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Merry Random Christmas (Random #7) explained Merry Random Christmas (Random #7) , review Merry Random Christmas (Random #7) , trailer Merry Random Christmas (Random #7) , box office Merry Random Christmas (Random #7) , analysis Merry Random Christmas (Random #7) , Merry Random Christmas (Random #7) b761 It All Started With A Game Of Truth Or Dare It S Bad Enough I Got Arrested For Prostitution On Christmas Eve Alleged Prostitution, Mind You I Didn T Do It Of Course I Didn T The Cops Say I Offered Up A Certain Sex Act For A Gasoline Gift Card, But Honey My Sex Acts Are Worth Way, WaySo When I Tried To Explain What Happened To The Person Who Came And Bailed Me Out Of Jail, She Wasn T Exactly ImpressedBecause It Was My Boyfriend S MotherNow, I Got Two Boyfriends, So Murphy S Law Said It Had To Be The Mother I Hate The Most And She Hates Me Right Back Even Now That I Lost Her SonThat S Right Where In The Hell Are Joe And Trevor It S Christmas Eve, And I Keep Getting Pictures On Social Media Showing Joe And Trevor All Oiled Up In G Strings That Look Like Candy Canes, Dancing With A Bunch Of Well Coiffed Older WomenI, On The Other Hand, Am Wearing Santa Pants, Flip Flops, And Smell Like Jail Cell PeeThat Game Of Truth Or Dare Turns Out To Be Way Dangerous Than Anyone ExpectedAnd Our Savior It Ain T The Baby Jesus Not The Three Wise Men No Little Drummer Boy Not Even The Donkey That Carried The Virgin Mary On Its Back While She Howled For An EpiduralNope Can You Guess That S RightMavis The ChickenCan She Help Us Out Of This Clustercluck Merry Random Christmas Is The Eighth Book In The New York Times Bestselling Random Series Join The Gang On Christmas Eve As Darla Is Unfairly Arrested, Trevor And Joe Are Forced To Become Strippers, And Candy Canes Appear In Places Where Sugar Is A Bad, Bad Idea In This Crazy, Rollicking Romp

  • Paperback
  • 172 pages
  • Merry Random Christmas (Random #7)
  • Julia Kent
  • English
  • 26 February 2019
  • 9781937544324

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10 thoughts on “Merry Random Christmas (Random #7)

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    Random funny momentsSo if you read this but haven t read any of the other books you ll feel lost I ve read a few which allowed me to understand the dynamics somewhat This had random laugh out loud moments, random eye rolling moments and than a few random this is stupid as h t moments It s hard to explain this read because it s true to the book series name Crazy Not even close to the best Christmas read this season.

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    Merry pee in your pants Christmas What can possibly go wrong on Christmas Eve with Darla, Trent and Joe The answer is EVERYTHING Things like being arrested on false charges, stripping with candy cane g strings, a chicken called Popsicle, bad eel food poisoning, being bailed out by your evil mother in law, a homeless dude named Tortilla and those are a few of the highlights and wacky stuff you ll read about in this hilarious holiday novella that will have you in stitches If you are a fan of the Random Series then you MUST read this crazy novella too 5 Wacky Stars for this rollicking romp

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    So sad This felt like an ending to my favorite Julia Kent series, without us knowing what s ahead for Darla, Trevor, and Joe.

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    SurpriseMerry Random Christmas Random Book 8 by Julia Kent Surprise Although this is number 8 in the series it s my first Julia Kent story Being new to the series and coming in late didn t leave me feeling lost as to what was happening Only wanting to know the complete story from beginning to the end Be prepared for some things that ll surprise you I look forward top seeing what else is available Due to sexual and adult situations this novel is recommended for readers 18 and older.

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    Well Julia Kent has done it again I knew she wouldshe has never let me down This book was funny, touching yes touching..some moments with a chickenyes I said a chickenof course there is to this but you have to read the book to find out just what that is , some aww moments and some oh my god that just did not happen moments We see Joe, Darla and Trevor and spend some quality time with Joanne Ross where the sarcastic humor is so so perfect I laughed so very hard at some of the new rule moments I had tears in my eyes with the acts of kindness that Trevor showed towards Tortilla and laughed so hard at the description of the get up both he and Joe were wearing or the lack there of while stripping because Sam and Liam got sick after eating bad eel And lets not forget how the book opens with Darla arrested and in jail and being bailed out by of all people Joe s motherthat is when the fun began We have some sighting funny ones of Alex and of course Darla s mom Throughout this series you see all of the characters grow little by little and it is most evident in this book I fell in love with this group in Random Acts of Crazy and look forward to the next one I was honored to be able to read an ARC copy of this book provided by the author

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    Another great book from Julia Kent She never fails to deliver always laugh out loud funny and full of emotion.This book being set at Christmas time really grabbed the opportunity to play up the sentimental aspect of the season with goodwill to men etc It also made the most of tis the season to be jolly Joe and Trevor stripping was so funny but don t try explaining it to anybody, it just has to be read Go ahead, grab this book, shut yourself away and enjoy some Christmas cheer When you ve had a good laugh, soaked up the love floating abundantly throughout this book, don t forget to sit back and take a leaf out of the characters books and count your blessings too.I was given this book by Julia Kent in exchange for an honest review Thank you

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    Oh wow Darla, Trevor and joe Christmas and you just know it going to be fun add to the mix a homeless man with a pet chicken and you have the recipe for pi ng your self laughing.

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    I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an hones review.Julia Kent has outdone herself yet again Merry Random Christmas is remarkable well written with characters that come alive on the page Once you start reading, you won t want to put it down.

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    Random Acceptance After reading the first book in the Random Series, I read this book The time frame is 2.5 years later with Darla, Joe Trevor still together Updates are provided on the prevalent secondary characters like Darla s mom Cathy, her Uncle Mike, Aunt Josie, bandmates Sam Liam plus parents of Joe Trevor The sass and spunk of Darla s character isn t as pronounced in this book as it in book 1 of the Random Series Darla s crazy metaphors are included as part of her internal dialogue but I miss her honesty that was part of the narrative Still, a good written book The blurb gives a true account of what this book is about It s a quick read, like a novella and entertaining Merry Random Christmas is a standalone book, but it s best if you ve read at least the first book in this series before starting this one Then you ll have an idea who the characters are, understand the complexities the humor.

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    I received this book from Goodreads Firstreads in exchange for any honest reviewThis book was hilariously awesome It was a fast paced, quick read that was blunt, straight forward, over the top, and very humorous It did have a lot of adult and vulgar humor than I had anticipated that many people will find offensive Regardless, I did find it highly enjoyable and had myself several laughs over the insensitive content.I reason why I gave it 3 stars is, even with a great sense of humor, I felt like it was written in a very sloppy fashion It rambled on in several areas, the dialog and content became confusing, it bounced all over the place, and was also slightly repetitive which is surprisingly for such a quick read I felt like the writing style needed a little trimming.

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