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A Sensual Secret (Sinful Cravings Book 1) chapter 1 A Sensual Secret (Sinful Cravings Book 1) , meaning A Sensual Secret (Sinful Cravings Book 1) , genre A Sensual Secret (Sinful Cravings Book 1) , book cover A Sensual Secret (Sinful Cravings Book 1) , flies A Sensual Secret (Sinful Cravings Book 1) , A Sensual Secret (Sinful Cravings Book 1) 807ffc63e4d7e Sensual Secret, A MMF Novella, Is The First Book In My Sinful Cravings Series What Happens When Two Males Find The One Female Who Completes Them A Hot, Sexy, Roller Coaster Of A Ride What Are You Waiting For Grab Your Sin Card And Head To Sinful Cravings To Fulfill Your Deepest Desires When Kellan Daniels And Dylan Michaels Opened Sinful Cravings, They Never Expected To Find The One Thing That Had Been Missing From Their Lives For Over A Decade Then, She Walked Through The DoorJoining Her Friends For A Night Out, Layla Scott Was In For A Surprise When They Chose To Go To The New Club In Town It Was A Place Where You Went To Fulfill Your Deepest Desires, And It Both Shocked And Excited Her Then, She Met ThemTwo Men, One Woman What Happens When She Has To Make A Choice Regarding Her Sensual Secret Not Every Story Has A Fairytale Ending Will Hers

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    A Sensual Secret by Sydnee Dean was a scorching book and I can t wait to read from her This book is an mmf book but it was well written I loved the fact that it shows how different people react to things differently You have Layla who is your good girl that doesn t do the taboo and is afraid of what people are going to think about her It was great to see how she was thinking and feeling about the situation through the whole book it was an awakening about how people see themselves and other As if having an alpha male isn t enough for a good book you get two of them with this book You have Kellan who is your protector and takes care all that is his and makes sure they aren t hurt either physically or emotionally Then you have Dylan who is sensitive but no less a protector or alpha male to the right woman Let me just say I wish I could have traded with Layla a few time in this book I can t wait to see what this author continues to come out with she is a definitely a one click author.

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    This is a sexy and hot story.Layla is a very lonely woman In her loneliness and the things she has lived through she has grown used to being by herself, and her two best friends and family She is a very insecure person, who fails to see what her friends see in her, her selflessness and humbleness She is very conservative on some issues, love and sex being two of those issues.Dylan and Kellan are an adorable couple who are missing something they haven t been able to find yet They share everything, and I mean everything One day an gorgeous woman calls both of their attention Will she let herself be wowed and conquered by this two dominant men Is the importance of others opinions on her life going to ruin the best thing to ever happen to her.The story telling quality Sydnee Dean shows us in this story is remarkable And I really can t really wait to read from her, maybe get to know this characters better, if we are lucky

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    Do you like hot alpha males Well then you re in for a treat ladies because this book has not just one but two hot alphas These two men, Kellan and Dylan, have been in love for a long time, and know exactly what they are looking for So when Layla gets dragged to their club by her two friends that know she needs to live a little they ve hit the jackpot She s everything they could ever ask for, they just have to convince her.I didn t put this book down until I finished it, my poor husband and kids suffered a later dinner because I couldn t put it down I fell completely in love with these characters, and wanted nothing than to trade places with my girl Layla Sydnee Dean might be new to the scene but she s got staying power if she keeps writing like this This isn t a wham, bam, thank you ma am kind of book, you get love, devotion, a joining of lives that makes you weep for the want of the same for yourself I can t wait to see what else she has coming

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    I have to admit, I have never had an interest in reading MM MMF FF before until this book Sydnee Dean took me on a whole different ride with some intense scenes that I cannot ever forget There is so much passion with every character Everyone is so different Layla is doing something out of her comfort zone which led to having a relationship with two men OMG they all have a chemistry that works for the story Not only is there great sex involved there is also a little bit of suspense an intriguing suspense I ll def continue reading Sydnee s books.

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    Holy cow What a great book, it kept me in a spell where I could not put it down There is just enough drama and suspense to keep you glued to your kindleall I have to say is when is the next one coming out

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    On release day my review will be longer, but can I just say THAT WAS ONE OF THE HOTTEST BOOKS I VE EVER READ

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    This book is FANTASTIC and a MUST read It is absolutely one of the best books i have read.

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    HOT HOT HOT A MUST READ menage erotic pantymeltingLonger review to come on release day.

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    Here s my declaration I want my very own Dylan and a pink bracelet Nowto the book A Sensual Secret is a sweet but incredibly hot love story about Kellan, Dylan, and a somewhat reluctant Layla Don t get me wrong she wants it really bad , she just isn t comfortable with wanting it As the book starts, Layla is completely alone in the man department and trying to convince herself she is okay with that Yuck Dylan and Kellan are business partners, owning their very own sex club Yum and partners in the bedroom They are pretty opposite, but fit together perfectly Well, almost perfectly They were perfect until Layla came along and introduced them to perfection.I love how protective Kellan is of Dylan Super Hot I swooned when they at Layla s request sent her a pick of them in bed Yes, I want onereally bad.This book has it all struggles, injustices, sweet romance, and hot sex You must give it a try

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    I couldn t put the book down Sensual Secret is a story about a M M F relationship and all of the ups and downs that a m nage relationship entails.Kellan and Dylan have been in a long term relationship when the meet Layla Both men are attracted to her and would love include her in their relationship Layla of course is scared at first of what her mother and other people would think She finally listens to her heart and accepts both men into her life Sydnee Dean has captured the passion and love these three feel for one another This book is a must read.

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