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Evil in a Mask chapter 1 Evil in a Mask, meaning Evil in a Mask, genre Evil in a Mask, book cover Evil in a Mask, flies Evil in a Mask, Evil in a Mask b76e6d5c29f80 Feb Sep This Latest Of The Roger Brook Stories, Continues His Saga Through The Years Napoleon Is At The Height Of His Powers By Now The Complete Autocrat, Lusting For Power, He Had Warred Against Prussia, Austria And Hanover, Struck Through Poland, Towards The Baltic And Into Russia The Needless Wars Were Bleeding France WhiteRoger Brook, Still The Most Valuable And Resourceful Of Secret Agents, Moves Amongst The Centres Of Power Of Europe And Beyond, And Owing To Mischance And Intrigue Is Carried To Turkey, Persia, Portugal And BrazilBut, Interwoven With The Historical Pattern, Runs The Thread Of Roger S Passionate Involvement With The Lovely Lisala De Pombal A Woman As Licentious As She Is Beautiful Who Plays Her Part In Leading Him From One Desperate Situation To Another

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    A wonderful, thrilling read that tells you about the Napoleonic reign and Europe under his rule than any history can In Roger Brook, Mr Wheatley has created a memorable character who holds his cool and resolve in any situation facing any number of dastardly adversaries or the furious Emperor of the French as the action spins between north Europe, Ottoman Turkey, Persia, Portugal, Brazil, and then back to Europe Hope can find of the canon

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    What happens when the hero marries a villianess.Very enjoyable.

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