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Illicit Craving (Bend To My Will #5) chapter 1 Illicit Craving (Bend To My Will #5) , meaning Illicit Craving (Bend To My Will #5) , genre Illicit Craving (Bend To My Will #5) , book cover Illicit Craving (Bend To My Will #5) , flies Illicit Craving (Bend To My Will #5) , Illicit Craving (Bend To My Will #5) 261ff044a68a6 Vivienne S Relationship With Jacob Is VolatileBut She Can T Let Go The Allure Of Intimacy And The Heat Of Passion Compel Her To Stay Even Though Jacob Admits That He S Bad For Vivienne, She Doesn T Care She Is Strong And Independent, Yet Her Craving For Jacob Is The Driving Force In Her Life The One Thing Vivienne Wished Was That Jacob Would Share His Emotions He Could Claim That It Was All Sexual, Or Just A Physical Thrill For Him, But She Knew Better In The Heat Of Passion, She Saw Something Behind Those Blue Eyes Of HisShe Just Didn T Know What To Call It Jacob Certainly Experienced Pleasure, But He Hadn T Confessed That It Was Anything Romantic Yet The Fire That Burned In His Eyes, And The Way His Heart Pounded At Intimate Moments, Was A Giveaway He Wasn T As Cold As He Would Have Her Believe If Vivienne Crumbles The Wall Around Jacob S Heart, He Might Reveal A Clue To His Dark PastSeries Description Illicit Craving Is The Fifth Book In The Bend To My Will Series, A Rinaldi Romance That Unfolds Over A Series Of Novellas Jacob Rinaldi Made His Fortune In Wine Importing, And He Travels The World He Is A Billionaire With His Choice Of Women But Is Obsessed With Having Vivienne Lake This Is A Steamy Romance With BDSM Elements Throughout This Hot Love Story, Jacob Faces The Darkness That Threatens To Engulf Him And Vivienne Learns The Joy Of Submission While Teaching Jacob That Love Isn T Out Of Reach

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    Fantasies are powerful aphrodisiacs We all have them, we just don t share them with anybody.In our story, Jacob controls everything In his mind, he is responsible for delivering also all the pleasures and desires Vivienne could possibly wish for Which brings us to fantasies Hoping to fulfill her most innermost dreams, he asks her to describe her biggest fantasy Talk about opening a can of worms This man is so complicated He is like a pot of milk simmering on the fire You know at any moment it is going to start boiling and the cream will rise and spill over unless you can either remove it from the fire or at least lower the heat If he lets loose, it is going to be scary Loved this story so far It unfolds like a game of chess each piece has a purpose and every move requires a countermove In this case, our Queen is not an aggressive one, but rather a patient one She is smart and intuitive enough to understand when to let the King move about and control the board She waits for the right time and placement to make her move and rule the game.

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    This is the BEST book of the series I love this couple They are growing so much I love watching their love grow and that Jacob is slowly letting Vivienne into his world.With all of these books the ending always gets me and that is no difference with this one I got to the end and was like NO I want and need so much Cannot wait for the next book to come out.

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    Amazing, As Always and entirely worthy of than 5 stars While reading Emily s books, I can feel the emotional energy from the characters whether it be the anger, guilt sadness,or happiness But, as the reader I tend to get angry at the male egos Do men really think us women weak, that we can t handle some darkness from their past,such as abuse I mean come on really everyone and I mean everyone has a dark past, that personally they think their partners can t handle Trust and respect,along with communication goes a long way With true love and caring a couple can work through anything The whole time Jacob thought he was protecting Vivian from his childhood abuse, he was totally torturing himself and her Instead of just opening up She s going to love him regardless and it doesn t make him any less than a man.

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    Things have grown intense and even emotional between Jacob and Vivienne The walls of control that Jacob had built is slowly crumbling and he doesn t seem to mind one bit She is no longer just his submissive but something whether he s ready to admit it to himself yet Vivienne is already in love with Jacob she would love nothing than to tell him but she fears that admission will cause her to lose him Now that Jacob has bared his terrible secret and has given his trust to Vivienne, will he finally let her his heart

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    Jacob and Vivienne are heating up but when an argument about Vivienne going away on business with her business partner, Jacob puts his foot down and tells her she can t go Vivienne is hurt because she feels Jacob doesn t trust her With coming to an understand Jacob wants Vivienne but is still holding back Finally learning what happened to Jacob, will Vivienne flee or will fall for him Can t wait to see what happens next

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    Omg I love this series fantastic the characters are awesome the writing really makes me feel like I m right there in the room with them I love it

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    Good book, divulged I m enjoying this series with Jacob and Vivienne Their journey deepens and I can t wait to read what will happen next.

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    Ok I have a lot to sayThis is a great series but just to many books to the full story I would love to pay a little but get a bigger page count

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    It was too late to retrace his steps Going out midweek, calling each other, kissing and sleeping in his bed were now expected Even if he could put his foot down, and tell Vivienne that was over, Jacob didn t want to let go It disturbed him that he d become accustomed to having her close, and was unwilling to confine her to the playroom activities only As Jacob and Vivienne get closer, Jacob continues to fear the darkness that is within him He wants to continue to be able to protect Vivienne and wants to be able to continue the lifestyle that they are enjoying But when he makes a crucial mistake, will this be the end of the lovers journey Or will the love that they feel for each other win over in the end I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    Can Jacob redeem his controlling ways for an independent Vivie This relationship grows and strengthens as they face the challenges of two independent career driven people that have to find a balance both can live with At the same time, Jacob keeps breaking his rules with Vivie which adds to this relationship Vive gets bold and shares her deepest desires for the playroom which pushes both to new limits and may be the end of their relationship when the safe word is spoken Can Jacob be honest with himself about his feelings with Vivie Will he be able to truly trust her and open up about his past

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