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  • Kindle Edition
  • 310 pages
  • Penelopes Hope (Regency Silhouettes #1)
  • Sarah Baughman
  • English
  • 23 May 2019

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    Penelope s HopeBy Sarah BaughmanDate 1805Locale London England, during The Season CharactersDraytons Penelope, her brother Cornelius, and their aunt Wyndhams Ash, his mother and his two sisters Violet and RoseAn unseen character at the beginning and the end who has made Ash his heir.For my sake alone I add a synopsis to books, so read on if you don t mind a spoiler view spoiler Penelope is a complicated character who has not seen much happiness in her life Her mother died when she was just 10 and her father never again nurtured her as a father, and drank himself to death leaving little of their fortune left She is determined to be as independent as she can considering the era in which she lived where women of a certain social class are dependent on men She is an artist, but a woman of the Ton cannot make a living So she pretends to be a man who paints portraits Meanwhile, her brother squanders his monthly allowance and gambles away everything, amassing a sizeable debt which, of course, he comes to Penelope to get him out of regularly However, she has very little, and increasingly he has become not as much of a brother as a noose around her neck, and an embarrassment to the family name.Penelope befriends a young lady, Violet, who seems shy, but genuine Unknown to her, Violet s brother, Ash, has just been named heir to a large fortune Two years ago he had been spurned by a young lady he claimed to love, and is leery of any woman for his future He is suspicious of any young woman seeking him for his money Violet is particularly precious to Ash as she has always been put down by her mother and attractive younger sister He has always defended his shrinking violet sister So when she develops a true friendship with someone who clearly enjoys her company and brings out the best in his sister, he is delighted.As his acquaintance with Penelope deepens while he accompanies Violet on her visits, he learns to trust her and devises a plan to keep other women at bay, and at the same time assist Penelope in her independence and pursuit as the male artist hide spoiler

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    This is a slow paced and predictable regency novel I quite enjoyed it There are no surprises, excitement or suspense It s just a cozy little novel It contains a lot of details on the regency period, which will not be surprising to those familiar with the time It also has some details on art and painting since the heroine is a painter, as one can easily surmise from the cover.I enjoyed these characters The characterization is done well and the plot flows nicely, just very slowly The content is squeaky clean There is a touch of romance as well as quite a lot of Christian content The characters talk about God, prayer and the Bible The faith crisis of both the hero and heroine is one of the major themes dealt with in the course of the novel In the Kindle ebook, there are quite a few errors, wrong words and the like, that could get a little annoying This would benefit from some editing.3.5 stars

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    3.5One of my favorite things as a book blogger is meeting and reading debut authors and their novels It s an exciting time for any author and it s fun to have the chance to play a small role in that big career step Plus if it s historical fiction, a girl can hardly resist I have to say, I was rather impressed with this debut Not that I expected not to be I should make that clear Anyway, I found myself quickly connected to the story and the characters I really liked both Penelope you felt her pain in the situation she was in and I respected her and her goals While there were some things I found curious and I hope will be told about Ash specifically his relationship with his mother and younger sister , I still was a fan of him I especially liked seeing his friendship and relationship grow with Penelope Aunt Essie, Victoria and Mr Petler were also characters you quickly love There s a strong Christian theme, so fans of inspirational fiction will especially enjoy this one Even with the conclusion of Penelope and Ash s story, there were still things to be told and it worked that they all weren t revealed in the novel I think it would have been forced or rushed That being said, it ended with the gates wide open for the second book and I m excited to find out .This was a promising debut and I look forward to seeing from Sarah.What debut are you looking forward to this year Thank you to the author for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review Originally posted at

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    A darling debut regency romantic christian novel with a pinch of mystery that was a delight to read Sarah Baughman did a fantastic job bringing us back in time to the Jane Austin era throughout this wonderful story with charming well developed characters you want to spend time with This story centers around two families, the Drayton s and Wyndham s, who are brought together by the friendship of Penelope and Violet Penelope s relationship with the Wyndham family Violet, Rose, Ash, and their mother , as well as the relationships between the Wyndham family themselves, keeps one turning the pages to see what happens next I for one cannot wait for Violet s story.Rated Penelope s Hope 4 stars due to the unanswered subplots I recommend this delightful story to all who enjoy a clean regency romantic story with christian notes.

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    Excellent read This was the first book I have read by this author It will not be the last I loved it It had a great take on the Season in Town London and I learned so much that I had never read in any other book I really loved the characters and felt part of the story This is a book of forgiveness, learning to trust, and seeing things as they are not as you remember them to be Highly recommend this to historical fiction lovers

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    About this book Life has given Penelope Drayton very little hope After years of preparations, 1806 is the year that she is determined to create her own hope The successful execution of her plan would grant her independence, but failure would certainly be her ruination Just when her plan begins to meet with difficulty, she finds a faithful ally in Miss Violet Wyndham Violet s brother, Mr Ashbridge Wyndham, has but one objective for London s Social Season escape unscathed With his mysterious benefactor, he is suddenly a sought after prize for the matchmaking mamas Unfortunately for him, marriage is the last thing he wants at present His sister Violet, with her shy but calming spirit, is the only part of the Season which he finds tolerable When Penelope and Ash meet through their mutual affection for Violet, will God use the acquaintance to begin healing for both of these wounded hearts Series Book 1 in the Regency Silhouettes series Spiritual Content Romans 8 24 25 at the beginning Lots of witnessing to the main characters Scriptures are mentioned, quoted, talked about Many talks about God, Jesus, pleasing Him, trusting Him, forgiving, desires, plans, confessing H s are capital when referring to God Penelope doesn t remember having a good earthly father, so she s not interested in a Heavenly one she voices thinking He s a weak King because of all the suffering in the world, she says she has seen little of God s goodness in her life Ash wants to keep his own time time, and says he s his own master Spoiler view spoiler Both main characters come to God near the end hide spoiler

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    Pure GoldWhat a lovely period piece In a world full of such ugliness, it is indeed a comfort to read such a refreshing tale Part of the draw was the descriptive language and historical research that went into the story It does not disappoint and I would highly recommend it to any of my friends.

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    Good storyThe storyline was good and the book an easy read I enjoyed knowing the characters My only complaint was that I never found out the connection and reason for naming Ash the heir and am still curious about it.

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    I think Wonderful Leaving me wondering when the Sequel will be released I note this one has just been released so I may have to wait a bit But wonderful story, plot, characters etcand yes even the ending Good job and I hope to be notified when book 2 comes out Thanks, Anita

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    Took me a while to get into the book but did enjoy it Will read the next in the series.

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Penelopes Hope (Regency Silhouettes #1) characters Penelopes Hope (Regency Silhouettes #1) , audiobook Penelopes Hope (Regency Silhouettes #1) , files book Penelopes Hope (Regency Silhouettes #1) , today Penelopes Hope (Regency Silhouettes #1) , Penelopes Hope (Regency Silhouettes #1) 1e353 Life Has Given Penelope Drayton Very Little Hope After Years Of Preparations, Is The Year That She Is Determined To Create Her Own Hope The Successful Execution Of Her Plan Would Grant Her Independence, But Failure Would Certainly Be Her Ruination Just When Her Plan Begins To Meet With Difficulty, She Finds A Faithful Ally In Miss Violet Wyndham Violet S Brother, Mr Ashbridge Wyndham, Has But One Objective For London S Social Season Escape Unscathed With His Mysterious Benefactor, He Is Suddenly A Sought After Prize For The Matchmaking Mamas Unfortunately For Him, Marriage Is The Last Thing He Wants At Present His Sister Violet, With Her Shy But Calming Spirit, Is The Only Part Of The Season Which He Finds Tolerable When Penelope And Ash Meet Through Their Mutual Affection For Violet, Will God Use The Acquaintance To Begin Healing For Both Of These Wounded Hearts

About the Author: Sarah Baughman

Sarah grew up in Ohio and received her Bachelor s degree from Concordia University Chicago She was married after college, and has lived in Missouri, Michigan, and Alabama before moving to Texas Along the way, she and her husband had three wonderful children and received guardianship of a fourth Besides writing, she enjoys volunteering at church, sewing historic clothing, and spending time with