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The Veiled Prophet (Diablo: The Sin War, #3) chapter 1 The Veiled Prophet (Diablo: The Sin War, #3), meaning The Veiled Prophet (Diablo: The Sin War, #3), genre The Veiled Prophet (Diablo: The Sin War, #3), book cover The Veiled Prophet (Diablo: The Sin War, #3), flies The Veiled Prophet (Diablo: The Sin War, #3), The Veiled Prophet (Diablo: The Sin War, #3) 255f16f296e4e Since The Beginning Of Time, The Angelic Forces Of The High Heavens And The Demonic Hordes Of The Burning Hells Have Been Locked In The Eternal Conflict For The Fate Of All Creation That Struggle Has Now Spilled Over Into Sanctuary The World Of Men Determined To Win Mankind Over To Their Respective Causes, The Forces Of Good And Evil Wage A Secret War For Mortal Souls This Is The Tale Of The Sin War The Conflict That Would Forever Change The Destiny Of ManThe Demon Backed Triune Has Fallen All That Now Stands In Uldyssian S Path To Freeing Humanity Is The Cathedral Of Light And Its Charismatic Leader The Prophet But The Prophet Is Actually The Renegade Angel Inarius, Who Sees The World He Created As His Uncontested Domain Facing A Cunning Foe That Would Just As Readily See Sanctuary Destroyed Than Let It Slip From His Grasp, Uldyssian Is Blind To The Others Who Would Possess His World Both The Burning Hells And The High Heavens Now Know Of Sanctuaryand Their Warring Hosts Of Demons And Angels Will Stop At Nothing To Claim ItAn Original Tale Of Swords, Sorcery, And Timeless Struggle Based On The Bestselling, Award Winning M Rated Computer Game From Blizzard Entertainment Intended For Mature Readers

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    The Veiled Prophet Diablo The Sin War 3 , Richard A KnaakThe demon backed Triune has fallen All that now stands in Uldyssian s path to freeing humanity is the Cathedral of Light and its charismatic leader the Prophet But the Prophet is actually the renegade angel Inarius, who sees the world he created as his uncontested domain Facing a cunning foe that would just as readily see Sanctuary destroyed than let it slip from his grasp, Uldyssian is blind to the others who would possess his world Both the Burning Hells and the High Heavens now know of Sanctuaryand their warring hosts of demons and angels will stop at nothing to claim it 2016 1395 439 9786008537083 21 1396 432 9786002911964

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    I just finished this book last week After reading the first two, I couldn t wait to get my hands on this story The part that really interested me was the theological aspects that were greatly intertwined within the story, especially the part of the Nephilim Edyrem I must say that I did not predict this ending to the story, I sort of suspected it because of the story line in the video games, but I had no idea it would be like this This conclusion is much profound and far action packed than the previous two There is still a fair degree of intrigue, especially when they re in Khejan, so Knaak keeps that writing style up pretty consistently I was honestly half expecting him to play up of the religious end and draw from historical theology, such as he did with Angels He sort of included the hierarchical structure of Heaven with the Angiris council at the end, but I half expected a true form of a Seraph to show up The part I most enjoyed in this series was the development of the Necromancer character My philosophies identified most with Trag oul and his teachings, so I really got into that character The way this tale is written it seems the author also seems to agree the most with that philosophy I was also surprised to see the author take this stance in a widley read series He essentially teaches that any extreme of good or evil is a very bad thing and only results in a circular war with no real victor Considering how much this country, the U.S., takes it s politically correct diatribes, I m surprised there weren t any outspoken people towards this At least I haven t encountered any, yet I suppose the demographic of people reading Diablo don t really pertain to such extremists But the extremists tend to get into everything these days and there seems to be an obvious split, which can probably be reconicled with balance.

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    Oh thank the stars, I m done.Okay, I really do love the Diablo games, and the other books not in the Sin War series aren t bad I like Knaak s writing in Warcraft, and there are some parts to this that I enjoyed, but over all, this series was a chore to get through I had no empathy with the main characters, the plot was strained in sections, and it ended up feeling like an episode of Dragonball Z, where the combatants stand around powering up for 3 episodes, punching each other once, then starting the whole powering up routine again.So, yeah, interesting lore that could have been compressed down into one, maybe two, books and made for a tighter read, instead of trying to be EPIC sigh

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    Crazy good ending, awesome storyline.

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    It is rather difficult to review the third book of a series without spoilers But I will try.Of all Richard A Knaak s books, this one was the best, in my opinion Although by the end of it you realize that the name of Trilogy seems misplaced When I started reading The Sin War I thought I would read about that said conflict Yet, the real action of the Sin War itself which is the name given to the Eternal Conflict when it spilled over Sanctuary had only come to pass in the ending And that was very entertaining, alas The gradual rise of the Nephalem and everything that built up until the end of the saga enabled a very interesting ending to the whole storyline with an actual battle Everything else are the events that led to such a confrontation So, if you started this trilogy and got bored through Birthright and Scales of the Serpent, the final book may reward your patience I still hold the point that the characters lack human behavior and emotions, beeing all very predictive in their reactions, feelings and thoughts But overall, my liking for Sanctuary s lore made up for most of this issues.

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    I m a bit outdated already, since I ve finished this book somewhere during last year beginning of this yearBut I still recall the feelings of its final some spoils will occur The sin war, as a general triology, isn t that bad I felt worse writing in the Legacy of Blood, like I was reading a bad inside game tale instead of a proper book In the Sin War trilogy, one can build up images of the angiris, of their sons with the deamons, the re creation of the nephalem and the impact of that in the world of Sanctuary As an ending book, I was excepting what I got a great clash between haven and hell And the decision of the world Yet, the characters, specially the main nephalem, were a bit empty As I was expecting a lot of the veiled prophet certainly not a vain angel with delusional ideas of its own grandeur.But in the overall I find it a very nice book ending It helped building a bridge between the game play and story and the parallel universe of novels.I liked it.A read at your own risk type of book.

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    THE END IS NIGH With the Sin War drawing to a close, Angels, Demons, Edyrem and Nephalem find themselves engaged in an epic struggle with the fate of Sanctuary hanging in the balance The Angels see Sanctuary it s denizens as abominations which must be destroyed The demons look at it as a weapon One they can use to strike at the Heavenly Hosts The Nephalem and Edyrem are just struggling to survive Which side will prevail I like how Knaak throws in a little backstory whenever he introduces a core character for the 1st time in this book He does it so well and is unobtrusive Even if this is the first book or only book that the reader picks up, they won t find themselves wondering What the hell is going on

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    I read the whole series This fact is not due in the least to the quality of the books but to the fact that I liked to play Diablo II a lot The series is quite weak from a literary point of view It is written in a childish manner It is beyond me why Knaak chose to write it as for dumb teenagers when it could have been so much During the whole series I was hoping to get a bit info on the basic lore of the Diablo universe It turns out that I didn t get nearly as much as I hoped for The feeling I got from reading these 3 books in the series is, simply put, that not knowing what is written in them and having the feeling I have now, I would NOT read the books.I gave it 3 stars because I somewhat liked the ending.I still believe that Richard A Knaak is a moron.

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    This third and final part of The Sin War trilogy focuses on the Cathedral of Light and its leader Inarius It starts out pretty slow but gets better for every page and the final scene is the climax of the trilogy and is really exciting with some unexpected twists For the first time you will see the angels play a big role as well as learn some background story on the demons and their intention with Sanctuary and the Nephalem Also it was nice to read about something that is closely tied to the games for once.

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    I wish i could give it 10 stars No doubt the best of the trilogy

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