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A Widows Heart pdf A Widows Heart , ebook A Widows Heart , epub A Widows Heart , doc A Widows Heart , e-pub A Widows Heart , A Widows Heart 4a5b4a2683c Carolina Hendricks Thought She Had Her Life Figured Out Boy Was She Ever Wrong She Is Hanging On By A Thread In The Ride Of Her Life Three Months Ago, She Was Happily Married To Her First Love And Best Friend, Now She Is A Widow In Boston With A Baby On The Way The Life That She Had Envisioned For Herself Is Filled With Nothing Than Broken Pieces To Top It All Off, The Man She Loathes Is Determined To Marry Her And Will Not Take No For An Answer He Will Stop At Nothing To Get Her, Even If He Has To Destroy Her First Will She Take A Leap Of Faith Into The Unknown And Trust God To Keep Her Standing Will A Handsome Stranger And His Daughter Be Her Salvation She Just Met Matthew Jones Does She Dare Trust Him Can She Afford Not To Will Love Be In Store For Both Of Them

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    3 out of 5 stars, a woman who recently lost her husband has her life upended again when a creepy man keeps trying to pursue her, she s informed that she s a couple months pregnant, and told she is running low on funds A friend of her late husband s comes to her rescue in ways than one, but will she be able to agree to all he is asking of herIt s a sweet short story about overcoming loss, finding a possible new love, and putting your faith in God What originally hooked me Read of this review and a TEASER here

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    Surprisingly RealGod s Word never fails This short story made you wish it would go on and on I loved the characters and would have enjoyed them all being developed Barbie

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