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The Mineral Palace pdf The Mineral Palace, ebook The Mineral Palace, epub The Mineral Palace, doc The Mineral Palace, e-pub The Mineral Palace, The Mineral Palace 68dd9ab5afb The Mineral Palace Explores The Healing And Destructive Powers Of Love, Family And Motherhood, While Telling The Depression Era Story Of Bena Jonssen, Wife Of A Philandering Physician And Mother Of A Seven Week Old Son, Who Moves With Her Family From St Paul, Minnesota, To The Dusty, Railroad Town Of Pueblo, Colorado Bena Takes A Job As The Society Reporter For The Pueblo Chieftain, But Quickly Tires Of The Activities Of The Women S Civic Service Organizations She Turns Her Attention To The City S Brothels, And, Befriending A Pregnant Prostitute, Attempts To Uncover The Baby S Paternity Surrounded By The Secrets And Decay Of The Town, Bena Begins A Love Affair With Red Withers, A Rancher And Social Outcast, As She Exposes The Truths About A Prominent Pueblo Family, And The Truths About Her Own Life

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    I just don t know what to make of Heidi Julavits Where does she come up with this stuff A beautifully dark novel, set in the 1930s Depression Era, in a small Colorado town Meticulous writing, intriguing setting, multi dimensional characters Julavits is especially good at crafting complicated relationships between characters You know, the sort of relationships where most things go unspoken intentionally Think Revolutionary Road set amid dust storms and prostitution rings.Some of the plots and characters were predictable ____ s death and Red is only attracted to broken women but there were than enough complications to keep me engaged until the last page.

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    This novel was a very spontaneous purchase I made after reading the summary Unfortunately, it did not work out quite well for me, as I couldn t take to the main character of the story, which mostly left me unaffected.The only parts where I could sympathize where the motherly moments where Bena tended to her little son and later found out about his tragic disease Otherwise, it turned out to be a case of let s get over with it , which was not entirely unpleasant, but not very entertaining either.However, this feels a very personal and subjective experience, so I will neither advise against nor recommend this book.

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    Wow What a strange, devastating novel Five stars for me because I think this is so under rated and a surprising discovery Atmospheric, dark, nuanced, and with sparkling prose a book that pays homage in ways to classic gothic literature, but in the dusty, desolate setting of the boom and bust American West I m looking forward to reading Heidi Julavits.

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    I can t remember the last time I was this disappointed in a book It was dark, hopeless and depressing I know dust bowl, depression era, what did I expect I expected at least a sliver of hope or light I m not saying the writing wasn t good it was The story was just too too heavy.

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    A strange, dark and churning story I didn t enjoy it as such but it did captivate me, I had to finish it It s a strange creature with a touch of Murakami to it while remaining very distinct in its own right An unsettling, slightly disturbing read.

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    Very boring I thought it lacked depth The characters were flat.

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    Meh It looked better than it really was This had potential and could have gone many different avenues, but no.

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    I think this is pretty well written The ending was a surprise to me and fit with the story.

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    Life and love are complicated and sad Everyone knows it, yet almost no one can say it convincingly Julavits can and does.

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    Wow, that took a turn Solid historical novel with some opaque characterization and then everything went downhill real fast.

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