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Dust of the Earth chapter 1 Dust of the Earth, meaning Dust of the Earth, genre Dust of the Earth, book cover Dust of the Earth, flies Dust of the Earth, Dust of the Earth 04ea2db6982c5 Dust And Tachi Are International Data Thieves Who Have Just Stolen The World S First, Truly Sentient Artificial IntelligenceNow All They Have To Do Is Live Long Enough To Sell ItBut Between The Elite Of Cyborg Assassins, A Rebel Hacker Cabal Who Want The AI For Their Own Ends And The AI S Own Quest For Identity, It S Going To Take Every Trick Dust And Tachi Know To Stay One Step Ahead, Finish The Job And Get Paid

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    An exciting novel set in a full metal cyberpunk dystopia that still takes the time to give its characters heart and life.We follow and get to know a ragtag crew after they pull off the heist of the century, stealing a piece of technology that everyone with a gun and a will wants to possess With powerful foes hunting them they make their way through a world enhanced and scarred by massive technological change, searching for a way to extricate themselves from the messy outcome of their heist.A collage of high minded ideas and lovable protagonists meet in a kinetic, action packed page turner.

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