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The Missing Fox (Katie Fry, Private Eye #2) summary The Missing Fox (Katie Fry, Private Eye #2) , series The Missing Fox (Katie Fry, Private Eye #2) , book The Missing Fox (Katie Fry, Private Eye #2) , pdf The Missing Fox (Katie Fry, Private Eye #2) , The Missing Fox (Katie Fry, Private Eye #2) b41d11c1a2 Reader, Level Simple, Fun Mysteries For Beginning Readers Katie Fry May Be Little, But She S Got A Big Brain, And She Uses It To Solve Mysteries With Her Feline Friend Sherlock And They Ve Got A New Case Katie S Brother Can T Find His Favorite Stuffed Animal Anywhere But With A Nose For Clues And A Few Good Tips, Katie And Sherlock Are Hot On The Fox S TrailA Great Introduction To Simple, Fun Mysteries Beginning Readers Will Love Hunting For Clues In The Art Right Along With Katie And Sherlock

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    SummaryKatie Fry may be little, but she has a big brain She uses her brain to solve mysteries with her feline friend Sherlock Her next case is that Katie s brother can t find his favorite stuffed animal anywhere She gets some clues and a few good tips Can Katie Fry solve the mystery and become her brother s hero Activity1 What is missing 2 What is the first thing Katie needs to do 3 Was fox really at the pool Explain.4 What clues does Katie find in chapter 2 5 Where does Katie sit down to think Cox, K 2015 Scholastic Reader Level 2 Katie Fry, Private Eye 2 The Missing Fox Scholastic Reader Level 2.

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    My youngest, who isn t even two yet, figured out where the fox was on the first page it showed it, thus ruining any mystery The rest of the story was confusing for the kids because they couldn t understand why the kids in the book couldn t find the fox.

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    Such a cute fun and quick mystery read for kids Can t wait to see Kate Fry Private Eye books because children of color definitely need them

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    Love the artwork but the story is not clear or engaging.

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    Cute Simple mystery savvy kids will solve right away.

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