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    The insight from Laurel about the Law of Attraction and other secrets of visualization teach a person how to access their creative mind to produce health, well being, understanding, abundance and improved relationships with the self and others Dharma is the opportunity to harmonize with the universal laws and to fulfill one s dharma requires that one responds to the experiences at hand A wonderful opportunity to become empowered by looking within and synchronizing with the infinitely creative universe to create a most optimal outcome, that serves the higher good of all Dulcinea, 2008

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    The first 110 pages gives you examples of people who have had their Dharma Portraits done at the Metaphysics school, and the last 20 pages give you a couple ideas of how you might gain clues on your own I see it mostly as an advertisement to encourage people to do a weekend retreat at the school and have your Dharma Portrait done there I wish the last 20 pages were the whole book.

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    I loved what Laurel Clark has to share within Dharma Finding Your Soul s Purpose as she gives clear examples of how we are all here for a specific purpose in life and once we become open to understanding and accepting our role in this world, our lives and the lives of others around us are greatly enriched Definitely recommend this book for anyone who d like to know about themselves

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Dharma: Finding Your Soul's Purpose download Dharma: Finding Your Soul's Purpose, read online Dharma: Finding Your Soul's Purpose, kindle ebook Dharma: Finding Your Soul's Purpose, Dharma: Finding Your Soul's Purpose f704b1a8199a Now You No Longer Have To Wonder Why You Are Here Or Wander From Place To Place To Discover Your Soul S Mission You Can Find Out Definitively Through An Intuitive Dharma Portrait Offered Through The School Of Metaphysics This Book Brings You Stories Of Seekers Who Have Found Their Purpose In Life Through This Important Intuitive Research Dharma Finding Your Soul S Purpose Answers The Question Of How To Fulfill Your Destiny You Will See Your Life In A Whole New Way We All Influence The Lives Of Others Knowing Our Dharma Can Help Us Realize What That Influence Is, How To Wield It, And How To Be Truly Great John Harrison, Actor Who Portrays Martin Luther King, Jr