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Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens chapter 1 Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, meaning Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, genre Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, book cover Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, flies Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens 190933f821f7b Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens By J M Barrie Peter Pan, The Boy Who Refused To Grow Up, Is One Of The Immortals Of Children S Literature J M Barrie First Created Peter Pan As A Baby, Living In Secret With The Birds And Fairies In The Middle Of London, But As The Children For Whom He Invented The Stories Grew Older, So Too Did Peter, Reappearing In Neverland, Where He Was Aided In His Epic Battles With Red Indians And Pirates By The Motherly And Resourceful Wendy Darling With Their Contrary Lures Of Home And Escape, Childhood And Maturity, Safety And High Adventure, These Unforgettable Tales Are Equally Popular With Children And Adults

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    Book 28 100

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    I should have read this before reading Peter Pan This story made me cry at the end about how Peter felt when his mother was sleeping with another baby.However, I wanted to give 4 stars but I couldn t bring myself to do that.

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    Because I m behind on reviews, I m just going to link this months classics wrap up

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    At the beginning of this book, it told me something along the lines of to properly understand the story of Peter Pan, you need to understand Kensington Gardens That is a lie You do not need to read this book to understand, enjoy, or dislike as was in my case , Peter Pan and Wendy Put this book down Go pick that one up It ll be better than this, I assure you This was very dry and boring to me It kind of had the effect of reading a manual But at the same time the author used you so I guess Barrie was trying to involve me it just wasn t happening I didn t care about the gardens It was nice to see how some children were portrayed at the time But at the same time, I didn t care about this random girl and her brother Okay, maybe we got to see a little bit of why and how Peter Pan became who he was But I felt little sympathy for his character even though he goes for an emotional ordeal I m not sure if it has to do with the choice he makes at one point in the novel which could have led to a very different outcome, or whether it s because the writing style to this one was so dry Or maybe I m just heartless Who knows Not for me But nice try, J.M Barrie.

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    I just love the original story of Peter Pan, and I was rather excited to learn about this prequel Unfortunately, my excitement did not last I found the plot to be confusing and quite frankly, all over the place Due to this, I found I had quite a bit of trouble understanding what was actually going on in the story, which is a major put off for me.In the original story, I am able to connect with all the characters, but with this one, I had difficulties even relating to Peter Having said all of these negative comments, there was a magical fairy take element in this story, which is what I came for, and I enjoyed reading parts of Peter Pans childhood Peter Pan,as a character, has always interested me, even now I am an adult.Having read this, I feel no different really, so to be honest, this book was unnecessary.

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    He was a poet, and they are never exactly grown up Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens could ve been marvelous Barrie s whimsical writing is stunning as always, but unfortunately, the narrative is so confusing and sporadic that it s difficult to follow The juxtaposition of events in the present beside those in the future, doesn t work in accordance with the omniscient narrator I spent the vast majority of the story wondering when a particular event was happening in the time line, and whether or not it was part of one cohesive plot Due to this, I couldn t connect with Peter or the other various characters The ending is quite bitter sweet, but I loved being able to understand Peter s origin I also love the snide and mischievous actions and remarks from all the fairies These sassy creatures are adorable and make for such an amusing addition to Barrie s magical world Although I found this prequel to be puzzling than enlightening, it s quite short in length, so I never found myself bored whilst reading it Blog Instagram Twitter Bloglovin

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    A children s story which was in print during my childhood, but which I m reading for the first time in an adulthood having been one of those kids who pretty much finished the children s section in the library, this is a rare bird indeed.I mostly, reflexively, find myself reading in the same way as I did when I was a child with open minded acceptance of the peculiarities of this little world I m now immersed in, and a hint of detachment I know fairies aren t real, but this is how they do things here and that s fair enough And no one s persistently making me pretend I think they are real, not like with Father Christmas People did things differently and thought and said differently in the past and that s okay too Uninterested in suppressed pederasty theories about the author which just seem irrelevant to my reading experience And out of the corner of my eye it s apparent that there probably are things that could be written about Barrie s portrayal of women, but quite frankly, everyone in this story is a bit odd and the most relevant otherness here is child adult, not male female.Reading, it strikes me that most children s stories are about escape Escape from control by adults into a world where you have responsibility for getting into and out of your own scrapes Is that what all children want Or just a subset of us But in an era where it would be normal and incidental to mention that When they came up to whip Maimie who had been a little noisy after lights out they usually found her sleeping tranquilly escape would seem especially justified for all That sentence slashes violent red through the curious flower bordered world of much of the rest of this short story.This time at least 25 years after I perhaps should have first read this my own escape is almost real, reading with no one to interrupt me or shout or try to discourage me from reading at the table even though it was the only way to keep things calm Then someone came to the door to talk about a tree in the back garden that the neighbours want to prune Though I don t have to do it myself, just let them in false alarm, almost.How lovely it must have been to read this as a small child who visited central London parks, and go looking for fairies within the circle of the seven Spanish chestnuts , as I looked for Wombles on Wimbledon Common at the start of the 80 s, and countless other children have explored book locations on the offchance that they might somehow really stumble into another world.But occasionally grown up reality intrudes and I think how a park in that metropolis of 8 million seething souls could never be so enchantedlyquiet as it was in Edwardian days And mention of the lights seen from afar at night in the park makes me giggle sadly for a second and wonder if they re really anachronistically cruisers At the less inevitably sordid end of the relational spectrum, I m also reminded how accursedly simple it is being in love in children s literature perhaps the least escapist, most cynic making aspect of reading it as a modern adult.It s not only the escape from the world aspect which makes me understand why some people still love the Peter Pan stories so much as grown ups, but Peter s existence as a Betwixt and Between of, and not of, than one world, neither one thing nor t other having chosen on a whim, for a while, to be apart, then finding that it has become his lot.

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    La raz n por la que los p jaros vuelan y nosotros no esta en el hecho de que ellos tienen una fe ciega, por que tener fe quiere decir tener alas Es un verdadero placer leer cosas como estas, enserio que se disfruta a montones.En lo personal pienso que este libro es fabuloso, por que pese a que tal vez pensemos que es un libro infantil, hay un trasfondo y montones de ense anza para los adultos me confieso una seguidora de la literatura inglesa y pues Barrie no pod a faltar, as que hace como dos meses me decid por leer Peter Pan y Wendy , pero oh sorpresa cuando me entero que hab a otro libro antes de este, y as fue como consegu Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens este es un libro que recomiendo que te leas antes de del de Wendy dado que me ayudo a entender mas a mi personaje principal y un poco mas de sus inicios las ense anzas de Barrie son nicas y la lectura se disfruta mucho sobre todo por que te transporta a un mundo fant stico, a la magia y a eso que muchos ya hemos olvidado La Ni ez..

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    Somehow, this book fell a little flat for me.I enjoyed reading it, no doubt, but I think this was due to the writing style which was very easy for me to read than the actual plot or the characters.I was actually a bit surprised by that, because I love fairies and was especially excited for that part of the story Even though I did feel a little spark here and there, the big magical feeling never came.

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    This is one of those happy sad books it is achingly sad when you really think about its essence It is heart breaking and yet hauntingly beautiful, written with wondrous whimsical charm and childlike imagination Childlike, and yet also very adult, it has a wisdom and definite darkness to it as well.I love the idea of babies starting off life as birds, little birds hatching on the island in Kensington Gardens hence we could fly, if we really believed it I love the mentions of David, hands pressed hard against his temples, trying to remember back to his days as a bird The relationship between David and the narrator also felt like something special, a collaboration where child and adult together create a lore from their imaginings and it has become something real, a real place, to them both.Very dark, almost sinister ending, which I didn t expect although there is a strange darkness running throughout the book It would be fascinating to read the whole story within its original context of The Little White Bird There is just something quite incredible about the story.

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