creatures who suck your passion out of you COUNT ME IN Avery watched her dad die and as you guessed, by a Glower Now sworn to destroy the things that killed her father, she secretly helps protect famous musicians from having the same fate as her dad She is currently to protect Colin Ryder She knows all too well who Colin Ryder is She went to school with him at one point, but not that he would notice He has a thing for the ladies and he makes that very clear to Avery when she comes to protect him He has a bad temper and it doesn t take much for him to be set off But neither of the 2 can ignore the chemistry building between the 2.I m a hardcore romance addict that much is true So it is without a doubt I LOVEDDD the romance between Colin and Avery I love my bad boy rocker types and Colin was just that I loved his character Avery s as well though at times I just wanted to slap her for taking SOO long But what can a girl do

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    I liked the premise, but I just didn t feel connected to the characters I wish there has been back forth between the 2 MCs leading up to the romantic parts.

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    FREE on today 10 19 2017

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    I kindly received a copy of this book from Ink Spark Press via NG in return for an honest review.Rating 3.5 stars I saw my first Glower when i was seven years oldthat was when i learned that artistic passion could consume a person, literally Avery Harmen is part of the Tether Society, A secret society who protects artists with brilliant talents from the demons Glower who would mark them, sucking the life and joy away from them until the artist kills themselves No one knows this happens.No one believes in demons in this day and age The only way someone can see a glower is if they saw someone dying at the hands of the demons.Avery is sent to tether Colin Ryder, an upcoming rock star His talent is unbelievable, everybody loves him, everyone wants to be him.And there lies the danger.The Glowers have their eyes on Colin, and it s Avery s job to protect him at all cost Well this was really original Wow This book is most definitely NA, it has language and sexual situations and scenes fair warning This book blew my mind in terms of originality, I mean, we always hear about the intense depression artists in Hollywood have They take drugs, drink too much and sometimes, die of an overdose But why does this happen What compels someone who has such great possessions, someone who is rolling in money and living the dream from suddenly being so unhappy The Glowers I just thought it was an ingenious idea The characters were very likable, Colin had that vulnerable glow around him that just made your heart ache However, I will admit that the romance was really fast, One minute he s glaring at her and the next he s moon eyed It just felt really fast I liked Avery a lot too, she s a cool, no nonsense character that I can appreciate It kind of ended on a cliff hanger though So be prepared Stay awesome The Book HeraldCheck out my blog The Book Herald Blog help the little people tweet me thebookherald

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    I thought this was a great first book It was unlike anything I ve read before The story was entertaining and kept me on the edge waiting to see what would happen next.Avery has the ability to see the demons that feed off of the joy that comes from fame and she works hard to protect her clients from harm When she is assigned to Colin Ryder emotions get caught up in the mix.At first I wasn t a big fan of Colin, he has that cocky bad boy rocker thing going on but when he began to show his true personality I feel in love.I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the rest of the series.

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