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The Red Necklace pdf The Red Necklace, ebook The Red Necklace, epub The Red Necklace, doc The Red Necklace, e-pub The Red Necklace, The Red Necklace 65717f55bf0 The Winds Of Change Are Blowing Through Paris In The Winter Of , Both For France And For Our Hero, A Striking And Mysterious Gypsy Boy Named Yann Margoza He Was Born With A Gift For Knowing What People Are Thinking And An Uncanny Ability To Throw His Voice, And He Has Been Using Those Skills While Working For A Rather Foolish Magicia That Work Will Soon End, However, And On The Night Of The Magician S Final Performance, Yann S Life Will Truly Begin That S The Night He Meets Shy Sido, An Heiress With A Coldhearted Father, A Young Girl Who Has Only Known Loneliness Until Now Though They Have The Shortest Of Conversations, An Attachment Is Born That Will Influence Both Their PathsAnd What Paths Those Will Be While Revolution Is Afoot In France, Sido Is Being Used As The Pawn Of A Fearful Villain Who Goes By The Name Count Kalliovski Some Have Instead Called Him The Devil, And Only Yann, For Sido S Sake, Will Dare To Oppose Him

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    Tom Hiddleston read this Tom fucking Hiddleston read this Imust listen to this audiobook He could read me a cookbook and I d happily and joyously listen to it EDIT Alas, I couldn t find the UK audiobook, but I m reading it anyway If anyone knows of somewhere I can listen to it, please let me know EDIT AGAIN My good friend Sei gave me a link to the audiobook, and now I m listening and reading it at the same time Actual ReviewWell, it was okay I love historical fiction, but I didn t exactly care for The Red Necklace In an old theater in 1789, France, a boy named Yann Margoza had a unique talent for throwing his voice and reading people s minds He works with two magicians, one of whom a dwarf that raised him as his own One night, they are invited to perform in front of the Marque de Villeduval and Count Kalliovsky at the marques s home That is the night Topolain, the magician, is murdered Tetu the dwarf and Yann are next if they don t escape from the house and France immediately Helping them get away is a young girl named Sido, the marques lonely daughter Once out of France, Yann keeps the girl in his thoughts while learning English in London Two years later, when news that Sido is being forced to marry the evil Count Kalliovski in order to pay off the marques s dept, Yann is determined to rescue her But will the French Revolution and it s growing bloodbath get to her first Tom Hiddleston is a magnificent narrater, literally the best I ve ever heard, but I ended up reading the actual book because it was faster I liked it, but it lost my attention in multiple areas and I had to force myself to read onward It was interesting reading about the French revolution and all of the chaos and death it caused, because I hardly knew anything about it before reading this book I must admit, I was a bit taken with Yann He was smart, quick witted, charming, and everything you should want in a young man Sido, however, I found annoying I didn t care for her in the first half, but in the second half, I wanted to smack some sense into her Why didn t she leave her horrible father when Yann asked to take her to London She seriously thought she d be no better than the savages in the prison if she left him The marques ignored her for years and was about to sell her off into marriage with an old man to save his own ass, and yet she still wouldn t abandon him Another thing that was a bit frustrating was the constant switch of perspectives It was mostly just Sido and Yann, but it would go to the Count, the marque, Aulard, etc I wished Gardner had simply stuck to Yann and Sido It was a decent book but I probably won t pick up the sequel.

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    Les Mis lite OK, I kind of demolished this Whoops.I enjoyed this one a lot than I thought I would.Just shows you don t need angst and star crossed lovers and douchey boys to make a book interesting You need bloody revolutions, headless mannequins, blackmail, intrigue, magicians and a lovely, sweet romance with a girl who is just cute as a button.YES.Full review to come when my laptop isn t throwing a wobbly.

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    Get download find the audiobookTrust me it is so worth it.

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    I just wish there was on and about the revolution

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    First of all, I don t know if my opinion MIGHT be influenced by the fact that Tom FREAKING Hiddleston read this His voice, his WONDERFUL voice, could make a dictionary sound interesting I ve listened to audiobooks before, but nothing compared to this Tom Hiddleston is the best narrator I ve ever heard If he narrates the sequel, I will buy it in a matter of seconds.Now, that I ve raved over how wonderful Tom Hiddleston s voice is, let me talk about the book This book had my attention from the very beginning I liked Yann a lot he was smart, brave and very likable Sido I felt very bad for her, but she was a fool in the end of the book She should just have left the Marque spelling I ve always been interested in the French Revolution and when I discovered that this book was about that, WITH magic and Tom as a narrator, I had to have it It was a thrilling experience and I loved every second of it This is my favourite audiobook of all time partly due to the fact that it has the best freaking narrator in the history of the planet Seriously, he reads with different voices for the characters and it s just wonderful.If you re planning on getting this book, which I very much recommend, please get the audio version You won t regret it, I think It was a very good book with an interesting plot Though, my opinion might be partly because of the awesome narration.Did I mention that Tom is the best narrator ever

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    This was my first foray into the Audiobook realm I am not a fan I do not like waiting to read, and I am plenty of places where I cannot plug in my headphones and listen to a book It s a great format, just not the right one for me Anyway, about the book itself I found the story line to be plodding, and the characters very one dimensional Honestly, this was a generous 1.5 star book for me But Christine, you rated it three stars, not one or two Your brain must be addled, or you can t count Au contraire, my friends The book is 1.5 stars The narration, however, is solidly a 5 star performance Therefore, I met in the middle Did I neglect to mention that this book is read, in the audio version I listened to, by the amazing Tom Hiddleston Sorry about that Yes, fellow fangirls, Loki can read you a book in the privacy of your own head It s fantastic The man has a voice made for this, and acts out most of the characters, which is simultaneously hilarious and arousing He s very talented, and his normal speaking voice is enough to make me swoon, so hearing him affect different dialects and accents is thoroughly enjoyable for me However, not even Henry V could save this book Don t get me wrong, driving around listening to this man talk certainly made my days much fun, but it would have been better if the subject matter was as interesting as the narrator.

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    Magic and historical fiction I was sold from the beginning You don t see that too often and I picked up the book with eager hands.Yann is a gypsy boy who can throw his voice, read minds and sometimes even see into the future On one fateful night he loses his gift, but not before he meets the limp but beautiful Sido They don t know it yet, but they will see each other again and have much impact on each other than they could imagine.The plot is shrouded with mystery and hidden secrets Magic in the book was handled well and it s especially interesting to see the take on gypsy magic We don t see it often in books and it gives the book realism, if that makes sense The backdrop of the French Revolution progresses throughout the book and we see just how out of touch the wealthy were Something that we even see today I think Revolution is in the air though and Yann and Sido just like everyone else will fall into the conflict I am very picky about my villains Usually I don t find them evil enough or kind of dim witted Not the case with Count Kallioviski He is the epitome of what a villain should be He has no mercy but you see his vulnerability and his motives Most of all he is a worthy opponent for our protagonists.Yann and Sido are fragile youths when the book begins, but when the book ends they become strong young adults Thankfully their adventure is not quite over and I will be begging my library to get its sequel The Silver Blade.

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    I am going to be completely honest and tell you all that the only reason I found out about this book was because I became a fan of the lovely Tom Hiddleston, and I found out that he read this book for the audio version.Upon this discovery, of course I was excited And of course I immediately marked it as a to read, to read instantaneously after I get back from vacation, to scavenge my shelves periodically for this book Because he s Thomas William Hiddleston, the handsome British villainous actor with a sad face that us fangirls have come to love unconditionally And if he were reading an obituary, I d still listen to it with the same amount of fascination as a historical fiction novel.Now that I ve read the synopsis, it actually looks very good I ve never tried reading historical fiction before The closest I ve gotten to them are with medieval novels But I m willing to give it a try mainly for Tom because the plot seems interesting and, well, I want Tom Hiddleston to read for me.

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    3.5 stars Live your life, Sido, whatever happens Live in the moment, don t live with regret YannI love Tom Hiddleston s voice, it was so fine and eloquent and distinct The way he played different characters with his voice was brilliant I like the story, French Revolution with a touch of magic I love our hero Yann, he was so brave and willing to sacrifice everything to save Sido I have little liking over Sido, I don t know why she can t leave his father, marquis de Villeduval, which view spoiler wasn t her father all along hide spoiler

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    Disclaimer I decided to read this book primarily because Tom Hiddleston reads the audiobook and I love Tom Hiddleston There s also a very famous line in here that his fangirls just love and I wanted to read it in context.So back to the actual book I give 3.5 stars which rounds up to 4 stars It was a good book but there were some things I didn t like about it One thing I didn t like was how the perspective kept shifting from character to character One paragraph would be one character s perspective, the next paragraph would be someone else s It was a bit awkward Another thing I didn t like was that Sido was a bit useless She didn t do much in the book besides be a damsel in distress Also, the ending wasn t satisfying.

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