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Visions III chapter 1 Visions III , meaning Visions III , genre Visions III , book cover Visions III , flies Visions III , Visions III aa193500b1332 These Stories, By Seventeen Talented International Authors, Illustrate Widely Diverse Visions Of The Life And Death Conditions Humans Will Face While Living And Traveling Far From Humankind S Home World Many Things Will Change, In The Far Off Future, But Human Nature, Most Likely, Will Remain The Same The Same Joy And Sorrow, Resolution And Conflict, Reward And Greed, Comfort And Fear Will Motivate The Distant Descendants Of Present Day Earth And Drive Humans Forever Forward In The Race To Immortality From The Sun To The Borders Of The Solar System, Visions III Inside The Kuiper Belt Looks At The Ways Humankind Will Explore After The Inner And Outer Planets Become Part Of The Known And Inhabited Systems, Humans Will Venture Outward, To The Kuiper Belt And The Oort Cloud, Laying Claim To Everything Within The System S Boundaries Beyond Neptune, At The Edge Of The Solar System Lies The Doughnut Shaped Ring Of Objects Known As The Kuiper Belt Each One Smaller Than Earth S Moon, The Kuiper Belt Objects KBOs Include Chunks Of Ice, Asteroids, Planetoids, And The Dwarf Planet Pluto According To Scientific Theory, Outside The Kuiper Belt, The Oort Cloud Surrounds The Solar System Like A Giant, Invisible Snow Globe, So Vast That Even Traveling At Nearly A Million Miles A Day, NASA S Voyager Spacecraft Will Take Years To Reach The Oort Cloud And , Years To Exit The Other Side

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    Far away from Earth, beyond Neptune, the outer rim of our solar system has a doughnut shaped ring called the Kuiper Belt, made up of asteroids, planetoids, ice, rocks, space dust, and everything else one would find underneath a galactic couch that hasn t been vacuumed in a while.As of yet we don t know a lot about this part of our solar system Here we have 17 stories speculating on what we might find when we get out there Karl s Ride by W A FixAn old fashioned heist story set in the outer regions of our solar system A group of thieves masquerading as honest citizens who don t even know each other work terribly hard together for the potential of a HUGE payday No high stakes horror here just good old fashioned fun of let s try and steal the massive amount of money from the rich jerk who doesn t deserve it A fun story.Aphelion by Bruce DavisA brilliant idea send people with immune deficiencies on missions to outer space where they will be isolated from other germ riddled people and be safe in the sterile spaceship environment VR keeps the boredom away A sweet story about finding love anywhere.Waters Above The Heavens by Kara Race MooreI wrote this The story, despite the sci fi elements, is actually heavily influenced by the 19th century white settlement of the American Midwest and how many of them were utterly convinced, like so many immigrants, that theirs was the True Faith History repeats itself.Circus Maximus by Mike RimarA rag tag crew take a repair job that pays way too good to be true They get sucked into a conspiracy of Lex Luther proportions and have to actually work together as a well oiled team with strong leadership for once if they want to get out of this one alive Tombaugh s Frozen Heart by Jeremy LichtmanAn old, old story line of the issues of the issues of dating when you come from different worlds in this case literally plays out on Pluto Nice job setting up the settlement as part research base, part mining it had a real grit and dirt feel to it Times change, people don t.Snow White by Ellen DentonA secular version of Jesus and St Paul One to die for Us, the other to bring the Word A hopeful yet sad stort.White Whale of Europa by Mark MellonHubris comes around to bite a rich jerk and all his fishing buddies The setting for this story is one of my favorite kind of science fictions completely new and weird with a ton of unexplained parts, yet tied to reality just enough to be able to follow along.Kuiper Belt Threat by Eric T ReynoldsSeriously creepy as a group explores something that they should have left alone High tension stakes as things rapidly go from bad to worse Good combination of both psychological thriller and monster on board Races by Gustavo BondoniA race spaceship driver crashes his ship in a particularly difficult race through the Belt, but learns his race was of interest to than just the spectators back home Loved the play on words.Wake Up Call by S.M KraftchakHere the old sailors tendency to compare a ship to a woman is taken to the nth degree, as the spaceship captain learns eventually that his ship has needs Great use of comedy with just the right amount of tension added in.Corner Of His Eye by Duane BrewsterOh god this was scary And sad And well done And the terrible pun at the end made me laugh despite how terrible things have just gotten for the main character Excelleent layering to good effect.Devil s Spit by Mary MadiganA trippy time travel story written in second person At the heart of the story is love and family, which makes it resonate, showing how little we change, no matter the tech upgrades.Gypsy in the Belt by Timothy PaulOld school sailors are superstitious, so why not the future space sailors The crew is being sent on a risky mission, and are stocking up on rabbits feet and rosaries The Hope Incident by Ami Hart The Office in space Remember that episode when they all had to go to Michael s for dinner This poor main character is stuck working for a Michael Scott type boss and when the usual office equipment includes AI robots, when the boss messes up things get pretty out of control.Star s Edge by Tom OlbertThree different groups, all convinced they are the civilized ones, are gearing up for war to see who is going to dominate the solar system A cool pre war spy story LOVED the descriptions of the Atlantis like city Can I have that guest suite without the slavery please Signal by John MoraleeA hopeful First Contact situation that shows the benefits of not always responding with KillIt KillIt KillIt when faced with something new It reminded me of James Cameron s optimistic films.The Father and the Belt by Amos ParkerWith all the humans dead, God and the Devil discover they have lost most of their powers What to do Fly off in a spaceship looking for new beginnings, of course A perfect finisher to the collection as everything spins around to where it began.

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    In the Cold war years, fiction, like reality, explored the benefits and consequences of scientific discovery Predictions of mutually assured apocalypse became so frequent, many sci fi fans were surprised to reach the 21st century unscathed But the peaceful end to the Cold War was followed by natural and political tsunamis Science fiction rang cowbells of apocalyptic despair Recently, some close flying asteroids and our expanding awareness of the fragility of life on Earth have given us a new imperative to explore space We ve also seen how fiction can inspire scientific discoveries This has inspired some sci fi writers to come out of the doldrums of dystopia, towards a new realm of possibilities.Visions III, Inside the Kuiper Belt, edited by Carrol Fix, explores those possibilities It s an anthology of futuristic stories, written by an international group of writers, set in the Kuiper Belt, a region of the solar system beyond the orbit of Neptune Why so far Well, we are talking about space travel go big or go home Visions III is not always optimistic, but takes the position that humankind will have gotten as far as the Kuiper Belt because most problems have a solution This anthology, published when New Horizons and photos of Pluto were all over the news, mixes newfound reality with imagination Pluto is heart shaped but dating is still dangerous People look back to the time before they were cyborgs, but love still matters In this great empty, like in the old days of the pioneers, Beings survive or don t with faith Leading others is still tough There are irising doors, space stations all over the solar system, drag racing, wage slavery and repo men It s still not nice to mess with Mother Nature Some old problems are solved, some new ones emerge.Carl Sagan said we make our world significant by the courage of our questions and the depth of our answers Visions III shows that our greatest strength is our curiosity and innovation.

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    My review of this anthology goes live 12 March 2016 at Perihelion Science Fiction ezine free reviews, short stories, comics, essays and , original material, new every month.The allure of space travel and pioneering Space, The Final Frontier cue the Star Trek theme song gets hit with a dose of realism here It gives me new appreciation for being stranded on the road in need of a new transmission in a barren stretch of Colorado That three day hitch in our family vacation now seems like s trip to paradise compared to mechanical problems in a starship thousands of light years from anything.The stories here are varied but all have in common the perils of pioneers everywhere, the sense of humor that sometimes keeps them going, or the fortitude There s also the profit motive driving the risk takers in a least one story.Long distance romance the stupid boss the rich show off who d treat his buddies to an off world fishing expedition the horror of picking up something from a planet and bringing it on board a research vessel the discovery that you when roused from stasis, you re nothing but an astral projection, and your body is dying or dead this is just a partial list of the diverse themes in this collection of stories Volume II seemed a little bit on the light and optimistic side Volume III pays attention to the crushing, cruel, and inevitable no different from here on Earth side of life in the universe.More to come on the 12th of March Visit www dot perihelionsf dot com for .

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