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Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz explained Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz, review Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz, trailer Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz, box office Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz, analysis Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz, Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz ba0b He S The Porn World S Everyman Blessed With An Enormous Talent Yet Average Looks, He S Starred In Than , Adult Films, Directed Of Them, And Over The Last Twenty Years Has Become Porn S Biggest Ambassador To The Mainstream He S Appeared In Regular Films, Music Videos, And VH S Surreal Life, Starred In The Critically Acclaimed Porn Star A Movie About His Life , And In Being Ron Jeremy A Take Off On Being John Malkovich , Co Starring Andy Dick And That S Just The Tip Of The Iceberg Ron Jeremy Is A Born Storyteller Funny, Considering He Doesn T Do A Lot Of Talking In His Films He Knows Where All The Bodies Are Buried, And In This Outrageous Autobiography He Not Only Shows You The Grave But Also Gives You The Back Story On The Tombstone Get Ready For Ron Jeremy A Scandalously Entertaining Deep Insider S View Of The Porn Industry And Its Emergence Into Popular Culture, And A Delectable Self Portrait Of The Amazingly Endowed Everyman Every Man Wanted To Be

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  • Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz
  • Ron Jeremy
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  • 05 June 2018
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About the Author: Ron Jeremy

Ronald Jeremy Hyatt born March 12, 1953 , usually called Ron Jeremy, is an American pornographic actor Nicknamed The Hedgehog, he was ranked by AVN at number one in their The 50 Top Porn Stars of All Time list Jeremy has also appeared in non pornographic films, such as The Boondock Saints and 54.He is well known for his large 9.75 inch 24.75cm penis and he has gained some notoriety for

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    Ever since I saw Ron Jeremy on The Surreal life he has intrigued me HaHa He came across as a charming and highly intelligent person and indeed he is classically trained pianist violinist, has a bachelor s degree in education and theater and a master s degree in special education from Queens College in New York and I was curious why someone with a happy middle class upbringing and who was obvious smart would choose the path he has chosen This book was a fun read, Ron Jeremy is funny, it doesn t really drop any bombshells, though it does drop a lot of names lol It gives an insight into the hey day of porn that was interesting to read, how it was all respectable back then On the whole a well written, fun and interesting read.

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    Well, that was the most entertaining read I ve had since Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. It s a sweet little tale of how a nice Jewish boy from Queens was blessed with a 10 inch penis like Kurt Vonnegut said, you never know who ll get one and pursued his acting and comedy career only to or less accidentally get into porn during its Golden Age in the late 70s early 80s You want anecdotes about the intersection of porn and Hollywood s elite They re in here Sex tips from Dr Ron Jeremy They re in here too Pages devoted to the fact that Jeremy can perform autofellatio What good biography of a porn star is complete without it Stories of Plato s Retreat that actually makes it sound like it would have been a pretty good time Natch.Ron Jeremy is surprisingly or maybe not so, for anyone who watched his season of The Surreal Life intelligent, funny, and classy I was amazed to learn he has a master s degree in Special Education and actually spent a few years as a teacher He doesn t drink, smoke, or do drugs, and seems to actually like and respect women Excepting the whole porn star with 1800 film credits thing, he s probably the kind of guy your mom wants you to bring home Contrast this to Jenna Jameson s depressing as hell autobiography Interestingly, I ve now read both without having seen even one of their films Zombie Strippers and Orgazmo don t count Moral of the story Go to school, work hard, stay clean, and you too can be AVN s Number One Porn Star of All Time

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    I first met Ron Jeremy when he was a contestant on MTV s The Surreal Life with televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker He seemed like a genuinely nice guy who genuinely liked women He comes across much the same way in his book an affable yellow lab puppy who keeps dropping a slobbery ball at your feet because he wants to play with you I don t share his perspective on human sexuality He ascribes absolutely no ethics or sentimentality to sex whatsoever to him, it simply is physical act you do, like sneezing or blinking I guess you d have to embrace that perspective to keep from feeling guilty or ashamed or downright icky about engaging in sex with some 4,000 women, most of them in front of a camera He seems like a nice and smart guy he has a master s degree in special education so what I didn t understand after reading the book is WHY he is a porn star when he obviously could do something else Yes, he likes sex, as does most of the human race, yet most of us don t videotape ourselves doing it I think it comes down to some desperate need for attention, as he clearly loves hob nobbing with actors and rock stars and being asked to participate in B rated films and TV shows It s sad, ultimately, needing that kind of attention like a puppy wandering from knees to knees at a backyard barbeque, yet not one person will lean over, pat his head and throw the dang ball.

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    This book was not as interesing as I assumed it would be This is not to say it was terrible, it jsut got repetative after a while.The book seems to be after a bit the story of Ron Jeremy Namedropper He spends a great protion of the book detailing his brushes with fame and the people he has had sex with over the years, famous and random.One of the most interesting sections though is when he is describing the problems he and all of his crew had with the law This was during the time when there was a thin line between prostitution and pronography Often they were considered the same by the law.While it is not the most impressive biography, it is still interesting.

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    Actually 3.5 stars, better than expected.Mr Jeremy makes no excuses for his life s path, but does make a point to mention , than once, that he never intended to be a porn legend.He was very blase about the super sexual lifestyle of a porn star, and his personal sexual stories I am positive that this tale would cause salivation in a Freudian analyst, but honestly some does come across as stereotypical and obvious.I was surprised to find that Mr.Jeremy has a Master s Degree in Spec Ed., is a classically trained musician of 2 instruments, does a lot of stand up comedy, and occassionally allows some romanticism to creep in to his words.

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    I don t really know what to make of this book It s not too poorly written, and the first part is really ok read Then the name dropping begins And it s really, really annoying It makes it hard to read when there are comments on every page that tells of stories about how a house they once filmed in later would belong to this or that celebrity, or how some one they met was related to some actress, blah blah blah Another thing is the total lack of reflection of the porn industry as such No, I never expected this book to be a critical essay about porn, but a short passage about it Something about his view of the debate, why has he never seen any of the bad stuff, are they that separated He writes about one argument with a woman, and how annoyed he is with women saying they ve been abused by the industry when they ve worked there for ages and HE hasn t seen any abuse Uhm, hello Or when he can t see the similarities between porn and prostitution as one woman he works with used to be prostituted says they both have sex for money The book lacks depth I can read a shallow book, but the name dropping destroys it by being too obvious, Ron is promoting himself too much And there are no emotions shown, he never lets us know if he feels happy, sad, hardly even horny while doing a porno So yeah, it is a bad book, but still an ok read I don t regret having read it, but I won t read again.

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    I was surprised when a librarian recommend this book and even surprised to discover that it was actually pretty good In this autobiography, Ron Jeremy comes across as funny, likable, and as than just the famous porn star that everyone s heard of He s very educated, passionate about animals, plays piano and violin, never touches drugs, barely drinks, and is constantly striving to be considered a real actor Although the stories in this book go back to his childhood, the majority of its pages are spent on stories from his time in the biz Nothing is described in exceedingly graphic detail, but he definitely gives a good overview of how he found himself doing porn and what he finds so entertaining about the whole business One of my favorite parts in the book came when he was describing what it took to actually be an actor being an idiot and relates a conversation in which a producer asks if he s interested in doing some show and he immediately says yes, not wanting to hear anything about it because chances are, it ll fall through, but on the off chance that it doesn t fall through, he s definitely interested in being in whatever it is His tone throughout the book is extremely personable and casual, and you don t have to like the business that he s in to see him as likable There was a lot of name dropping in this book, which threw me off at first, but I think it overall helped give a fuller picture of the author He has clearly met a lot of famous people, and although some of the name dropping could have been deleted without affecting the rest of the book such as times when he said a certain house would later be owned by so and so , the stories he told about incidents involving himself and other celebrities were entertaining I d say this is definitely not a biography that everyone would enjoy, simply because of the subject and his career choice, but it was definitely a better read than I was expecting I didn t know much about Ron Jeremy before starting this book and I finished it feeling like I understood him fairly well A surprising recommendation, but a surprisingly good book.

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    I was going to give this book at least 3 stars when I first started reading it, but then the I read the it became Ron letting us know who he knows, which really wore me out, so it got demoted to 2.

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    I was a bit appalled by some of the anecdotes in this book and not because of any of the sexual material Compared to other porn star biographies I have read, the sex parts were actually pretty tame which was a nice change.No, I was surprised by the sort of passive aggressive cruelty in the jokes he would relate and the conversations he would repeat that he would have with people None of it came across as witty or funny to me but mostly just plain ugly Especially the section where he makes all the horrible jokes about John Bobbit to his face This is ironic because Ron Jeremy even talks about how the crew started making fun of his body when he started gaining weight by calling him names like Hedgehog and Manatee He clearly gets across that this pained him but then he goes on to do the same kind of cruelty to others I was not impressed None of the relationships he discussed seemed to express any real friendship or warmth and I found myself at times even feeling sorry for the man But just as the pity set in he would say something that would just disgust me and shatter it to pieces I really just don t get his humor It s mean.Also, as others have noted, the name dropping got very old very fast Over all, the whole book felt cold and ugly and unhappy and indifferent to happiness It was not a joyful read at all and I regret the time I spent on it I was hoping to see beyond the porn mythology to a real person with a real heart, but what I ended up getting was a shallow dive into a cold mud puddle Very disappointing Don t bother reading it IF you re just looking for porn star titillation, there are much better autobiographies out there.Ron kept repeating that he had a strong work ethic and worked so much that he barely had any time for sleep I didn t believe the reasons he gave for that Instead, I think Mr Jeremy stays so busy all the time working so he won t have to face how bleak and unhappy his life is And that most all of his so called friends are only using him to be around female porn stars That was the impression that I got from his writing I could not find any joy at all in this book It s very sad.

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    Ron Jeremy is a movie slut in every possible way Most of his memoir is dedicated to detailing every instance he s appeared in mainstream news, print, plays, TV skits and movies He even brags about stars who have been seen with him in public, bands who ve let him introduce their concert appearance, famous people who ve just mentioned his name I am absolutely not kidding here He goes so far as to list the times he s been thanked in the credits to a movie or book That s not to say that this isn t also a tell all about the porn industry from its number one star It is fascinating to learn how he got into the business, the logistics of filming a production, and what it takes to succeed He describes it all in a casaual, off handed way which I m sure is how he really feels about his job, but also goes a long way toward making it accessible for the rest of us Along the way, he uses about every euphemism under the sun for sex and the associated naughty bits which I found funny in many cases.All in all, I liked the book and thought it was a real page turner I just thought it was a smidge long and indulgent I much prefered the scandalous part of his story to the blow by blow of his petty mainstream ambitions.

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